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Mr Boombastick 28th Mar 2015 15:15

Could anyone on the 777 or 787 please give me an idea of what to expect with the roster?

Days off per month? and generally and most importantly how many days in a row?

Are you always on minimum rest or do you generally get a couple of days at home to spend with the family before going away again?

Any info greatly appreciated.


foswillruletheworld 29th Mar 2015 10:08

That is what i want to know too. I would really appreciate if someone can write the expected rosters of an FO and captain seperately.

Shooting_Star 30th Mar 2015 09:34

Anyone could tell when youre supposed to receive the visa to start working? How many days before doj is it usually sent?

Flytdeck 30th Mar 2015 21:54

B777 April roster
Showing 11 days off with another 2 days "infringed" by an hour or so. In no particular order.

A three day pairing with days off on either side.
Two three day pairings back to back.
A four and three day pairing back to back.
And, of course, some training.

Altogether not a bad month of work. The roster appears quite flyable.

B777 pilots have the "option" of freighter flying. For the very long pairings, Qatar Airways keeps a letter on file from the pilots willing to undertake these operations.

Phshoe 31st Mar 2015 09:38

Good news
Today I got the news..

I'm hired! in 6 weeks I will learn my starting date and fleet allocation:):D

cccc 31st Mar 2015 10:00

@ Phshoe:

That's what I was told too, 3 years ago... Then QR kicked me out of the holding pool. I applied for the position FTSO.
Have a back up plan.



Phshoe 31st Mar 2015 11:24

Yes I heard that a lot about the FTSO..
I'm hired as FO
anyway right now I'm still working in TK so no problem ;)

samca 31st Mar 2015 13:18

Hi guys,

I have my assestment next 22 April. Anyone is going on that date?,


aviatormohit 31st Mar 2015 13:57

QR joining
Hello everyone!

I went for the assessment in Doha on 15-16th March. Got a mail from them on 24th March stating that I cleared the selection process.
In the interview, I had informed them that I am already serving a notice period in my company and will be able to join Qatar as early as May, 2015. How long till they send out the official contract to me on mail(with the Date of Joining and Fleet allocation). They said the formal offer letter follows within max. 6 weeks. Will I have the formal contract letter by 15th April OR they will actually be taking the 6 weeks(or more :ugh:) stipulated time to inform us? When does the medical happen? Can anyone shed some light upon it.

Does Qatar normally try and accommodate your preferred dates for joining.

Kindly advise.

PS: My PPC is due in April. IR is valid till Oct 31st, 2015. Hence, I am trying for May joining. They said we need a minimum of 5-6 months on the IR to cater for any delays during conversion.

gypsyexpat 31st Mar 2015 15:14

@ aviatormohit
are u talking about may 2016:suspect:????

FMSPEED 31st Mar 2015 15:35

Has anybody been callled out yet on the NTR FO job?

aviatormohit 31st Mar 2015 15:42

QR joining

Apologies...It is May 2015. :)

Southpole 31st Mar 2015 18:32

Anyone got the contract offer recently for type rated A320, CPT?
Just to know if this "manpower requirement changes... " is affecting just me or the whole A320 fleet.

Pulkdahulk 31st Mar 2015 21:00

SouthPole - Its affecting all those who recently cleared the interview due to manpower shifts at HR.

capt kickback 1st Apr 2015 12:34

QR Screening Sim Type
It seems the A320 is the sim they use for the assesment these days can anyone who completed the screening at QR this year confirm that is what they used as they state its either the 777 or A320 in the preamble??

foswillruletheworld 1st Apr 2015 12:38

kickback i think it varies due to availability.
Looking at the last 3 months, 8 of my friends took it on A320 and 3 of them B777. However i think the majority takes it on A320

aviatormohit 1st Apr 2015 18:51

Sim Check
The simulator check for my batch on 16th March was on the Minibus. However, I would like to add that there are two assessors and they do check on the availability of the 777 and 787 simulators. On that day, both the 777/787 were booked for training.

WrldWide 1st Apr 2015 23:45

Of course you should apply to any and all carriers that you may be interested in. Don't just pick ONE and hope.....

Flyboy_SG 3rd Apr 2015 10:08


I applied for NTR FO.
My status says "invited to interview" after completing PSA and the forms.

Fuel-Off 3rd Apr 2015 10:43

When did you apply flyboy? I applied back in Feb. Status just says 'new'. When do you usually get asked for further info? Or is this the beginning of QR going through the NTR applications?

Fuel-Off :ok:

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