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STUDENT PILOT 001 21st Mar 2015 07:37

@officer kite...
that is not my nature. if you have read this entire thread from the beginning, you will discover there are some 'interesting' individuals hereon. I said that to dispel the notion that anyone can attack my persona with those facts...there are way older pilots here as much as there are some racists, so just to let them know I cant be derailed by personal attacks against me i made that statement.
I concluded that part with this:
"I need someone here, who is ready to look
beyond who I am, look to who I can become and mentor me into making my life
long passion, desire and dream a reality!"
That is who I am!

Boeinglad 21st Mar 2015 09:25

Anyone knows if the chances for being offered a position when in the waiting list are high or not? And anyone offered a date, interviewed in Jan 2015 Dec 787?

eagle21 21st Mar 2015 19:40

Load check
Sorry to be off topic could someone give a hand and check the loads from MLE to DOH on the 28th of March, if you have any information about how many standby people there are it will be much appreciated. PM

Xolon 22nd Mar 2015 10:36

3k housing increased confirmed by another QR pilot. :D

Phshoe 22nd Mar 2015 19:25

Anyone taking part in the assessment this week??

FMSPEED 23rd Mar 2015 19:49

studentpilot, are you applying for the NTR FO position? when did you apply?

studentpilotC172 23rd Mar 2015 20:00

I applied on early October got the PSA invite approx after 3 weeks Interviewed in Jan

FMSPEED 24th Mar 2015 03:30

Mine still says new.. hope it changes soon.

B737SFP 24th Mar 2015 04:07

Hi guys...

They already came to Brazil.

4 or 5 dates were available, if I'm not wrong.

40 candidates or something like that did the process here, mostly guys from GOL, TAM and Avianca. I believe that the majority succeeded (many guys still waiting for the good news, but no one that got to the SIM was dismissed so far).

Looks like things are moving pretty fast for FOs, but not so fast for those aiming a DEC position.

Many guys sending applications, that's for sure !

By the way, what I heard is that the upgrade to the left seat will take something around 4 yrs from now on, is there any truth on this ?



onitl 26th Mar 2015 12:06

Qtr non type rated
Anyone been invited for the first officer position NTR ??? Any idear how long it takes to hear from them ??

Phshoe 26th Mar 2015 15:59

Ok guys.

Today I got back from my assessment for the NTR B777/B787 position.

1st day:
they started off with a presentation about the company, benefits etc.
they told us the housing just had been increased by 3k.
so housing is for FO: 13000QR and for Captain 15000QR
We were welcome to take pictures of all the slides and share everything because they have nothing to hide(at least that's what they told us), so if anyone is interested you can send me a PM with your mail adres and I will gladly share the pictures with you.
after this presentation we were guided to another room to take the ATPL test.
I would love to tell you the questions, but all of us had different ones, so it appears they have (of course) a database, I used ACE and Bristol to prepare myself for this, the questions were from all subjects so no special attention to particular subjects.
5 minutes after the last one finished we got the result pass or no pass( they didn't give us actual results by the way).
I passed and went to the next phase which was the interview.
We were divided into two groups
The interview took around 30-35 mins per person and was really straightforward ( No technical questions for me, but some of the others did have) they are really interested about you! The atmosphere was really relaxed and friendly( they ask about actual situations, did you ever have a diversion, unruly passengers, difficulties with someone from the crew, criticism,etc) don't lie, because they will ask all kinds of details, when, which type, PF/PM etc. When the interview was finished they asked me to step out of the room for a second(like all interviews) and couple of minutes later they invited me back in. They tell you again pass or no pass, so no debriefing or something like that.
I passed and I was invited for next day simulator.
The simulator was on A320, they usually plan it in the evening (I checked all sim rosters when I was there, and 5 days a week the 320 simulators were planned for recruitment). I'm by the way not type rated on the 320. So it doesn't matter whether you are TR or not.
When we came to the simulator building they gave us a short presentation about what they expect etc(nothing unexpected) after the presentation we were divided into two groups again type-rated(on 320) or non type-rated.
Nowadays you fly one session as PF and one session as PM, so the assessor is in the back seat( previously this was different but they told us it was changed couple of weeks ago).
The profile is again pretty straight forward, normal takeoff and landing(we diverted back to Doha because of an ill pax),TCAS event, one EFATO, with N-1 GA, then non precision or visual. The assessor doesn't talk at all, just instructions.
Again after the sim we didn't get a debriefing, just a handshake with: thank you and the company will contact you in 2-3 weeks.

That's it!

Good Luck to all of you, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


FMSPEED 26th Mar 2015 16:18

same here!

nosegears 26th Mar 2015 20:09

Still "new" in my NTR FO application


FMSPEED 27th Mar 2015 00:26

nosegears check your pm's

nosegears 27th Mar 2015 01:55

Still nothing here



FMSPEED 27th Mar 2015 13:40

nosegears i've sent you a message

Pilot022008 27th Mar 2015 18:03

Medical Examination in Doha
Medicals are done after you join. Sometimes during the first two weeks they will schedule you for a medical examination at the Medical Commission in Doha. This includes a chest X-ray (to check for Tuberculosis) and blood labs (to check for HIV and Hepatitis). After you pass the medical they will process your Residency Permit (RP). You can do ground school without your RP but you must have it by the time you start SIM. I recommend you do all this medical tests on your own before you head over to Doha to be 100 % sure that you can pass the medical. Your job offer will be cancelled if for some reason you don't pass the medical and you will be sent back home.:eek:

Southpole 27th Mar 2015 19:04


thank you for the informations!

nosegears 27th Mar 2015 19:54

FMSPEED I didnīt received nothing


Resend it :D

leondelfierro 27th Mar 2015 23:58

Went to the Santiago, Chile Roadshow, they told us that for the NTR F/O they will review the applications for those candidates meeting the "Old" Mins and then they will start taking those who applied after the "new" 17.000Kg requirements.
Seems that they will be taking a medium to large amount of people from here.

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