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migair54 19th Jan 2014 08:23

Hi FMSPEED. I agree with you that make not much sense to hire people rated on A320 and send them to B777 or B787, but as long as they call people...

Yesterday I read in the news tha new airport is going to be delayed again, most peobably until Nov or Dec 2014, even the A380 seems that will need to be delayed due to the limited space at DOH.

Iver 19th Jan 2014 13:53

What is the latest estimate for opening the new airport in Doha? 1st half of this year?

B767PL 19th Jan 2014 17:13

Is Qatari doing any non-TR recruitment at all? Or are they solid on the requirements listed on the site?

Bubulle 19th Jan 2014 19:54

What is the latest estimate for opening the new airport in Doha? 1st half of this year?
I've just read in a local newspaper that finally, it won't be before December 14 despite the recent opening of cargo operations.. A big question is about the (supposed) delivery of 380...:E

iQatar 20th Jan 2014 16:59

Qatar Airways plans new regional carrier with 50-strong fleet

Qatar Airways will take one of the two new licences being granted by the Saudi Arabian civil aviation regulator, GACA, to create a regional carrier operating domestic services in the country.

Announced at the Bahrain International Air Show Jan.17, the regional carrier will be named Al Maha and expects to start flying in the third quarter of this year. This will put it ahead of the second new entrant, Saudi Gulf Airlines – also announced at the show – whose initial Bombardier CS300s are not due to arrive until late 2015. The plan is to grow Al Maha to a fleet of at least 50 aircraft – double the size of Saudi Gulf.

Speaking at the show, Qatar Airways’ CEO, Akbar Al Baker said that Al Maha would be a full-service carrier and have a mix of single- and twin-aisle aircraft, diverted from the parent airline’s outstanding orders from Boeing and Airbus. However, the new airline’s initial batch of around 10 aircraft would be leased, to allow rapid service entry.

Thereafter, 10 to 15 aircraft a year would be added to Al Maha’s fleet. He declined to specify fleet equipment.

Asked if the marketplace was big enough for both the two new players and existing carriers Saudia and FlyNas, he replied: “We think so. If all the carriers are operating efficiently, with very good control of costs, I think there’s room.”

Saudi Arabia has by far the largest potential market of the Gulf nations, with a population of around 28 million.

Al Maha will use Qatar Airways’ existing stylized oryx logo, but in green rather than maroon. Its initial base is likely to be Dammam, but Riyadh and Jeddah are also possibilities. Initial destinations will be those three cities plus Dhahran and two others that Al Baker declined to name.

It will operate domestically as well as to Gulf nations with which Saudi Arabia has traffic rights.

In the past, competitors to national carrier Saudia have complained that Saudi Arabia’s governmental price caps on domestic fares make profits from such services almost impossible. Al Baker said the Saudi authorities had been “very understanding and co-operative” and that a variable cap had been devised.

“For example, if booking a month in advance there will be a price cap, but not for tickets booked 10 days in advance or less.”
Would be interesting to know if they are going to use the non rated FO's,FTSO and NTSO's. Since is a brand new type or if its going to be a new recruitment drive???

leoninet 21st Jan 2014 00:14

Hello everyone!
My first post here, I searched and could not find the answer...
First class ID90 tickets on QR is valid just for the employee (Captain position) or all the captain´s relatives (parents, Brothers, etc), just like EK?

migair54 21st Jan 2014 06:27

Well, im not sure if everybody will be ready to move to Saudi Arabia to fly Al Maha, specially people on the left seat.

it seems that initially they'll operate A320 planes, and maybe some widebody after.

B-U-S-S 23rd Jan 2014 08:12

Anyone who can share a A330 schedule with me and roughly how the first 1-2 months will be after DOJ? What courses to expect.

broompusher 23rd Jan 2014 11:39

QR ID90's for Family
First and Business Class ID90's are available for staff and family members eligible/listed on a Captain's Staff Travel account. It is the same for FO's with the exception that FO's are not entitled to First Class ID tickets, only Business and economy ID tickets.

Airmann 23rd Jan 2014 12:04

Children under 12 are only entitled to economy.

First class is slowly being phased out, you'de only find the product on inter gulf flights and on some European flights. Almost all future orders will be business and economy only.

leoninet 23rd Jan 2014 12:53

Thanks for the response!!!

Despite the first class is being phased out, they will launch an all new product with the A380 arrival, so who is eligible, can try this class! And rumors show the product will be as exclusive as the majors competitors (EK suites, etc).

casablanca 24th Jan 2014 02:14

I am pretty sure the restriction on children under 12 in business or first is common among many carriers including Emirates. I sometimes feel bad when I can stick my 15 year old daughter in first class and they won't even let other staff ride there. Honestly I feel a cabin supervisor or first officer out rank my kids but it is what it is.....

Airmann 24th Jan 2014 02:35

I don't know why anyone would insist on first, especially on QR. It is the best business class in the world, and is perfectly comfortable, even on long sectors. That's my feeling anyway.

As I said, First is a rarity, there will only be 13 A380s and First will be only for some select routes, the most popular ones such as LHR, CDG etc. QR also market the upper class of the A320s as first class when flying around the gulf, so there's only F or Y available on most flights in the GCC.

As for the kids, no matter who you are in the company children under 12 must fly in Economy.

upwhereIbelong 24th Jan 2014 07:09

From a Operators Perspective ,its Common to hire new guys and try to bond them.
New rating =Bond
If u fly a Cessna caravan or a A380 doesn't matter for the people involved In the office,you will be sorted or sorted "out "like everywhere else during Rating and Linetraining.

CaptainProp 24th Jan 2014 08:11

"Dear QR First Officer,

We are delighted to inform you that your upgrade to Captain has been approved following the successful completion of your command assessment.

For the first two years you will be based in Dammam operating for Al Maha. Upon completion of these two years you may request to be reassigned back to Doha and Qatar Airways mainline fleet.

Your written confirmation is requested within 24 hours should you accept this great opportunity.




Pontius 24th Jan 2014 09:16

The search function didn't answer my question, so can anybody tell me if pilots are or will be dual rated B777 & 787 or will you just fly one type?

Jmodel 24th Jan 2014 09:45


CaptainProp 24th Jan 2014 09:55

My mistake and if you had read the press release you would have caught it yourself....

Jmodel 24th Jan 2014 10:50

I know thats why I was surprised...

Flyingmachine01 24th Jan 2014 11:11

Capt Prop
Just confirming you are a current QR first officer and have just been awarded a command for another airline in Saudi Arabia by QR???? Seriously???

Is that what is happening?

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