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mugal2000 31st Aug 2014 12:56

Hi Guys
Anyone knows how long it takes to get your assessment result after you have done the sim ride?

Your feedback is appreciated.

FL123 31st Aug 2014 23:45

Now a days -- within a month!

Panorama 1st Sep 2014 08:43

DEC 787
I've been recently invited for B787 DEC process.
Anyone knows which kind of questions they are asking on the interview? Also, anyone knows the sim profiles?

wolf141 1st Sep 2014 10:11

B-777 sims
Homo Ludens and Casablanca,

Many thanks for the information.

N4865G 1st Sep 2014 12:11

Hi, what about 787 sim please?
Is that in-house as well?


casablanca 1st Sep 2014 17:47

Re: sim profiles and interview....lots of info in last 300 pages here but my advice is "latestpilotjobs.com". They have a paid interview prep with latest info for about 40$

Re: 787 sims.....there are two 777 and two 787 sims in Doha so most of the training is in house....as the 777 fleet is bigger and one sim may be down in future I would expect some of the full type ratings to still be sent out to Sin/ London

blu_stu 1st Sep 2014 17:55

Hi guys, did any NTSO receive the talent pool email as of 5th August?

FL123 1st Sep 2014 18:15

Yes many rcvd it. And if you haven't then i assume that its a good news. If you don't get it then your on the list to be called pretty soon. As in you will be getting the offer letter soon.

blu_stu 1st Sep 2014 18:22

Thank you FL123. I can always pray for a miracle! The last I heard though was in January saying my application would be on hold for one year. So I thought maybe that was why I did not receive it. Some good news would be incredible after multiple years of uncertainty and swimming.


FL123 1st Sep 2014 18:51

Check pm please!


sierra_kilo 1st Sep 2014 20:18

Hi guys, do you know when QR starts again with FO A320 hiring???

tiesto40 1st Sep 2014 20:27

Hello guys,

I am in the pool since June 2012 as NTSO. A few weeks ago I had to complete an online PSA test, and the next step will be a cognitive exam.
Is there any information about a possible startingdate?


Paparoach 3rd Sep 2014 06:58

Same here, did the selections as NTSO early 2012, in Talent Pool since then.

Had to complete PSA online two months ago, and I have been invited for cognitive tests in Doha. Let's hope it's a good sign, and that we will get a joining date soon!


istikbalgoklerdedir 3rd Sep 2014 13:09

Some people got offer on B 787 some of them on B 777 . Same type , same flight hours , how company decide about it ? Which one is more adventageous to fly in Qatar Airways ?:ok:

winterinhell 4th Sep 2014 05:56

Hi alls..update on my progress to date, just received my working visa yesterday (3/9/2014)..

vitorps87 4th Sep 2014 13:17

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
A320 FO TR

Application - july/2013
Interview - dec/2013
Pool - dec/2013 to july/2014
Doj - august/2014 to join on dec/2014
Fleet - A330

Does someone have any sample of A330 roaster?

Godd luck you'all

light and variable 4th Sep 2014 14:40

When you have finished the FULL A330 NTR course and 24 line training flights, expect:
DH here
DH there
P2 (supernumerary/with two captains)
P2 (supernumerary/with two captains)
DH here
DH there
P2 (safety pilot for Qatari SO)
P2 (safety pilot for Qatari SO)
P2 (safety pilot for Qatari SO)
P2 (safety pilot for Qatari SO)
Etc etc


7Q Off 4th Sep 2014 14:56

Any idea of a 787 captain roster. I want to apply for NTR DEc 787

Obbie 5th Sep 2014 06:25

They will put you where they need you,
Not where you think you should go.....Don't forget that !

Join only because you want to work here, any type is not important.
Otherwise you like hundreds others will end up very unhappy.

blu_stu 5th Sep 2014 08:58

@ PilotOfDoha
As I understand it those who have done the PAT do not need to do the PSA because the PAT was more comprehensive than the PSA.

Can anyone confirm this?

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