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N1LNAVVNAV 22nd Oct 2014 16:03

Screening process
Hi there,
I did my PSA a few days ago, the following day got the good news on the result and an invitation to interview with no date, stating that they will get back to me within a few weeks (no rush to me).
My question here is if anyone has received the next text and actually taken the time to fill up a second application requested by them ...Please note that as an advanced candidate you now have access to the QR Group Advanced Candidate Zone (longstory short more s:mad:1t to fill up)

Are the still going with Hire right? Cause I haven't received any questionary from those guys.

Anyway regarding the PSA To me it was easy just stick to your answers and be relax, a beer may help :zzz::zzz:

freddi16 22nd Oct 2014 16:44

@lnavvnav check your p.m.

davidaz68 23rd Oct 2014 00:55

Hireright will contact you if and when you succesfully pass the assessement and before receiving the contract.

N1LNAVVNAV 23rd Oct 2014 17:25

Thanks DAVIDAZ68

Regarding the PSA Again, there are 3 different test made by Hogan you can choose whatever language you like I did it in Arab (kidding):ugh:
1 HPI (Hogan Personality Inventory) about 220 questions (true-False)
2 HDS (Hogan Development Survey) about 180 questions (true-false)
3 MVPI (Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory) about 230 questions (True-False- MVPI - Hogan Assessments

Good luck:ok:

TopGun 24 24th Oct 2014 04:37

QR 777/787 Screening Process
Hi Folks,
I successfully finished my PSA on 17Sep and was thereafter on the 22Sep asked to fill up a a) Short form and b) Long Form as a part of the documentation process in the Advance Candidate Zone section. I haven't heard from them as yet though my Status on the Application Process says" Invited for the Interview" without any further progress on the next step.Would any of you update me on this as my patience levels are being tested now.Thanks a lot.
PS:- you could pm me if convenient, Thanks

A320CaptDav 24th Oct 2014 13:35

Hang in there status saying you have been invited means you will get the call shortly ...

Azzurri 24th Oct 2014 14:32

B777 monthly roster

I would like to ask how many trips a month a B777 pilot could expect to fill up his schedule. Would it be, for example, five long haul flights, with two or three days off in between (back in Doha)?

(I've spent a lot of time researching the thread but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Any comments on how many 'trips' a guy could expect a month would be appreciated.)



geronimoapache 24th Oct 2014 18:50

Azzuri, the number of flights is about right, the only difference being that in between, you often get only 24h, regardless of the direction of the flights. Sometimes you even get only minimum rest, which means arriving at some 6am and takin off 9pm on the same day. You must not forget to add to it 4 or 5 days on stby, from which you have good chances to depart.

As the hours are factorized, and being short on manpower especially for FOs on the 777 lately, you should expect to fly over 100 hours a month these days, plus stby. 130 hours flight time month is not uncommon as well. You will not have more then 9 days off in any given month.

Lets hope a change is coming, because fatigue is becoming an issue.

Azzurri 25th Oct 2014 06:40

Dear geronimoapache,

Thanks for the quick response; I appreciate it.
Do you guys run the B777's with three guys, or are there four of you? And as an F/O in a heavy crew, do you guys log the entire sector from Doha to NYJFK, for example, as 'Second Pilot'? I ask as perhaps you spend a percentage of the flight out of the RHS and may not be entitled to record the full sector.
(I'm a B738 guy that does some long-haul, but seldom with augmented crews and therefore not too familiar with how Qatar would crew their 777's.)


geronimoapache 25th Oct 2014 07:27

On the so called superlong and ultralong flights such as US and AU, its double crew, 2 cpts and 2 FOs. FOs always log only half the time, thats why I mentioned factorized in the post. For Cpts, they log all on one sector, being crew A, and half on the other sector.

Other routes, some 8-11 hours flight time, depending on the start of duty and some other factors, its 2 cpts and 1 FO. You then log 2/3. If only 2 pilots are needed on one sector and 3 on the other, one poor cpt deadheads on the sector (without being paied, an issue presently being adressed).

So on a typical roster as an FO, you may get some 100 hours flight time, but log only 60.:ouch:

I dont know how long this practice will last though, as I heard in UAE its being fazed out. Pls someone correct me if I m wrong.

