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Black Pudding 15th Jun 2015 20:54

On the job website

The flight crew adverts have a ref before each of them ie QR77??

What was the ref of the link you used ?

If you still want to be considered, I suggest you re apply as old links were replaced by new adverts and ref numbers about 2 months ago. If you applied on an old link, it maybe lost in space.

It would do you no harm to re apply if you have not heard anything yet from your old application.

FMSPEED 15th Jun 2015 22:00

@ black pudding,

thanks for your reply.

Actually I did submit my app for both job posts, I have a total of 4apps actually if you count the old links, I think the tap has closed for now ..:bored:

highflyer0685 16th Jun 2015 22:46

I received my travel package today for the interview next week and I had a question regarding my logbook. On the list of items to bring it mentions my logbook which needs to be updated/signed/stamped. I'm unsure about the stamped part?? I've only ever done interviews here in the U.S. Which does not have that requirement. Could someone please enlighten me as to what I need to do for that. Could I take it to a notary and have them notorize the last page in my logbook? any help would be appreciated as I am running out of time to get this done. Thank you.

WrldWide 16th Jun 2015 23:57

Notary signature on the last page should be fine. Or get your neighbour to sign it. In this area they just want any stamp and a signature.

highflyer0685 17th Jun 2015 01:46

Originally Posted by WrldWide (Post 9014265)
Notary signature on the last page should be fine. Or get your neighbour to sign it. In this area they just want any stamp and a signature.

Thank you!

Gander_Radio 17th Jun 2015 06:17

Try to get it stamped from the place you work at if that is possible.

highflyer0685 17th Jun 2015 06:52

Originally Posted by Gander_Radio (Post 9014418)
Try to get it stamped from the place you work at if that is possible.

That won't be possible as I am many states away from my company at this point. The best I can do is get my logbook notarized. Hopefully this will be sufficient.

casablanca 18th Jun 2015 06:53

The FAA will not/ does not stamp logbook......I had it notarized and that kept them happy. On the other hand if you have any supporting documents, tax records , any flight time records from ECREW/ Aims it can help add some legitimacy to logbook.
Also I can't remember if for interview or start date but needed to request records from FAA...again the FAA will not give you your PRIA records....the request has to come directly from the CAA in Qatar and will be sent to them only, and they know this so don't sweat it and kill yourself trying to get this done

latetonite 18th Jun 2015 06:57

How does a notary public knows your logbook entries are correct?

maxfl431 18th Jun 2015 10:23

Qatar PSA
I am just curious about PSA result.
My case
1st June --> applied (Boeing TR but not b777&787)
2nd June --> got email need to complete PSA within 10days
7th June--> completed PSA with mother tongue
I know that the result of psa will be released wthin 5 days normally.
some candidates got the result the next day submitted PSA.
Still the staus is invited to other testing....
Do I have to wait the result or forget to join QR?

Airbornecpl 18th Jun 2015 13:53

Any one there who is aware of current status on SO intake from pool? When is the next training slot? waiting period is long,still asking out of curiosity.Is it on priority basis or..............

casablanca 18th Jun 2015 15:13

A. Notary republic doesn't know if your logbook is correct.....you are certifying that it is true and correct.....but really how does any CAA office or FAA know if it's correct....unless they personally flew with you.
A stamp from your employer is good as they can verify employment etc.... But in my case they said they had flight time records only for last 3 years and I had been there almost 14, so wouldn't verify hours but only my position and employment.
The FAA will send your employer or the CAA the required records and training files etc from all previous airlines you have worked for...that is hard to fudge as you don't have access to those.
The whole idea of a stamp is really meaningless and easily faked...that's why I recommend bringing a few other documents to substantiate your logbook.

N1LNAVVNAV 22nd Jun 2015 11:20

QRA office working hours
Hello guys
Does anyone know the new Ramadan Office work hours at the QRA Building?:ugh:

Thank you

320goat 22nd Jun 2015 11:40

Probably 9-2

N1LNAVVNAV 22nd Jun 2015 14:54

QRA Screening
I applied (mid) last year as a NTR Boeing experience FO (DAY 1)
2 weeks after day 1, assisted a QRA Roadshow,
3 weeks since day 1 , status "Shortlisted"
1 1/2 months since day 1, got invited to do the PSA, 2 days after got the positive results
2 months after day 1, invited for interview (about 35 days of heads up) (plenty of time to study)
Cancelled my interview invitations for 2 months in a row (no space on my monthly schedule), got email from HR asking for date of vacations so they could invited me without having a flight schedule problem (told them to wait 3 more months, no problem for them)
Assisted interview, found it to be very easy (if well prepared), my humble opinion; easy breezy (they are not there to Fail you or to push you to do so, if you fail please go back to flight school)

4 days after interview got the good news and application status Preparing written offer
10 days after interview got an email from HireRight :yuk:
The most challenging part of the screening process is HireRight, :mad: they will push you to the limit :ugh:
5 weeks after interview Job offer 787 DOJ January '16

Good luck
Flt time at day 1 2,900hrs total
Flt time today 3,800ttl

freddi16 23rd Jun 2015 07:10

Hi i've done the PSA test three weeks ago,for the position of fo fasttrack cpt.
I've seen that this vacancy has been closed(from qr carrers).
The status of my application is :interview schedule pending,what happens now?
Anybody else in the same situation?

Obbie 23rd Jun 2015 08:16

Fast track commands have been stopped, to focus on internal upgrades.

You will be considered for a FO interview in due sequence.

Supersonic2000 26th Jun 2015 15:38

Guys, is there anybody who has applied for the NTR FO position, before they changed the requirements in the 23rd of April, with application status still "NEW". I was just wondering if my application does exist on their system or has vanished...I thought of reapplying, but with their new requirements I can not..does anybody believe that I should reapply anyway?

Yoching 29th Jun 2015 13:25

Second officers Talent pool !
Hey guys , could you please give us any useful information concerning the second officers in the talent pool , how many are in there ? why do they continue taking people into the talent pool if there's so much waiting already , and is there any recruitment going on ?.. :confused:

Airbornecpl 29th Jun 2015 18:10

No one knows how many are on pool..and no one can/will answer ur questions..wait for the big day till it comes..cheers

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