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casablanca 14th May 2015 05:22

Assuming you meet the requirements and haven't seen any change for months in your status, you might try to reapply....probably need a new email etc.
What do you have to lose?

WrldWide 14th May 2015 09:30

I remember the time in this industry when one applied for jobs, several at a time, with the "hope" of getting called for an interview. These days it sounds more like applicants feel entitled to and expect an invitation by the mere fact that they made a small effort to apply. Is this the case now or am I just missing something?

casablanca 14th May 2015 09:58

I somewhat agree....I had my application in with American Airlines, with quarterly updates, for 4 years before being called, and all the time working for subsidiary regional carrier
But on other hand it is frustrating when others who are similarly qualified get a response in a week and you nothing.
While on subject flew with a very young FO...24 I think. He was complaining about such a long wait for his command on 777.????Am I missing something?

freddi16 14th May 2015 10:22

Probably yes��
Myself almost 11.000 hrs applied15 days ago no response yet,takes time to look over all the applications they receive every day

foswillruletheworld 15th May 2015 13:41

I think most of you guys are missing a big point here.
It always comes to the point of supply and demand. The more you are needed, the faster you get the response. Of course there are people with the similar backgrounds getting to the target faster and with less obstacles, and that is of course due to miscoordination of the departments of the company, however never changes the general fact.
Right now there is a huge hole for first officers in the middle east and that is why the captains are kept on hold in the talent pool. If there was a need of captains it would have been the opposite. Upgrading to your final aircraft in an earlier age is much better than an older one. You get more adapted to aircraft, you can be shaped with the company culture better and you would be less worn out by the narrower bodies.
In my current company we are dealing with some ex Dash-8 captains with the experience of 5-6,000 hours as commander, right now been on 737 for the last 2 years and who fly worse than the most of 2-3 year experienced first officers.
Please don't take it as any disrespect, however this is the proof in front of me and if i see some other things, i will come back here and edit with and apology with keeping the old post as it is.
Qatar had recruited enough captains for 2015 until the beginning of march and the ones who attend to the assessments after that date are practically applying to be hired in 2016. I know that it is not fair and i know that there must be a lot of captains who are much better than the already recruited ones but this is like a first comers get served first platform, so everone needs to act accordingly.

I just want to add one more thing;
In my humble opinion, the earliest age for commander position should be 30 regardless of your joining age. Commander position is not only about the skills and experience, but also about making right decisions with a calm and mature mind. So you need to be balanced innerself before sitting on a position which require the person to be in a very balanced nature. Which certainly comes with age...

Southpole 15th May 2015 18:31


I passed the assesstment on February, captain, and I am in the "swimming" pool.
All you said follow some sort of logic, but we can make thousands of thoughts about how, why and when we will be called.. The truth is that none of us know how long we will be staying in this position. Well, we know that if it is more than one year we would have to do all over again.... Qatar is not giving informations and not answering mails/call on this subject. But they are still recruiting at the same pace as before.
At the assesstment they said many things, I am not yet even in the company and they are already failing to maintain their promises... Come on.

(Hope some emirates guys won't read this post..:) )

foswillruletheworld 15th May 2015 23:42

I definetely back you up on the subject. The reason what i told was as an answer to "we used to apply and wait for many years, and now it is like guys are waiting for airline companies to find them"
As i was telling about the basics of supply and demand.
However not notifying people when to start is very wrong in my opinion. However i do know a couple of things as, 787s were sold to some other company instead of to be brought to Qatar. So the new ones will come with the bunks. And the other reason is, there are not enough instructors and examiners to train people who will be recruited. So they need to train new instructors and examiners first, then they can start recruiting people after ensuring that they have enough resources to give an unbroken and continuous training.
My heart with all the captains looking to be joining Qatar.
My realistic humble suggestion for the pool captains is that; forget you have applied Qatar and continue with what you are doing. If you are available when Qatar calls you, then go. If not, then follow your own path.

gazze7 16th May 2015 09:13

Is there any one of you guys received any official letter?
Especially "pool" guys

highflyer0685 17th May 2015 17:38

Anyone interview recently? Have interview at end of the month and any insight would be appreciated, especially about the 50 question written test. Thanks

mmorel 19th May 2015 18:59

special request letter IATA
Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how can we use special request letter ?

Do we need to go to the airline office and hand over the letter?

highflyer0685 20th May 2015 05:52

Have interview scheduled 16-17 June. If anyone that interviews between now and then can give me some insight, especially about the 50 question ATPL test it would be greatly appreciated.

latetonite 20th May 2015 11:38

Hyflyer, you are not ashamed, are you?

foswillruletheworld 20th May 2015 15:11

highflyer You can read the previous posts. The forum culture is to search for the info, and if it doesn't exist, then ask for it.

MikeAlphaBravo 21st May 2015 06:36

I think the process is fairly well explained in the content of this thread highflyer. The ATPL quiz is different for everyone as it is computer generated and each applicant on my assessment had a different test. Therefore, even if someone posted the exact questions from the test on here, it is highly unlikely yours will be the same, so I'm afraid you will just have to revise your ATPL knowledge beforehand. I would recommend BGS as a starting point for your study. My assessment was in April and start dates / fleet allocations are just starting to come through now with December seeming popular so be prepared for a lengthy wait. The good news for those worried about the ATPL is that the pass mark seems rather low and it was not too difficult. Actually, the whole assessment process was fairly pleasurable with no nasty surprises. Best of luck to all applying, Qatar seems to be a great career from what I saw.

Guam360 21st May 2015 11:01

completed and submitted application for Rated Boeing Captain, nearly three weeks ago and application still says "New". Thought status may change by now...

JetStreaK 21st May 2015 13:41

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
I completely agree with mikealfabravo....the process is rather simple and the ATPL test is very basic.
I personally recommend Ace The Technical, although not correct in many answers, but a simple reading would give you enough revision to clear the exam with a smile on your face.

All the best!!!!

dieana 22nd May 2015 22:35

Looking for some info
I have applied for DEC type rated Boeing. Does anybody know how long it take to receive the PSA? One week, two, three, months?


B737SFP 24th May 2015 21:42

(edited msg)... disregard.

deptrai 27th May 2015 23:52

this is probably the wrong thread, and that kind of question isnt usually discussed in public these days, but no doubt you can find out

swish266 29th May 2015 05:57

How long is the wait for interview presently?
I applied for DEC/NTR mid-March.
I did the PSA in the beginning of April.
Since I submitted my PSA - no word.
I understand from the forums and some paid gauge sites that QR are mostly doing F/Os now.
One snag probably - the PSA had an option of being done in almost 20 languages. I did it in mine, not in English. Was that a problem?

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