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ItsMeFromEarth 25th Dec 2014 18:50

Fortunately it is FALSE

winterinhell 25th Dec 2014 20:44

:=:=:= :E:E

enthusiast 27th Dec 2014 21:11

Hello everyone,

I finally read whole threads written from a year ago. Unfortunately I couldnt find or might miss what I want to be aware of. If you shed a light for me, it will be highly appreciated.

-Will b777/787 FO go to left seat of the same fleet? Or to be a skipper of a320? No exception?
-How many hrs do 777/787FOs usually build a month?
-If qr offers b787, can a new joiner deny it and request b777?


Obbie 28th Dec 2014 07:35

The general policy is that you will stay on the same side for upgrades.

Your hour total a month will vary with your bidding style, it could be 60,
it could be 90.

You might be offered a choice, but most likely not, you will be placed
where needed. If you refuse this placement, expect to see your employment
offer withdrawn.

enthusiast 28th Dec 2014 07:55

Thank you very much.:)

Azzurri 28th Dec 2014 16:41

B777 F/O roster question
Regarding the monthly rostering for the B777:

If I were to ask, for example, for as many flights as possible to London Heathrow (for whatever reason), what might my roster for the following month look like?...
Would it have a bunch of DOH/LHR/DOH flights on it, or, would that type of request go largely ignored...



FlyingOW 28th Dec 2014 17:30

Here's the timeline from Application to DOJ for a DEC applicant.

Applied late August,,
PSA early September,
Interview late October,
Good news 4 days later,
Offer of employment late November,
DOJ email mid December.

As you can see it is fast!


Obbie 29th Dec 2014 08:35

LHR is belonging more and more to the A380.
There are several British pilots here bidding for it.
It is also used very heavily for training.

If you manage one a month, you are beating the odds.

pilot4eva 29th Dec 2014 13:07

I have a doubt:
Qatar 777 FO position requires min 1000 hours total time on jets and 500 hours on 777.Can the requirements be met with second officer time(P3 time) on the 777 or do they require P1 or P2 only?(because unlike emirates which clearly states P3 time cannot be used to meet the requirement qatar doesn't mention anything)

Azzurri 29th Dec 2014 17:08

Thanks Obbie,...I appreciate it.

eccmt 30th Dec 2014 00:26

😳What position did you apply & which fleet? Many thanks

iQatar 30th Dec 2014 17:05


There is quit a few.

Azzurri 2nd Jan 2015 01:42

B777 F/O vs DEC A320
Hi Guys,

I have an interview coming up for a B777 F/O position, but am thinking about expressing a simultaneous interest in the Direct-entry Captain A320 (no experience on type) option. In other words, if it were advantageous to the company, I'd make myself available to go in a different direction at moment of fleet assignment.
Although I'd be pleased to continue on the big Boeings, I'd also be happy to help out for a handful of years as an A320 captain. Both options are of interest to me, and is why I'm considering letting recruitment know about it.

Would anybody like to comment, or advise against making such a suggestion or whatever?...

Thanks for your input in advance.


PS: I am not trying to game the system; I merely wouldn't mind a LHS on the A320 if the opportunity presented itself - it appeals to me in the same way that getting onto the B777 does. That's all.
PSS: And no, I didn't mean both types at once... Either one fleet, or the other.

lfbb 2nd Jan 2015 07:21

Sorry but I did not understand your question, I'm assuming you are a 737 captain, so why apply for 777 FO instead of A320 NTR DEC? That would be the shortest path to a LHS on a wide body in my opinion. Expressing what you want here does not really count for anything, all that matters is where the company needs you.
Best luck!

casablanca 2nd Jan 2015 08:08

In the past they have hired DECs on A320 who flew all Boeing before.
Unfortunately at the interview I doubt they look at it that way, but rather merely do they want to hire you for the position which you applied?
I would suggest trying to apply a second time for position as captain.....although I don't know if they are seeking non type rated DECs at this time on the 320

kosh 3rd Jan 2015 06:19

Happy New Year everybody!

I was wondering what is the salary difference in % between narrow body skippers and widebody FO at QR?

I've just transfered to B777 FO from A320 CPT, but my airline seems to die before I can expect upgrade, I'm thinking of airline change and I can apply for both possitions.

CDRW 3rd Jan 2015 11:47


I can answer that exactly but one of the good points in this airline is that they do not differentiate between narrow and wide body in terms of payscale. To me that archaic notion that " I must be paid more because my plane is bigger" is absolute rubbish. First year FO 320 is same as first year 777 or 380 and likewise with captains.

kosh 3rd Jan 2015 12:00

CDRW, thanks for reply.
Absolutely agree with you, I even think that narrow body guys should be paid more, cuz they do more work for the same flight time.
But my question was to compare FO and CPT, cuz in my situation I'm current as B777 FO but still valid to apply for A320 DEC.
Presuming that the goal is widebody left seat, what possition do you guys reccomend apply to?

lfbb 3rd Jan 2015 13:20

Easy one, DEC on A320... Way easier than getting upgrade to captain for sure, they make the life of FOs here really hard when comes to upgrade.

CDRW 4th Jan 2015 01:13

Absolutely agree with Ifbb - no brainer!
Join as a DEC!! The upgrade is fraught with lurking problems.

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