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Iver 27th Feb 2015 18:22

Agreed with posts above. NEVER make a move unless your family is bought in and visits the location first before any decision is made. Try before you buy!

Vmax400 28th Feb 2015 13:41

For Tremit
The intial training is good but really tight, and it depends if you need a full type rating or just a conversion course.
If your family have a europian passport they can join you within few days on visit visa, but if you want them to wait until they get their resident visa then it might take up to six weeks.

Firepushbutton 28th Feb 2015 18:15

To Southpole.

Very well done to u, hope u've passed and thanks for the detailed overview of the selection process.
Have a question, what is "Ace" u referred to?

Cheers mate!

Azzurri 28th Feb 2015 20:23

Essential Study Material...
'ACE The Technical Pilot Interview'
2nd Edition
Gary Bristow

available at Amazon Online

PayJay 1st Mar 2015 12:17

We would like to inform you that the vacancy,
Non Type Rated Captain B787 | Qatar Airways | Doha, has been placed On Hold due to unforeseen circumstances. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Does anybody knows more about this???? Unforeseen circumstances?

WrldWide 1st Mar 2015 14:34

Several 777 FOs I have flown with recently were about to start command training and anticipate 787. Maybe there is a swell of FOs that are reaching the upgrade level. I don't know but that would seem a possibility.


casablanca 1st Mar 2015 17:11

Somebody mentioned all upgrades( presumably from 777 fleet) will start on 787.... Haven't heard anything officially, but if this is true May explain the hold on outside DECs

Southpole 1st Mar 2015 23:26


Thanks. I will update once I get the response. Yes ACE is a book you can find find pretty anywhere.. It is indeed the one Azzurri mentioned.

Obbie 2nd Mar 2015 18:56

The fact that a large wave of senior FO's approaching their
command upgrade was a "unforeseen circumstance", should
indicate to you the level of incompetence that runs this airline.

Azzurri 2nd Mar 2015 19:34

New Joiner Boeing F/O's...
Any comments as to which fleet 'new-joiner F/O's' might be assigned in the near term?...

Southpole 2nd Mar 2015 22:33

We were told that the ones coming from "Boeing" will stay on boeing and there will be no change between Airbus-Boeing pilots anymore, as a "new" company rule... So people with 737 will go on 777. But since I am not in, I cannot confirm it.

casablanca 3rd Mar 2015 06:53

There is no written rule any of us have seen, and noticed a few exceptions here and there, but in general the Boeing rated pilots tend to go to 777, until last few months joining directly on 787.
McDonnell Douglas, B717, MD11 generally can expect Boeing
Everyone else seems to be fit into Airbus fleet somewhere.

island_nomad 3rd Mar 2015 13:22

NTFO application
Hello, i just applied for the NTFO job at QA 3 weeks ago; was wondering when you receive a first response.
Anyone who just applied receive PSA test to complete?

Azzurri 3rd Mar 2015 16:15

Thanks guys.

mav_64 3rd Mar 2015 17:59

Pay scale
Just wondering if anyone knows the pay for First Officers?

TypeIV 3rd Mar 2015 20:21

What's the difference between an SO and an FO? Are you considered an SO until you are released not having to fly with a safety pilot?

How flexible are they with starting dates once you've made it through the selection? Can you negotiate it or will they offer a "take it or leave it" date? will you have to redo the assessments if too much time passes?

thank you very much

Southpole 3rd Mar 2015 22:42

You have one year to join Qatar airways after you get the offer..

enthusiast 4th Mar 2015 00:31


I've had an offer by QR and accepted it. As all you have experienced before, I really worry about the place my family will live in. If you kindly advise any tip to choose the best company housing or to avoid the worst as a fo here and now, it will be highly appreciated.


mmorel 4th Mar 2015 00:31

emirates has recently open Direct entry Captain A330 position ,Do you guys know if we can change employee from qatar airways to Emirates?


safeflyer3 4th Mar 2015 02:24

Sim Assessment
The PNF will most probably be another candidate. They are not particular about check lists and procedures. Just normal handling and some universal procedures.

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