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cccc 27th Jan 2015 06:45

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
I also sent my documents. But no update mail received. Those who received the update mail, what did it say?


sudani555 28th Jan 2015 07:03

Few ,received PSA Email.
But,it's a good sign when No regular Update email like before..

iQatar 28th Jan 2015 09:56


As what did you interviewed for. Capt, FO or FTSO?

MAS2000 28th Jan 2015 17:51

FT to Command
Dear All

I need your advice here, I am about to apply for a position of first officer fast track to command with QR, I am currently flying as a captain on the A310-300F, my total hours are 6000+, with only 1700 jet time which it will not qualify me for NTR captain position with QR.
could I go ahead and apply as FT FO wide body and hopefully get my command after two years, or to wait until I fulfil their requirements for NTR captain position?

PS: On my current company my roster is 8 month on/4 month off, and we do not fly more than 40 hours a month in most cases.

Your feedback and input are highly appreciated.

330airbus 29th Jan 2015 08:36


Seems like you have quite the job.
Not sure of the pay or where you are based, but are you getting paid on those 4 months off?
Personally would wait till I can qualify as a DEC. Don't put yourself back on the RHS if you can avoid it.
Just my $0.2.

MAS2000 29th Jan 2015 11:02


Thanks for your input, not get paid on the off months, salary is over the $10000 and less than 15000, accom. and transport provided.
but domestic flights and even though not too much maximum flying, 60 hrs if we are busy.
If you mean I quit my job, no I am not, I am still employed.


7Q Off 29th Jan 2015 11:18

Aviod going back to RHS. Wait until you have the 2000 pic and apply.

MAS2000 29th Jan 2015 12:05

7Q Off

Thanks a lot.

Paper Lad 29th Jan 2015 12:30

In my opinion, wait until you have the hours for DEC. Upgrades in QR can be very subjective!


Marsellus 1st Feb 2015 10:56

Anyone knows how long the maximum "under review" is?

thespecialist 3rd Feb 2015 17:44

Any tips for living in Doha ?
I have an interview next week and it would mean moving over with my young family.

Oceanic815Pilot 4th Feb 2015 03:20

Tips?! First and foremost plan a visit to Doha with your significant before you make the leap. If you come here and don't have their support you will definitely not be happy.

Let's see...depending on the age of your children, schools are very difficult to get into. Check around ASD, ACS (currently advising they may lose their building lease), Park House, Doha College, DESS, etc...

If you have nursery school aged children be aware that once they turn 4 they will not be allowed in nursery school and you need to have a school with a pre-K program lined up.

Medical issues - it's very hit and miss. Some have been quite happy with different things. My wife has had issues and we are flying her to Hong Kong after three hospitals and more doctors than that have been unable to help. Also, unless you are bleeding to death and need a hospital procedure be prepared to wait a long time.

Traffic is horrible...unless you are from Mumbai or Delhi and then it's probably not so bad.

Housing continues to be an issue with rents on the rise.

In general it's expensive to live here and your bang for your buck probably isn't what you are used to.


Our girls love their school (ASD), the weather is great in the winter, and you'll meet many nice people.


CDRW 4th Feb 2015 03:35

Biggest and best saying

Happy wife - happy life.

Good luck

Cape Fear 4th Feb 2015 04:06

Goat airline
Apply for a UAE company Doha is a terrible place to be let alone "the airline " took me 5 months to get out of there !

320goat 4th Feb 2015 04:35

Which airline/country are you coming from?

cccc 4th Feb 2015 08:24

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Hi all,

After sending the updates a few weeks ago back to recruitment (in the holdingpool since March 2012 as a FTSO), I received a mail back telling me that due to change in requirement I'm not eligible for this position. So I'm out!
Are they still looking for non-type rated guys on A320? Because I'm close to having 1000 hours command ona turboprop.

Simba1978 4th Feb 2015 11:50

After almost 3 years in the talent pool I've been kicked out from the talent pool.

"Dear Applicant,
This email is in reference to your application for a position with Qatar Airways. You were selected and placed into our talent pool, however we regret to inform you that due to changes in our requirements and assessments, you are no longer eligible for the position you applied for."

so the mafia CTC can send their cadets .


Obbie 4th Feb 2015 12:00

You guys were warned about this lot since day 1.

No sympathy for you. :=

v4city 4th Feb 2015 13:13

Must be the mafia behind this move for sure

migair54 4th Feb 2015 16:08

Luckily I was not very stupid to change anything for QR, but with the economy getting better in Europe and America they'll have shortage of pilots and they'll regret doing all this crap.

But the funniest part is:
You may *visit the*Qatar Airways Career Website*to review the Flight Deck vacancies and can apply for any vacancy that you *become qualified for.* Please use the same email address you used for your previous application.*We continue to grow and will have a requirement for *type rated narrow/wide body Captains and First Officers throughout the year.

how can you say that after telling that we are not qualified???

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