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Flyboy_SG 12th Apr 2015 21:34

They did hire DEC from 737NG for 787 but not 777. May be since 788 is on the lower side of heavy.

I got interview date within 15 days of application. Psa result the next day.

DXman 13th Apr 2015 13:36

How soon do we get travel details etc after confirming for the interview?

FL123 13th Apr 2015 15:34

One week before the assessment date.

DXman 13th Apr 2015 15:45

Thanks FL123

Rock320 13th Apr 2015 18:43

And after u get ur psa result, how long till the assessment?

FL123 13th Apr 2015 19:15

Depends on the assessment slot.
expect it in a month, sometimes it may go to two months.

joker737 14th Apr 2015 18:12

I have applied to QR a few weeks ago, I'm a F/O on the B737NG with 2500 on type. What is the upgrade time for the 787/777? do they consider your pervious jet experience from the B737 towards your upgrade? :confused:

WrldWide 14th Apr 2015 21:50

The only answer possible for upgrade is MINIMUM 3 years with a capital M.

Obbie 14th Apr 2015 22:37

Narrow body time only helps when upgrading to the A320.

Flyboy_SG 15th Apr 2015 03:40

I'm guessing 5 years and upwards With prior jet pic 3 years.

gazze7 15th Apr 2015 06:54

Waiting for my interview date.

When is yours?

belliott 15th Apr 2015 06:54

My head is swimming after reading the last 50+ pages... I know I saw answers/figures somewhere that answered my questions so I apologize for re-stating these questions here and now.
What can a potential newhire expect to make per month?
If a pilot is unable to take vacation allotted within a year are they paid our for the remainder of the allotted vacation?
If an applicant has ~500 on the A320 or B737/MD80/DC9 could they expect a particular fleet? Or is it simply based upon company need at the time of hire?
To answer any other questions that may help here are my credentials.
~1000 TPIC (Turboprop and light jet)
600 heavy-ish jet (150,000lbs+)

I know 3 people at QR and (based upon their reflections/experience at QR) for a single 31yr old this seems like a logical place to progress in my career for the next 3-10 years.
I am open to your thoughts, questions, and criticisms.

Siu Mo To 15th Apr 2015 07:56

Applied for A320 DEC (8000TT and 3500 PIC) in Dec 14 and was asked to update my medical in Mar 15 but heard nothing since. Want to know if they are still actively hiring for the 320? My application status is still "NEW"!

Wondering if holding a Level 4 Eng is hurting my chance of getting an interview. I had 5 until last year then almost everyone in my company who had 5 was downgraded to 4 including guys who had 6 on their EASA license!

Leemankin 16th Apr 2015 10:06

Just been informed that I'm in the holding pool/waiting list for A320 DEC just like you. Will you let me know once you've gotten the contract. Thanks.

Southpole 16th Apr 2015 10:40

Sure Leemankin, as soon as they will be so kind to let me know something I'll write you here and pm. I am expecting an update in the first 10 days of May.

samca 16th Apr 2015 21:44

How hard is the initial Training for a FO on 78 or 77? Are they pressing too much? I Heard some horror histories.

FMSPEED 16th Apr 2015 23:20

has anybody without a Boeing or Airbus rating, been called to the NTR job position? Mine still says new, i got just over 2000 hours on 50 tons plus jet.


mmorel 17th Apr 2015 05:03

what is the different between grade seniority and company seniority?

jedy 17th Apr 2015 07:33

Hello guys.
I went for the interview late March for DEC 787 NTR.
2 weeks later got the apparently standard letter that I've passed but due to man power changes I have been placed in the waiting list.
That wasn't what they told me during the interview. They said they needed lots of pilots this year so I dont know what are they playing at.
Any one in the pool been contacted lately?
Is it a stardard procedure and spect a contract at later date?
For sure they also said that are at full throttle with all the training going on and maybe dont have the capacity.
Anyhow I got other things lined up but it would be nice if they were a bit more honest about it

Black Pudding 17th Apr 2015 10:03


Its very a simple

Do the work, smile and be positive and you will have no problems at all.

Make sure you read what you have to, Part A, FCTM, Part C and MEL bits and know your SOPs and scan flows. Be prepared.

Horror stories are normally from those that expect to be spoon fed and have an axe to grind. Those that don't have any problems simply get on with life and don't waste time or energy here posting crap.

If after you arrive you find this place is not for you, simply do your time and move on. I work with many who have been her 10 years plus and who are happy have no intentions of leaving.

If you plan to come here and bitch, make sure you have someone to bitch too as many are not interested in listening to anyone who is not mature enough to deal with their own crap. Deal with it or move on.

Been here 6 years now and have no reason to look elsewhere yet. Take each day as it comes. I am happy with my job (320 fleet)

Best wishes and good luck to all wanting to come here. Hope you receive good news sooner or later.

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