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Wings23 16th Oct 2014 17:32

What position did you apply for samca?

KRUGERFLAP 16th Oct 2014 19:32

Where'S the Devil Indian Boy tower package for pilots?

samca 17th Oct 2014 15:06

FO B777/787

handsome one 17th Oct 2014 17:10

Hi I did the PSA test .How do u know u pass or fail n how long will it take to get the results thks.

chanvin77 17th Oct 2014 22:30

samca there is a lot of info available on the PSA test on this thread,if you scroll through pages of posts within this year itself.

which month did you apply?

It's been about 3 months since I applied for F/O 777/787 type rated,I got an email asking for an update on the documents I had provided a month back.After that my application status shows "New"..it was "under review" prior to that.Could anybody give me some insight into the same?

Azzurri 18th Oct 2014 04:00

B777 layover times

I'm interested to know what the 'layovers' are like in places like London, Paris, and New York for example. I have followed the threads on the challenges of being on this fleet but would like to hear some of the positive things that occur at 'destination'.

At what time of the day do the 777's arrive into JFK, and at what time would you leave again for Doha. Do you guys get to have a little fun every now and then by going into Midtown Manhattan, or Central London for that matter?

I ask as I'm trying to understand the specifics of what a 777 crew does from the time they arrive, and the time they have to be getting back to the airport. I would appreciate any tidbits on the roster.

Thanks so much,


Azzurri 19th Oct 2014 02:21


Thanks for the response; much appreciated. Do you care to send me a PM?...


samca 19th Oct 2014 10:59

I did not pass their PSA test. It seems that may personality is not what they are looking for. Good luck to the rest.

KRUGERFLAP 19th Oct 2014 12:56

It'S a game. Play with it .Print each page as you go and finish only after study. You must lie sometimes. It is crucial. But I Think you are lucky to fail. Use the hint for another test like the PSA (HOGAN for example)Something better will come to u . QR sucks big time!Stand up and move on!

dieana 19th Oct 2014 15:57

What is the PSA test?
Hi, and sorry for my ignorance, I donīt know what is the PSA test. Can anyone send me some information about it?

Thanks in advance!!

samca 19th Oct 2014 15:58

Hi Kruger. I did the PSA test answering with max honestly becouse I have nothing to hide. I'm proud myself of being like I am

KRUGERFLAP 19th Oct 2014 16:10

SO keep doing it bro! I am Sorry! This test is nothing related on being honest in your life .If you wanna get in! You need to LIE! Or did you said that you like to be a F1 rider , skydiver? or That you don't like to work in a group? Etc
They ask the Same questions in differents ways 5/6 times. You must study the test!

Best of luck in another test!

samca 19th Oct 2014 17:37

Yes I said I like fast cars but also I said I like to work as a part of a Team. i think is not bad.

widebody300er 19th Oct 2014 17:54

Everybody listen to KRUGERFLAP! You should lie because that makes sense idiot!! :ugh: Man where do these people come from???

Flyboy_SG 19th Oct 2014 19:00

Well Yeah, its complicated.

" Would you like to Party or read a book? "

Sometime I would party and sometime I would rated read. How to put it in? no ways you can.

The selection process was fair though. My ATPL theory test, cognitive tests and interview went well. Flew the A320 spot on immaterial of no experience. But still I didn't make. Got the bad news late. Really don't know what they are looking for or what went wrong.

TPD111 20th Oct 2014 00:42

Does anyone have any info on the latest bond arrangements for the FO position advertised -

'Fast Track to Command - Narrow Body Fleet'?

so far so good 20th Oct 2014 05:57

Hello everyone, I am new on this forum.
My application has been under review for more than two weeks, how long does it take to get any news?

Ethiopia 20th Oct 2014 13:39

Qatar to launch Frankfurt as first A350 route

Boeinglad 22nd Oct 2014 07:49

B787 roster
Hi lads,
Just signed in. Anyone has a b787 sample roster? I'm interested into the DEC 787..

istikbalgoklerdedir 22nd Oct 2014 12:43

Hi Eccmt ,

I had the same situation as yours. I ve offered LHS position (B737NG) in my current company . But I decided to go for QTR 777/787. (My current company pays well and no bankrupt on horizon , expanding all time) The reason is quite simple I think. You will not fly as FO for infinity . One day you will definetely become a captain. Go for long haul. See new places. Experience different operaitons. Long haul rosters are much more better than narrow body ones. And Qatar will be the only 7 star airline in the world. I also read all positives/negatives things. I will leave my own country. It is more harder. Good luck.

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