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Southpole 9th Jul 2015 20:34

Ahahahhaahhaaahahh this is getting funny.

Max Sterling 11th Jul 2015 15:20

are there any new hires who were offered position at QR but later after joining were asked to join al maha airways?

with al maha starting, are there any pilots from QR will be transfered there?

Mili86 11th Jul 2015 19:13

Thank you SOUTHPOLE..

320goat 12th Jul 2015 08:57

With regards Al Maha; I am led to believe the only offers that have been made for that outfit have been made prior to coming out. Al Maha is currently dead in the water due to issues with KSA. I wouldn't worry about it too much, I don't believe they will change your contract once you have agreed to come here.

Saying that; never say never!

fishbath21 17th Jul 2015 17:20

no mate you dont need to upload the stamped one. however you have to have the stamped logbbook with you in the interview. They are super attentive to the details of the hours. be careful and be ready to answer to any question

Mili86 18th Jul 2015 09:20

fishbath21:ok: thnx

I have submitted my application on 11 july , still no news. and the status is NEW.

has anybody else applied recently ??? how long does it take to get a response from QR ?? is the first step online PSA test ??

Ve764 18th Jul 2015 17:41

Application Status
Hey I just went to a job fair in DFW and was told by recruitment specialist.That all application processing is on hold for the moment until QR modifies there current and future fleet utilization.I also have the latest info on Tand C. If you're interested PM me...Ve764

Mili86 19th Jul 2015 07:26

what that supposed to mean ??????!!! on hold ?!! for Capt. or FO ??
I applied for non rated FO ....
how long should we wait ???

faizj 19th Jul 2015 12:49

Is there MPL provided by Qatar airways ?

DIRRTE 21st Jul 2015 21:25

QTR assessment result
Hello fellows
Is there anyone who attended the selection in Doha
(Day 1 and Day 2)During june and received after that news
From HR recruitment

zaxon744 22nd Jul 2015 06:30

No news
Attended the selection in Doha in June. They said they will revert in 2-3 weeks.. Its been 3 weeks and no news. TR FO.

oneworld787 22nd Jul 2015 10:59

Same here. Attended in June. It's been almost 4 weeks now. However, 2 of the group received (negative) feedback within a week.

DIRRTE 22nd Jul 2015 13:47

Same thing but they told us to wait btwn 10 to 40 days

AirChaser 23rd Jul 2015 23:04

How many days off in a month can one expect now a days? Is it possible to have 4-5 days off in a row at least once a month? Are trip swaps allowed?

Thanks Guys.

cherokee and bus 27th Jul 2015 23:32

Hey guys
hey guys, too much silence on this forum. Let's say something for Qatar recruitment.. I applied too on the 10th of July as a first officer but still no news

AirChaser 28th Jul 2015 03:41

Cherokee, what are your quals if you don't mind sharing?

Mili86 28th Jul 2015 10:04

Nationality wise..
Hey guys,
I hear from here and there, that QR restricts its recruitment from certain nationalities....or smth like this..
has anybody have any idea ??? is it true that they reject certain nationalities ??

foswillruletheworld 28th Jul 2015 11:06

Mili86 can you please be more specific? Which nationalities have you heard of?
I really don't think that there is such thing happening in ME carriers because they are proud of their multi-national environment. However there might be some issues with countries which have a certain difficulty in pronouncing english?

Obbie 28th Jul 2015 11:10

The only passport that is rejected by the airline is the Jewish passport.

That said, there are certainly "preferred" nationalities in the recruitment
process, and they are given higher priority.

I am not going to list them, but if you are in this industry, you should
already know.

ODGUY 28th Jul 2015 11:39

A jewish passport eh?

Do they accept Sikh passports?

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