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Valmont 27th Apr 2015 13:44


I see on the recruitment portal they changed the offered job from Type Rated A320 FO to Type Rated First Officer Airbus.

If I join now as an experience A320 FO, is there any chance for me to be on other fleets ?

Best regards,


Southpole 27th Apr 2015 15:18


Everything is possible. As well you can pass the selection process being put in a "qualified and approved waiting list" for an undetermined period of time with no answer or Infos from anyone. But they care to underline that if you spend one year in the pool, you must apply and repeat the whole selection process again.

Why do they keep doing interviews if they cannot hire all the people?!

Valmont 27th Apr 2015 17:23


Thank you.

FMSPEED 27th Apr 2015 22:57

Anybody with the app out since feb 10th still has new on the status? Wonder if they 'll ever get to see the app..

Happy contrails


gazze7 28th Apr 2015 02:19

Why is it in my case they not provide the ticket?

Mili86 28th Apr 2015 15:16

NTR FO Min. Reqi.
Hey guys,

according to the latest min. req. for none rated FO..
I am a bit in doubt.
it asks for min. 1000hours on Multi-engine jet ...
My total is 1075, including 163 single engine .. so, only 910 multi-engine (( Airbus-Heavy)).
so, what do u guys think ?? should I apply now ?? and explain it?

because due to some reasons I cannot fly for the next months..so ican't build up my hours... im only short of about 90hours...

any prev. experiences or suggestions????

Southpole 28th Apr 2015 16:56


In my opinion if you are below Minimum requirements you shouldn't apply.
The first screening is on the papers, if you don't have them correct, you are out.

Akrep 28th Apr 2015 17:07

Applied late march, got answer to do PSA and now have a appointment for interview, so I think they invite people according to hours they have.. if you have the minimums required maybe they only invite you if there is no one else in the pipe line with more hours.

onitl 28th Apr 2015 17:22

NTR milli84
Be patient try get the hours and then apply will save you being rejected Reiner it's world wide recruitment so competition is high.
All the best hope you archive the hours soon :ok:

Mili86 29th Apr 2015 18:07

Thanks guys,,,,
Think yiu are all right....

Aviator3858 30th Apr 2015 03:25

Nowadays anyone who clears is placed in the holding pool, especially captains. Qatar policy is after a year in holding pool, u have to do the whole process again.... And u never know if adapt test comes back again.... That's quiet dissappointing .... Nevertheless .. All the best guys .

FALCON.net 30th Apr 2015 15:49


Would you please be kind and help me to define:


Under review ?

Invited to other Testing ?

Thanks, sorry it might have been covered in previous pages....

Cheers !

Swoosh32 30th Apr 2015 16:23

Originally Posted by FALCON.net (Post 8961119)

Would you please be kind and help me to define:


Under review ?

Invited to other Testing ?

Thanks, sorry it might have been covered in previous pages....

Cheers !

You should have gotten an email or will get an email soon asking to take PSA test (personality test). It's a three part Hogan test. Check your spam or junk mail, it could be in there.

FALCON.net 1st May 2015 07:57

Thank you Swoosh32....

Southpole 1st May 2015 12:39


You tell us... Do they have problems to cope with training for all the people who is getting hired?

kimny002 1st May 2015 12:43

QR Interview process
Hi there,
Just share the info in my cases.

Application submit. - 12/MAR
Status changed to underreview - 15/MAR
Invited to PSA - 18/MAR (Kind of psychmetric test online)
PSA result received - 21/MAR
Interview invitaion - 24/MAR (Status show invited to interview. Receive invitaion email from HR person, but not shown on Applicant checkin inbox. Only ststus changed to "Invited to interview" few days later I receive the email.
Interview and SIM CHECK - 23/APR
Outcome received - 29/APR (Successful email was received and it seems system generated email. It also come through Applican checkin inbox)
but application status on applicant checkin still shows "Invited to interview". and today it is just changed to "Interviewed".

Hope this info is what you are looking for.

All the best.!

7Q Off 1st May 2015 17:42

Qatar Airways Careers - Current Opportunities
Qatar Airways Careers - Current Opportunities

They change requirements again for Non typed rated DEC?

Pilot-123 1st May 2015 20:36

security clearance
Regarding the security clearance guys, apparently it is new uk company who take cares of it when you get the offer letter, anybody experienced them, and what document are they exactly asking for?

Obbie 2nd May 2015 09:41

That's because every week pilots with real time and
real experience apply.

Waiting 2 3 4 years ? What's wrong with QR ? Absolutely nothing.

What's wrong with you ? Go get a proper flying job and get real.

Southpole 2nd May 2015 11:17

2 3 4 years doing what? After 1 year you must repeat the whole interview.. So max you wait 1 year and then you are kicked out.
What position did you apply for?

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