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dboy 8th Apr 2015 13:37


How strict is qatar on these entry requirements for non type rated people?

I have +3000h on jet (jar25) but only a mtow of 9 tons ( small bizz jet). So 8 tons below the required 17 tons.

I applied but i would like to know what my chances are.


FlyingHigh330 8th Apr 2015 14:10

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enthusiast 8th Apr 2015 18:00

Averagely, how many hours do B777FOs log a month except a deadheading and a rest?

dboy 9th Apr 2015 06:43

Ok nobody knows? Well i guess i will find out later on.

Obbie 9th Apr 2015 16:00

Your chances are zero.

Reapply when you have obtained the
time, and better character.

Guru8904 9th Apr 2015 16:06


You are lucky indeed. Emirates just brought down their FO requirements. You are eligible to apply there. Good luck.

aileron droop 9th Apr 2015 16:33

they operate "heavy" Aircraft only.
it clearly says on their website:
we prefer airbus and boeing experience
stop messing with the guys head

onitl 9th Apr 2015 17:57

Hi any one know how long be fore you get psa results :cool:

Azzurri 10th Apr 2015 06:33

PSA Results

It should take three to four days to get a response upon completing the PSA.


Rock320 10th Apr 2015 12:39

Guys need help..got the PSA but can't log in..keeps saying "Invalid credentials"...

What d

onitl 10th Apr 2015 16:58

Thanks fingers crossed I get over that hurdle ....

onitl 10th Apr 2015 16:59

Rock 30
Have you tried calling the help line no ????

Rock320 10th Apr 2015 20:27

Onitl, mailed them but don't think I''ll get a reply before sunday

Aviator3858 11th Apr 2015 00:31

[QUOTE=Rock320;8938962]Guys need help..got the PSA but can't log in..keeps saying "Invalid credentials"...
Email your co-ordinator or else call the help line number, they will help you, all the best.

onitl 11th Apr 2015 03:13

I think there might be a software problem , I managed to submit the three blocks of questions and submitted ,, but yesterday tried to
Oh into the page just to check .. But I get .. Invalid credentials ?... Fri and sat seems they off . Try call tomorrow they should be able to assist . All the best to you,

Rock320 11th Apr 2015 05:37

Thanks guys..will do

Stone_cold 11th Apr 2015 15:55

Kam ,It's cautionary ,

Away ;)

Tatarin 12th Apr 2015 20:34

Hi! Instrument rating. What does it mean?
Thanks for reply!

Flyboy_SG 12th Apr 2015 21:34

They did hire DEC from 737NG for 787 but not 777. May be since 788 is on the lower side of heavy.

I got interview date within 15 days of application. Psa result the next day.

DXman 13th Apr 2015 13:36

How soon do we get travel details etc after confirming for the interview?

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