ItsMeFromEarth 25th Oct 2014 07:47

Difficult to log rest as flying hours :hmm: however you are paid while you sleep. :} so you are paid 100 in this case :ok:

geronimoapache 25th Oct 2014 09:55

You are partially right ItsMeFromEarth, but from that perspective its not exactly hard work flying over the ocean on CPDLC neither, is it. One of the two can even take a nap.

I believe you are missing the point though. Its spending all that time up in the air that cumulates fatigue, irrespective if you re at the controls or not. Thats why there are limits on flight time, and most CAAs consider the entire flight as being logged.

At the extreme, you could theoretically spend some 150 hours every single month flying. I would certainly not send my familly with such a crew and I m sure you agree that after a few years like that, the only thing you would need is a coffin.:{

Azzurri 25th Oct 2014 11:09

Excellent answers Mr Geronimoapache. And thanks for explaining factoring.

By the way, any regrets with 'long-haul' aircraft like the B777?...You raise very valid concerns regarding spending so much time aloft from one month to the next.

PS: I'm considering coming to join you but need to be convinced that it'll be the right lifestyle choice for my wife and myself.

geronimoapache 25th Oct 2014 12:31

No regrets on the trippl Azzurri. I firmly believe its the best type at QR. The managment has come a long way to improve the corporate culture especially in the training department lately, and it has thus become an overall positive experience. The main concern is the one mentioned above and the hopes run high that it will be solved with the arrival of the new COO.

As for the lifestyle, I would not dare to neither recommend the move or not. The Middle East experience is unique and interesting in its own way. Generally speaking, familly life can be decent in Doha, for singles it is much harder. If you are a positive person, like to interact with very different cultures, and look for new experiences, it might be the right decision. If you lean more toward being conservative, you certainly are taking a gamble. Good luck in your decision.

Azzurri 25th Oct 2014 13:14

Thanks a million 'geronimoapache'. In spite of the hours I've spent combing the website, it's sometimes difficult to flush out the specifics. My apologies if these questions have been covered before.
Stay in touch if you don't mind.

Best regards,

ItsMeFromEarth 25th Oct 2014 13:41

You are partially right ItsMeFromEarth, but from that perspective its not exactly hard work flying over the ocean on CPDLC neither, is it
Flying goes beyond RT procedures, what I have noticed is that FOs are the most complaining, may be because flying hours matters for the left hand seat, now, when they are upgrated, it still matters a little, because they want to accumulate time on type, after that they look at the pay, because they have a family in charge.
It is a job, not leasure.........

geronimoapache 25th Oct 2014 15:35

ItsMeFromEarth, I m not in dissagreement on that point neither. Personnally, I have no problem flying 80 hours and logging 40, when all the the hours are paid. Exceptionally, I can do 100+ hours if the company needs it. But there is a limit on flying, and that limit should be 900hours a year unfactorised! Beyond that, its starting to take a toll on your health and familly life. :=

If someones familly prefers seeing money rather then the guy, he may be happy to fly 130 hours and "being paid" to sleep, but I rather spend more time with the kids and hopefully live all the way to their graduation. For sure it is a job, not a leisure, but there is a reason why flight time limitations exist.

ItsMeFromEarth 25th Oct 2014 17:42

Pay will not compensate for lost time, and lost time is gone forever. Pay enables quality education leading to successful life. It is a choice, either you act so that kids will love you, or you act to be sure that kids will have a successful life, as far as I am concerned I choose the later, none of my kids wanted to be a pilot, but all of them have an excellent job, own their appartment, and the best is that: they love me. It is just a choice, an expensive one.

istikbalgoklerdedir 25th Oct 2014 23:00

2 cpts and 2 FOs. FOs always log only half the time
when you fly 14 hours . You log 7 hours. Same for the return leg. 3 days trip=14 hours. What actually on B737 , you can log more than 22 hours in 3 days. It seems not that much adventageous ? How many factorized hours 777 FO flies in a year? And can we request 7 days consecutive off days? Thanks.

geronimoapache 27th Oct 2014 02:34

On the tripl, the only type at QR where the factorizing of hours is really making an impact, for the logged average of some 800h a year, you can expect to spend an extra 200-300h in the air.

For the days off in a row, maximum permitted to bid for is 6. If you are flexible as where to be allocated in a given month, and presuming no other bids are made (ex specific routes), the chances are if not all 6, you will get at least 5 of them, and for sure 4.

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