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mo320777 24th Nov 2014 20:23

I have a friend who attended the process like a month ago and he said the same :$

Jack330 25th Nov 2014 18:44

My friend attended 1 week ago... No cognitive test ! Just ATPL questions, interview and next day sim on A320.
Unfortunately qatar has a very confused idea on pilot screening...
Since they are the last choice for pilots when choosing where to work comparing to EK (number 1) Ethiad (number 2) or even FZ they should be grateful with captains/pilot showing up for the screening, instead lately they failed some very good captains, some of them even rated on the 777 for no apparent reason since they performed very well in all phases including the sim.
The only ones that passed that day were those applying for the new jeddah company AlMaha (I think).
Profile at the sim is very easy, even if you are not type rated on Airbus, all they want to see is a professional standard, basic raw data flying and how you deal with an emergency (not rushing to land but using DODAR NITS and good CRM).
Unbelievable, qatar that is short of captains loosing the chance to finally hire some professional pilots... Also somebody was complaining about some retired captains running the sim with no precise knowledge about the A320 and not very cooperating...
Soon ethiad will probably be opening for DEC and nobody will consider qatar anymore and they will be even more short of pilots, only then they will finally realize that this is not the way to run a major airline including the pilot selections. No feedback, nothing
You must also consider that in the past, a huge number of pilots passed the screening selection very easily !! Most of them probably failed somewhere else in the gulf. It all depends on their needs in that precise moments.

mo320777 25th Nov 2014 21:06

I.heard a rumor that recently if ur accepted for ( 320 dec) they try convince u to join almaha instead ..i hope its not true

Right_Mover 26th Nov 2014 07:24

Start Dates
Anyone been given a start date recently?

Che Xindamail 26th Nov 2014 12:26

The experiences of someone who failed the selection is probably not the strongest foundation for drawing the conclusion that QR have missed the opportunity to "finally hire some professional pilots". The pilot corps here is as professional as anywhere I've seen. In fact the two best instructors I've ever had were here in QR on the A320. But of course there are the odd exceptions, as in every airline.

Join us and draw your own conclusions, but take others views with a pinch of salt, especially if there is an element of bitterness at a missed opportunity.

Good luck to your friend.

Jack330 28th Nov 2014 07:25

Yes, they told me that training is quite good in qr.
In any case, he called them to have a feedback and actually he did not fail (as he said the sim was very very good) but he could not join because of a "no poaching agreement" active between the gulf companies and some african companies and he is not the only one.....
Too bad that someone who has plans to change his life for any personal reason is restricted to do so.....
Also, it would be a better option for Qatar NOT to accept application from pilots coming from those "restricted"companies instead of doing so wasting everybody's time and maybe replying with a nice mail explaining this.
For a moment he suspected that the retired captain running the sim was in fact ready for a complete and serious retirement since he might very fine to see if someone is a good pilot/captain but he has that old philosophy concerning CRM. Sometimes is better to have a line captain,still flying in that airline, current on the same airplane with a clear idea of the actual way of managing a flight ( with the proper skills of course).

320goat 28th Nov 2014 21:09

There is no such poaching agreement. Just ask the airline we cannot mention!

Shooting_Star 29th Nov 2014 13:00

Hi all,

I received my fleet allocation. I was wondering still how a roster looks like for the 787 fleet, how many nights away, trips per month you do on average?
Can you take your significant other with you on any of these trips (ID90/50?) ? How does the bidding work is it per seniority? You usually get what you bid for?

Thanks !
All the best!

casablanca 29th Nov 2014 14:55

I don't know about the 787 roster, but yes it is quite easy to bring family with you on overnights(id90). My kids come with me quite often and most hotels allow up to 4 in the room at no extra charge.

medflyer 29th Nov 2014 22:17

Roadshow visit worthwhile?
I am planning on a ME visit in Feb to get the lay of the land before deciding whether to apply, (EY and QR) but see there is a QR roadshow coming up in Miami in Dec. The 3 hr flight to MIA is a lot closer than DOH. Has anyone been to one of these? It is basically a short presentation followed by a meet n' greet?


casablanca 30th Nov 2014 02:40

The presentation is 30 minutes, and basically nothing you couldn't get off the internet......but the chance to meet someone face to face tends to push your cv to the top of the stack, often saving you months of waiting.

valKilmer3481 3rd Dec 2014 18:48

A 330/350
Hello guys, am a A 320 FO based in Europe, i would be interested to join but how is the deal for rated guys.
I guess when somebody is rated and experienced on A 320 then he will get for sure the A 320 or is there a realistic chance to get the 330 or 350 (or to start on 320 - how long does it take to get 330/350)?

-Second question: with 5500 over all experience but just 600 on Airbus, how long does it take to get considered for Upgrade (3000 hours flown as PIC on Light jets <10t)

-Third: how long does it take from application - till get invited for Interview and then from Interview till starting Training?

-Fourth: A 320 Roster: what is the maximum off days in a row and how many days off per month?

Thanks for Info

enthusiast 4th Dec 2014 05:58

Has qr dismissed the team had managed the notorious ADAPT? As far as I remember, only 1 of 10 could get to the final assessment on the day because of the ADAPT. Anybody knows?

bigy 4th Dec 2014 06:34

Mr. ValKilmer has asked some good questions. Anyone to answer them. They are the same questions for all the FOs.

Obbie 5th Dec 2014 12:36

Val is a lazy ass, because all of these questions have been answered before.

But since I am bored...........

#1. it takes a fraction of the time, money, and resources to get you
out flying the line if they put you in your old airplane.
It's a business, not a country club, their decision should be obvious.

#2. Your light jet PIC time is not helpful in this regard. It will take you
approximately 36 months after final line check to be command
competitive. Providing your performance history is acceptable.

#3. Best case, 6 months from submission, to being on the property.
Every possible permutation and combination lasting into infinity
is also possible. You just might never hear from them.....ever.

#4. 10 days off per month. Days off in a row is too random to answer,
but if commuting is your hope FORGET IT. Your life will be hell.
This is NOT a commuting job. It will not work out for you.

valKilmer3481 5th Dec 2014 13:33

Lazy Ass
Lazy ass says thank you

Lazy ass is flying 900 hours a year and lazy ass is indeed to lazy to go through a 500 pages Forum where am sure exactly the same questions were answered

vfenext 5th Dec 2014 14:28

Ah yes Obbie being as pleasant and informative as always. Attitude adjustment required.

ItsMeFromEarth 5th Dec 2014 14:58


mo320777 7th Dec 2014 16:13

Dear all

I applied for QR FO 320 position , I uploaded all the required documents, But I still receive that my application is incomplete !! saying please update ATPL theory passes ! anyway I uploaded TWO ATP EXAMS that I took during flight school days,one american ATP and the other is equivalent exam for the ATP from my country's civil aviation stating that I passed an equivalent exam for the ATP and its clearly signed from the chief of the civil aviation.

I dont know what to do is there is like any email or any phone number that i could get in touch with them and tell them about this matter.

I really appreciate any help.

Best regards

190.20 9th Dec 2014 17:20

Qr command upgrade Boeing Fleets
Hey guys,

I'm sure this has been answered, but I would like to know if things are changing, and not have to read post from the past 8 years to get an answer, so:

What is the wait to upgrade on boeing fleets after joining with 4000 hours of 737ng fo? What are the requirements to upgrade for active QR fo?


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