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TopGun 24 15th Sep 2014 09:12

No it's not,

Iver 16th Sep 2014 17:03


Ethiopia 17th Sep 2014 08:40

Great news!

Qatar Airways receives first A380

Deep and fast 17th Sep 2014 10:35

His excellency! WTF

Deep and F :hmm:

v4city 18th Sep 2014 16:47

Good Day Guys

Nobody seems to be talking about the June 2014 SO application. Is something really happening out there or everyone is waiting.

Cheers guys

v4city 19th Sep 2014 11:29

Are these guys who have been waiting for 2 years been paid?

Obbie 19th Sep 2014 13:15

Wow, you really don't have a clue do you.

Nice to see you despirate fools are really
doing your home work :ugh:

LQ410 19th Sep 2014 16:34

Qatar Airways
Can any one say what the roster for B777 F/O is like at Qatar Airways and also company accommodation availability.

v4city 21st Sep 2014 14:13

That's ridiculous. Did you guys happen to have any info why are they recruiting more guys when they have already guys waiting.

v4city 22nd Sep 2014 05:41

Thanks for sharing this info. Do you have info from this inside source regarding how many SO they will be recruiting this year?

brutale 24th Sep 2014 00:15

I have received an offer letter from the company, can somebody with experience please tell me for how long does it usually take to get joining date?

winterinhell 24th Sep 2014 17:43

Mind to share more about ur offer letter..I put my timeline from invitation for interview up till DOJ n latest my work visa in a post few pages back..u can get a rough idea from that..

brutale 24th Sep 2014 21:26

Sure, I got FO 320

Applied April 2014
Interview May 2014
Offer letter August 2014
Ive got the DOJ in meantime (Sept 2014) to join in November 2014

alidkamel738 25th Sep 2014 20:47

What position you were applying for if u don't mind sharing
Cheers :)

pilot4eva 26th Sep 2014 05:11

Does anyone know if the applications for Second officer(June 2014) will ever be processed?Are they actively recruiting SO's?Has anyone heard from them?

FL123 26th Sep 2014 05:28

As of now, they wont be processing up the applicants as they have got people in the pool waiting to join.

ManFlex46 26th Sep 2014 07:30

Jepp FD
Hello guys,

Those of you already flying with Qatar...does QR allow using personal iPad etc for Jepp FD in flight, do they provide the jepp key or pilots need to purchase their own?


330airbus 26th Sep 2014 08:12

Anyone got any info about the Pilot Meeting?
Was away and could not attend.

Any good news at all?:E

Hobbsmeter 26th Sep 2014 22:25

Someone passed this to me. For those who didn't go. .
1. Compensation Package (the most important to many of us);
Unfortunately, the compensation package that was to be announced today was delayed due to "technical issues." However, the package is indeed alive and details will be announced "by next week." The important point is that this package is effective September 1st, so it is already in place.
- There will be an increase in Basic Salary.
- Increase in Hourly Flight Pay.
- Increase in Tuition Allowance.
- The introduction of a "Productivity Bonus" which means if you fly more than 630 hours a year (narrow body fleet) or 735 hours a year (wide body fleet) , your hourly pay over and above those hours will be paid at a higher rate.
- The compensation increment scale, which currently stagnates at 10 years of service will now be revised to go up to 15 years of service initially and probably even higher later on.
- The salary increase will be between 12% to 18% based on rank and time with the company.
- Unfortunately, there will be NO revision to the housing allowance at this time. The company is looking into a "more permanent" solution to this problem which includes the acquisition of more company housing units.
- There will be a revision to the "End of Contract" compensation package to be announced in the near future.
- There will be an increase in the "Loss of License" insurance payout amount.
- There will be consideration given to allotment of standby tickets to retired pilots.

2. Change in Company Culture;
According to the new COO, there will be a basic change in company culture, which includes due process and exposure to a fair decision process before termination is deemed necessary. They are looking to make Qatar Airways a "company that pilots want to work for."

3. Fleet Change & Upgrades;
An A320, A330 or A340 F.O., will be eligible for an A350 or A380 F.O. position, or for A320 guys, an A330 F.O position.
- An A320 or A330 F.O., will only upgrade as Captain to the A320 fleet.
- A Boeing F.O., will only transfer as F.O. or Captain to other Boeing types.
- Unfortunately, Bonds were NOT discussed.
- As you know, the first A350 is expected by year end. It will initially be staffed by A330 guys since the type ratings between the two will be considered as "common." Later on, they will start incorporating the A320 pilots into the A350 fleet.
- The first 5 A350's are earmarked for "European Destinations" and the next five will be assigned "Asian Destinations."

4. Command Development Course Proposal;
The company is looking to implement a new program titled the "Command Development Course." The program is designed to develop eligible First Officers to prepare for their command upgrade process. This is basically how it is envisioned to work.
- When a first officer is within one year of upgrade eligibility, they will be enrolled into the program.
- The first step will be a P.S.A (equivalent to a PAT)
- This will be followed by ground courses aimed at command training.
- All LPC/OPC's from this point on will include an assessment on Command Potential.
- After the program is complete, the candidate will be allowed to take another P.S.A., if the first one (taken at the beginning of the program), was unsuccessful.
- On completion of the training, the candidate will undergo the usual command upgrade process which includes an LPC/OPC, interview board etc.
- Upon completion of all the above, the candidate will undergo their Command Upgrade.

This is all I have for now guys. There were some issues raised during the Q&A session that were inconclusive. The management promised to look into them. These include but are not limited to scheduling (roster), vacations, quality of crew hotels etc.

mmorel 27th Sep 2014 00:29

when you upgrade from A330 captain to A350 captain ,Do you need to go under bond again?

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