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casablanca 4th Feb 2015 23:18

That is a blow , especially after waiting so long. I believe they are and will continue to be hiring steadily. As far as I recall Emirates has a max 1 year in the pool before having to interview again? Although they have in the past hired people that had been swimming for multiple years I do think they have changed their requirements so many times even they were confused and was easier to start over?
Maybe you don't even want to after this experience but apply again...second time may go smoothly!

QR1 4th Feb 2015 23:56

Why blame ctc and the cadets ? :bored:

The long hold pool wait has been the situation with QR for a while and it goes way back before the ctc qr wings scheme was set up. Sounds to me like you're looking for a scapegoat and the qr wings cadets are the easiest targets.

v4city 5th Feb 2015 14:03

Is somebody able to explain why Qatar airways is training cadets with ctc when there are already people waiting in the pool??????

QR1 5th Feb 2015 14:12

Well why would any company train cadets when there is absolutely no shortage of already qualified candidates ready to start straight off. I personally feel cadets bring a different dynamic and tend to be more loyal to a company. BA, Aer Lingus, Virgin, Lufthansa and many other airlines are training their own cadets even though they have many people banging the Direct Entry door down.

Stone_cold 5th Feb 2015 15:13

Because they can , with the knowledge that you will still be there waiting .

enthusiast 11th Feb 2015 05:38

How long does it generally take to get an assessment result? If unsuccessful, No answer or will the regret email be sent?

FL123 11th Feb 2015 06:12

you will be emailed within a month whatever be the outcome.

enthusiast 11th Feb 2015 06:21

thank FL123, it's quite a long time. hope to be aware whatever it is asap.

Obbie 12th Feb 2015 00:24

Heard that the COO has left the building.
Can anyone confirm ?

Hope it is false, we still need a hard "helmet" to fix this stupid place.

v4city 12th Feb 2015 07:19

Good Day

Can any QR pilots shed some light on why QR rejected all the 2012 SO guys from the talent pool and what is likely to be the fate of 2014 applicants

Thanks in advance

FL123 12th Feb 2015 07:42

They have rejected FTSOs. The NTSOs are still in the pool.
Reason for rejection ... Can't say!

And as for 2014 ntso applicants - they won't be called soon. Reason - there are ntsos still waiting in the pool to join. Some of them have joined, some still waiting.


Pilote122 12th Feb 2015 20:36

Hi FL 123
What do you mean by FTSOs and NTSOs?

Do you think that 2014 SO applicants (already on the taleent pool)will be called to join before june ?

skysook 13th Feb 2015 02:16

As a turboprop captain with 1500PIC on glass. I'm now eligible to apply for the "non type rated FO position" that was recently advertised. Does anyone know which fleet, given I have no jet time I would be placed on if successful? Thanks

FL123 13th Feb 2015 06:07

Ftso - fast track second officer
ntso - normal track second officer


Do you think that 2014 SO applicants (already on the taleent pool)will be called to join before june ?
I assume, you mean the individuals who were called for assessments in 2014, selected and now placed in talent pool --- Well they are calling people to join in a slow rate. I can't say exactly before june ( actually no one can say that) but first it will be for those who are waiting from a long time and then the new ones.

Boeing777ER 13th Feb 2015 14:32

Hire right
Hello everybody!
Reciently i have been recruited from the holding pool.
Theyve sent me an email telling me si would receive the formal offer of emploment and the flete allication in six weeks.

Two days ago I received another email form an enterprise called HIRE RIGHT requesting me personal information in the name of QR.

Does anybody Know somethin about them?should i trust in them?
I really dont Know uf I should
Mi would appreciate some information.

nosegears 13th Feb 2015 14:39

Never listened about HIRE RIGHT yet

pilot4eva 13th Feb 2015 16:30

NTSO 2014
Heyy everyone,
I applied for the NTSO in june 2014.Haven't heard anything from them yet.Does the IR need to be current at the time of interview?What is the earliest date we can expect a call for interview?:confused:

FL123 13th Feb 2015 17:02

@ boeing777er

just go through few pages back and you will know that QR has appointed HIRE RIGHT. Anyways, just go on an answer them. They are from QR to do your background checks. Dont worry!!!
Also, congrats as I guess you are the among the few FTSOs who have received their offer.


ME IR doesn't need to be valid at the time of your assessment but your medical should be.
Interview - To be honest, it could be anytime. This is QR. Anything can change anytime. But as of now it won't be anytime soon.

Pilote122 13th Feb 2015 22:48

Thank you FL123 for your answers,
Sorry to bother you. Just if you have an idea about the total nb of SO WAITING in talent pool. And for those received the offer email when will they start their training ?

Thak you in advanced

FL123 14th Feb 2015 10:54


Just if you have an idea about the total nb of SO WAITING in talent pool.
can't say exact.


And for those received the offer email when will they start their training ?
the doj will be 1.5 to 2 months approximately from the day you receive your offer letter.


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