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JGSE 13th Mar 2015 12:13

Maybe temporarily employing Al-Maha guys!

FMSPEED 13th Mar 2015 14:37

lol777, are you applying for FO position or captain ?


lol777 13th Mar 2015 14:51

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Hi sorry should have specified. Its for FO

Shooting_Star 15th Mar 2015 23:02

Studentpilot, I reached 6 months for a positive reply few years ago :} these days up to two months seem to be normal.

Southpole 16th Mar 2015 08:55

During the assessment we didn't pass through the medicals... Isn't it a little bit strange? How does it work in Qatar? Are pilots having medicals there or they are doing it anywhere they want?

WYOMINGPILOT 17th Mar 2015 06:44

The Little man has a point!

Qatar Airways boss accuses Delta of flying 'crap' planes

Southpole 17th Mar 2015 21:00

Who me? I passed already all the selection process... I got a very disappointing email saying that I passed but at the moment due to changes in the manpower requirements I was put on a "qualified and approved waiting list"... And that they will keep me updated and call me as soon as possible...
While my sim colleague was given a 6 weeks notice for fleet allocation and contract...... Mah

Boeinglad 17th Mar 2015 23:05

Sama story
I got a reply saying I passed but due to manpower change req they have to put me on the waiting list.. DEC 787... What can I expect? Will I have any chance to join or better I forget?

Southpole 18th Mar 2015 15:34

I am in the same boat... I wrote to them but I got no reply. Please let me know if you have some news

B737SFP 19th Mar 2015 17:07

Rumours about a 3k increase in house allowance... Anyone could confirm?

WrldWide 19th Mar 2015 23:54

Confirmed ^ as of 1 April

nosegears 20th Mar 2015 03:02

Any news for NTR FO process here ?

lol777 20th Mar 2015 06:30

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
I applied in jan. Nothing yet status still on new.

Xolon 20th Mar 2015 10:46


They had 2 assessment groups earlier this week, mostly NTR FO's. Info known about the assessment is still correct.

Day 1: presentation, ATPL test, interview.
Day 2: A320 sim.

Shooting_Star 20th Mar 2015 10:55

Wrldwide, 1st of April eh?:E
Anyone knows how long the line training should last (sectors) for an FO 787 (comming from 737)?

B737SFP 20th Mar 2015 14:21

1st of April aint a good date for that...

Seriously, no one heard nothing?

That came up from someone that just joined the company and is doing the ground courses.



casablanca 20th Mar 2015 15:32

1 April was from COO.... So don't think it is April fools

STUDENT PILOT 001 20th Mar 2015 19:00

Ctc wings/qatar airways cadet pilot program
Hi guys,

I have just perused through this thread and to say the least, I have read a couple of 'interesting' things! ;)

Anyways, I'm SP001, a 23 year old from Nigeria, newly married and currently working. However, like very many of us here, Piloting has been my dream since I could say 'Mama'. The conventional desk job ain't my calling....nah! I look forward to a new day everyday because I can't cope sitting at a 'stationery' desk! :(

I have just taking a leap of faith in the career of my dream by grabbing the bull by its horns and applying for the above program...surprisingly, I just recieved an email that I was successful in the first selection phase! OMG! I am ecstatic!

Now to why I came here...I need a mentor. Preferably a Pilot working in QR. This thing just got serious and I am ready to put my all in, to ensure I get this GOLDEN opportunity. I know I am a rookie, I know I'm but a baby, and most of all, I know I am black! However, I need someone here, who is ready to look beyond who I am, look to who I can become and mentor me into making my life long passion, desire and dream a reality!

I have passed my GCEs, already have a Degree and Masters in the field of Education. However, like I earlier said, I have no fulfilment doing education. I want to FLY. I believe I can do it and with a good mentor to direct, I will get there!

Despite all I have read, I still want to work in QR. Many of you already employed there may have your different grouses with the Big Boss, however, show me a 'Perfect Boss' and I will show you a company heading down the drains. Despite all the claims, counter-claims and criticisms, QR still seems to be CLIMBING! That speaks volumes of the Airline...they must also be doing something really RIGHT and I want to key into this!

Anyone who has successfully used the CTC program to get their employ at QR should please contact me....I need your councel. Any 'good hearted' Father (Captain) or Brother (F/O) with some good advice for me is highly welcome.


Please contact me on: [email protected]

Officer Kite 20th Mar 2015 22:41

I know I'm but a baby, and most of all, I know I am black!

I'm not a QR employee but all I can say is that attitude will get you nowhere in any airline be it in the Gulf, Europe or America.

And you're in completely the wrong section of PPRuNe to get info on the CTC programme.

nosegears 20th Mar 2015 23:43

@lol777 still on NEW my application wich was in Jan too

@Xolon very useful infos and important one.

Things are going in process, I hope they will give an opportunity to all who have applied


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