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winterinhell 27th Sep 2014 05:07

If I may share some info on housing here..from the latest reply I got regarding housing..QR is giving everyone company house starting from ur DOJ and it will be permanent, thruout ur career..all deck crew will be given the same type, ie 3 bedroom regardless of rank, which im not sure apartment or villa..if others have different info please do correct me..thanks..

Paper Lad 27th Sep 2014 08:09

I, for one, am quite optimistic about the new terms and conditions announced at the recent pilot forum. There seems to be a clear intention, from the new management team, to make QR a much better place to work. Let's hope that it's not a false dawn.


transport jock 27th Sep 2014 08:47

Maybe they are forced to improve life at QR because from second hand info I heard, they have lost 100's of pilots lately. Even heard of a case where a crew flew to the UK in a B777 and then emailed QR to come fetch their aircraft because they resigned on the spot...

(Disclaimer : heard from someone who did a interview at another company with 3 other Qatar pilots..)

mmorel 28th Sep 2014 17:56

no salary increase for SEP
I don't see any salary increase for SEP ,Maybe it is effective from October.

casablanca 29th Sep 2014 03:35

I had heard it would be effective Sept 1st, but as they haven't announced what or how much, I did not expect to see it yet. We will hopefully see some back pay later?
Some of the wording like productivity pay above 735 hours is good but if part of the 12-15% raise could mean that you never really see or realize the full percentage.
At least it sounds like a step in the right direction....

v4city 29th Sep 2014 08:20

When did you do the test and when was the result out?

Thanks in advance

Effoh 29th Sep 2014 09:12

Tony, judging by your reaction to failing the PSA, it shows that the PSA did it's job very well!

Effoh 29th Sep 2014 10:27

Tony I apologise, it was harsh. It must be difficult. But it did look like you were throwing your toys out of the pram. It looks like a great gig so give it another go in 6 months. What's the worst that can happen?

00028EC 29th Sep 2014 13:36

Tony2F I am really sorry for you. I am pretty much in your situation (2.5 years), but wasn't asked to do the PSA yet. Are you a SO or a NTFO? Thanks.

Iver 29th Sep 2014 14:18

Cheers Hobbsmeter for the updated info.

Two questions/points:

1. Regarding the first 5 routes going to Europe, I thought QR announced that the first A350 would be used on a JFK rotation? Any word on that possibly changing? I realise routes and fleet allocations change from time to time.

2. I have heard from a few mates that the current 787 positions are largely staffed by former A320 drivers. So, it sounds like you can jump to the Boeing fleets currently from the A320 fleet - but that might change once the A350 fleet starts to build.

SOPS 29th Sep 2014 14:52

I'm stunned that people still want to come to the Middle East. And put so much time and effort into it.

SOPS 29th Sep 2014 14:56

And I'm amused apt IVER asking about A350' routes. FFS get a grip, the thing has not even flown in revenue service, and you are asking about routes?

Iver 29th Sep 2014 15:20

Qatar Airways first A350 due in December, New York first destination - ch-aviation.com

Geebz 29th Sep 2014 16:07

I have a friend who was, until recently, a senior A330 Capt. He left QR for a job pays half what he was making in QR. Says a lot about the Qatari lifestyle, which obviously he had enough of by this point.

Regarding the PSA/ Hogan test. What a BS test. My airline uses that for new-hires after HR took the hiring process away from Flt Ops. Nearly every applicant I have helped get an interview didn't pass the Hogan test. These are high-time all-around good guys (15,000+ hrs/ 12,000 PIC). I don't put my name behind many pilots but the ones I do recommend are just the type you want to fly a 3 or 4 day trips with, yet the PSA test states they are "unqualified".

One question I remember an applicant telling me: "When you get on an elevator, where should you stand?" WTF?

Meanwhile, a buddy of mine who has passed every Hogan test ever given to him, studied how to pass it prior to taking it and admitted he worked the system to pass it... IOW, the test is complete BS.

Scott_T 30th Sep 2014 02:56

Hi all,

I was just on the QR career website, my application for 777 FO was rejected I think because I am short of the 1000 multi crew, I gave it a go as I am only short 30 hours :ugh: thought they might let me away with 30 short but no, I then realised my SO application was incomplete, I completed this and submitted it, although the SO positions are not advertised do you think they still may process my application???

Obbie 1st Oct 2014 16:30

I think you should stay where you are........:rolleyes:

Greenkiwi 4th Oct 2014 11:21

Q for Airbus FO..... How many hours are you doing on A320 or A330/340??

freddi16 7th Oct 2014 10:35

Hello anyone has information regarding the psa test?

Ethiopia 16th Oct 2014 14:02

Qatar Airways first A350 completes maiden flight

samca 16th Oct 2014 16:19


Psa test?, any info?, i have to do It and no info founded.


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