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kosh 4th Jan 2015 05:36

DEC - slam dunk! Thanks guys.
According to posts here, hiring process is not so speedy, as we all wish to. Do they need to be max of 12 month after the last flight at the DOJ or at the time of submiting application? It could be a problem here, as I am current B777.

TopGun 24 4th Jan 2015 12:23

Interview for B777/787 FO
Hi Folks,
I have been called for an interview for FO Postion Type Rated B777/787 by end of jan 2015. Would you be kind enough to tell me what to expect in the interview and where to study from? You could also pm me if you please.
PS:- have already started doing the ATPL tech stuff n other general aviation studies, however any ideas/ suggestions/ advice is welcome.
Thanks a ton in advance

Wings23 4th Jan 2015 12:46

Hi all,

Anyone hear back after the request for updated documents?



Shooting_Star 5th Jan 2015 22:16

if there are any 787 pilots or other fleets, could you please tell me how are the headphones in QR? Are they comfortable for long haul and have some noise reduction ? Are you allowed to use your own ? I am pretty much getting deaf by cheap crap my current airline uses :mad: cant imagine sitting with those for 10 hours! Maybe its an unusual question... But your hearing health counts!:ok:

CDRW 6th Jan 2015 03:16

All aircraft come with company issued high quality headphones.. No need to bring you own. Not sure of the exact SOP but speakers and hand mikes can be used in the crz within certain parameters. U won't go deaf.

ItsMeFromEarth 6th Jan 2015 05:26

If you bring your own, it will have to be checked by Maintenance (impedance...) and you need fleet approvaL. the restriction comes from the fact that several "plugs" were damaged by some crew .....

Shooting_Star 6th Jan 2015 08:32

Thanks guys, happy to hear ! :ok:

Azzurri 7th Jan 2015 08:42

Dear lfbb & casablanca,

Thanks for your responses; I appreciate it.
I'm currently a B738 captain and thought I'd join as an F/0 on the wide bodies, spend a few years learning the ropes, and in doing so, would evolve into a good 'in-house' candidate for a seamless and hassle-free upgrade. (This is the natural progression at other airlines, and is why I thought I'd choose the Boeing F/o track)
You seemed to mention however, that this might not be the case...
Could you elaborate, if you don't mind. I'd be pleased to come and join you guys in Doha, but I just want to be sure that I'll be rewarded for my efforts.

Thx very much.

Azzurri (PM me if you'd like)

ItsMeFromEarth 7th Jan 2015 10:39

The Salary is the reward for your efforts.:ok:

lfbb 7th Jan 2015 12:29

You are already 737 captain, so next logical step is not FO, but wide body captain. Not sure you got the minimums but I'd give it a shot on NTR DEC for 777 or 787. Believe me, you do not want to join as FO, the money and the big jets dream will not compensate your peace of mind. So in my opinion you should stick to DEC no matter what (even A320), too risky to join as FO and for any stupid reason get a red ink mark on your file which will make your upgrade back to the left seat impossible.

Obbie 7th Jan 2015 18:31

Hassle-free upgrade.
Now there's a oxymoron for this airline. :}

TUIFly 15th Jan 2015 09:09

Anyone can post how is typical roster for A320 guys looks like? Many thanx!

Simba1978 18th Jan 2015 17:02

dear Wings23,
after sending to the recruiting team the last pages of the logbook and the new licence I didn't receive anything back.
Not a confirm nor a single short email.
I honestly don't know what does it mean?
I was also still waiting the DECEMBER UPDATE , which never came.
Did anybody receive the DECEMBER UPDATE?
Many thanx

Fly4Fun 22nd Jan 2015 23:42

Heard that QR is recruiting DEC on the A380??

Happy landings

casablanca 23rd Jan 2015 01:57

@simba1978..... Yes unfortunately this is a very frustrating process, especially the part of not knowing anything. I would have to be honest and say if you haven't had response, haven't had updates, etc; then you maybe aren't a priority. Having said that, in my case I never received the update that everyone else had the month before, and out of the blue get a joining date 3 weeks away.
So what I'm saying is sometimes if you don't get the update it could mean you are already being slotted for something

Simba1978 23rd Jan 2015 15:10

first of all let me thank you for your answer; so u are saying that in my case...receiving a request of the logbook and licence update but not receiving anything else later on (such as the standard update about the hiring situation) could mean a positive feedback?

casablanca 24th Jan 2015 01:48

I really do not know anything, and don't want to sound overly optimistic....just that in my case it turned out good

Samolin 25th Jan 2015 05:22

Just got invited to do a Pilot Suitability Test (PSA) and the email says it consists of a Psychometric Assessment.

Has anyone taken or has any insite to what type of questions they got. I have ever done this type of Assessment before and want to prepare for it before I attempt it.
I know there is information on the previous threads but I know QR has changed from PAT (Pilot Aptitude Test) to PSA and wanted feedback from anyone who has done it recently.

Thanks and happy flying!

supervla 26th Jan 2015 20:49

Samolin when did you apply and when did you receive the invitation ? Im also curious about PSA test. Is this an online test or do you need to do it in qatar?

sudani555 27th Jan 2015 05:39

Dear ,Casblanca,
Did you received your Joining date this month ?
r u in the Talent pool before ?

I received email requesting my Documents ,at the same time some guys received an regular update ...
Now more than 3 weeks --- SLIENCE !!!

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