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Foniac 4th Jul 2015 10:55

I've just come back from Doha. There is no maths test.

The process is the psycometric test before you are invited out to Doha.

- Short introduction from HR on the contract
- 50 ATPL questions in one hour
- Interview with two pilots
- Simulator

studentpilotC172 4th Jul 2015 12:29

talent pool
Just got the pass :ok: mail stating that ı have to stay in the pool till fleet allocatement and training date adjustment.I think there is a long waiting list and training is busy these times.

Flying738ng 4th Jul 2015 13:03

Which position did you apply for

studentpilotC172 4th Jul 2015 13:07

Applied for Non TR FO

leondelfierro 4th Jul 2015 18:03

Applied for Non TR FO
Can you provide a rough idea of your flight times?


DIRRTE 4th Jul 2015 22:48

Can you provide when did you do your assessement in Doha ?

DIRRTE 4th Jul 2015 22:50

Can you provide when did you do your assessement in Doha ?

avoka 5th Jul 2015 05:10

Can somebody shed some light on type of questions during face to face interview?
Many thanks

B737SFP 5th Jul 2015 06:18

Mostly questions about your aviation background and situations that you faced during your career and how you dealt with them.

Expect questions like:

- Why Qatar ?
- How are you going to deal with so many different cultures and habits ?
- Where do you see yourself in 5 years.
- (FO's) Tell me a situation when captain was going to make a wrong call and you had to change his mind. How did you do that ?
- Tell me a situation when you had to fly with someone who didn't want to follow company's procedures. What did you do ?

Etc etc...

Pretty straight forward, don't worry.

IF you would accept and advice, I recommend you making very clear that you always try to follow rules and procedures. I said that I would only deviate in case of an extreme emergency, where my life and the aircraft would be in risk.

One thing else, don't say bad things about your current/previous employer. It's not elegant and looks like they don't appreciate this kind of attitude.

Good luck !


helloitsme 5th Jul 2015 09:05

Question for those who have been to the interview:

What references did you take with you?

Anything from your current employer?


studentpilotC172 6th Jul 2015 09:27

Around 4000 total

AdamHanis 6th Jul 2015 16:28

CTC Qatar Airways MPL Program
Hi, I am very interested in this scheme and got through Phase 1. Currently awaiting for Phase 2.

I recently got to know that upon completing my MPL, while flying as an SO or FO, my flight hours would NOT be recognised by other airlines. Is this true? I got very worried and would like to clarify this.

Another thing is, I understand I could convert to an standard EASA ATPL after completing 1500 of the required hours. So would that mean I have an ATPL with 1500 logged hours just for Qatar or would any other airlines recognise this?

Thank you so much in advance.

I look forward to hearing from the community.

Iver 6th Jul 2015 17:41

Anyone know if Qatar is still placing newhire Boeing drivers in Boeing aircraft (i.e., 787) and Airbus drivers in Airbus aircraft? Seems simplistic but I understand the concern about training risk. Friend of mine who flies for the Irish LCC is looking into Qatar.

Jonaleth 6th Jul 2015 23:06

Hello everyone.

I need some details about working @ Qatar Airways as a F / O . The whole thread is about 500 pages so iys impossible to find what i need.

First of all i m already working but i m not totally happy with some issues in my recent company. So i started to think about joining a new company.

İf there is any one who is working for Qatar , or recently works for Qatar i will be happy to get some information about certain issues , like ;

- Roster issue for 777 and 787 fleets
- Company regulations for rest time periods and duty limits
- Specially for rest periods at home base; can we get our rest time before off days ? Or we need to spend off days for resting after a long flight time)
- Annual leave issue ( i mean 2x21 or 3x14 days )
- Destinations for fleets 777 / 787
- Accommodation issue
- Basic Salary / average flight hours / extra payment for flights and other benefits for family issues.
- And life in Doha ?

If i interrupted your thread sorry guys.

Ion-athan 7th Jul 2015 16:21

Hello everyone!!!
Did any Captain rated on A320 got hired recently in QR or has a joining date?
If yes when did you do your interview and when did you get the results?


Obbie 7th Jul 2015 16:56

No interruption at all Jonaleth.

We can always use a good laugh around here.

dieana 7th Jul 2015 21:55

Anyone who has applied for DEC Boeing Rated has been called?
Hi, I applied for DEC Boeing Rated last may, but my status says "NEW", anyone there who has applied for the same position got the "call"? Any ideas about the waiting period?

Mili86 7th Jul 2015 21:57

Stamp on logbook
Hi guys,
In the past talks, some guys said that qatari needs a stamp as a confirmation on the logbook..
So, do the require this stamp when we fill the application form and upload our logbook? Or the stamped logbook is required only during interview and doc. Check stage?
Guys who who went through the interview, did you upload ur stamped logbook when initially filling the application or not ???


Southpole 8th Jul 2015 04:00


That I know they are plenty of A320 captains in the holding pool and absolutely no need for them.




Better if you have a stamp, but it will be mandatory just for the interview. When you'll have to take all your logbooks with you.


av8r76 9th Jul 2015 14:27

To put a cruel twist on things for aspirants on the A side, TR B new joiners are being assigned A320 classes AFTER joining.

Just reinforces what all the experienced guys in QR are always telling us, they will put you where they need you irrespective of previous experience or your preference.

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