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1013 std 4th Aug 2016 16:55

Originally Posted by mcp_speed (Post 9462086)
For written Exam- Go through any JAA ATPL Question Bank online..latestpilotjobs.com,aviationexam.com,turbine turbine. etc. It will have 50 questions in 60 minutes.Interview will be a Non-Technical round with personality and situation based questions.For sim nothing extra if you have experience on Jets,just go through some training videos of emergency procedure videos on Youtube of different airlines.They expect you to demonstrate basic CRM,ILS OEI,normal ILS,EFATO,Weather diversion etc.Remeber to be stabilized at 1000 else go around strictly.They will fail you fly an unstabilised below 1000 approach no matter how good you landings are.Use you co-pilot and always communicate.

Thank you very much mcp trying hard with august schedule 100 hours block .Hope can sort it out
Thanks again for you reply

wannabepilot1991 7th Aug 2016 08:10

Hey All,
I have been invited to the interview. could anyone pls guide me on what to wear for the interview. I have only one suit that I was thinking of wearing for the Interview. but Interview and sim check are on two consecutive days, so should I wear the same suit for the sim or should I wear my uniform (it doesn't have a coat) to the sim check. Dress code according to them is business attire.
Guys pls advice.

APU_inop 7th Aug 2016 09:27

Get a suit or two you will need it during training. Buy something smart in a cool material. Read a little about fitting of a suit on fashion sites and then decide. Don't goto big famous brands such as Boss armani etc since they will sell you junk for the price of good quality clothing.

casablanca 7th Aug 2016 10:19

Definitely a suit for interview.....if you don't have a second one can try a different shirt/ tie.
As far as sim check probably different group of evaluators so they won't know or care....I wouldn't wear your uniform though as can't say I have ever seen that......normally see candidates wearing suit. Better to show up overdressed, if not required you take off tie and jacket.

Nicko1986 7th Aug 2016 11:24

Hi Guys,

Anyone attending the 31AUG-1SEPT assessment, If so has anyone received any further details from QR?

FMSPEED 8th Aug 2016 03:23

Hi guys! can anyone shed some lights regarding upgrade time at Qatar? And being a 330 rated, which fleet will I be allocated at? 330 ? Any chance to get the 350?


Bridge55 8th Aug 2016 08:43

Originally Posted by Nicko1986 (Post 9465716)
Hi Guys,

Anyone attending the 31AUG-1SEPT assessment, If so has anyone received any further details from QR?

Did mine in June.. Tickets came 3 weeks before assessment and some other forms to fill out few days prior.

faresjouini 9th Aug 2016 14:26

Hi bro !!! Have you been invited for SO postion interview ?????

Clarence Over 10th Aug 2016 17:00

Start date is in December, I don't know any others on the course.

Just seen your PM now, will reply to you there.

vulture30 13th Aug 2016 20:33

are you typerated on 787/777 or 737?

vulture30 14th Aug 2016 14:42

Originally Posted by Pulkdahulk (Post 9473300)
Type rated on 757

I was just wondering is there any hope for the 737 Captains as DEC position for 787 who are in the holding pool?

Papa_Golf 14th Aug 2016 17:14

Hi folks, anybody attending the screening in Doha the 5-6 of September?

Nicko1986 15th Aug 2016 09:40

Hi Guys,

Generally what fleet do you end up on if you are current on the A320. Do you always end up being allocated the A320 or do some get the A330 as well?


SkullFlyer 16th Aug 2016 01:08

Originally Posted by vulture30 (Post 9473443)
I was just wondering is there any hope for the 737 Captains as DEC position for 787 who are in the holding pool?

Unfortunately I heard that the chances are very small now. They are now giving preference mostly for 757/767 pilots to join the 777 or 787 fleet. When they apply, they receive an "Advanced Candidate" status.

PilotSchools 17th Aug 2016 15:03

Momo95 did the flight school you graduated from offer any type of job placement or at least networking opportunities with previous grads? I wouldn't say money down the drain but definitley keep your options open if Qatar doesn't work out. I don't think anyone can guarantee a job but many flight schools have partnerships that at least get your foot in the door with a Conditional Letter of Hire or guaranteed interview. If not get in contact with grads from your school that have a job with an airline.

nishat29 21st Aug 2016 23:08

Qatar Airways MPL program
Can anyone tell how hard it is to pass the selection process of Qatar Airways MPL program at CTC aviation? Will I start my training Immediately if I pass the selection process?
And I would also like to know about the dark side of this program.

Obbie 24th Aug 2016 12:55

The force is weak in this one.....:ugh:

jjpm84 30th Aug 2016 05:08

Application status: Hold, talent pool
Hello everyone, I had qatar interview in july(2016) one week later I received an e-mail confirming I was approved, some days ago I received an other e-mail informing to me that I have been put in the hold pool. The other guys (had the interview on the same day) already received their doj, any of you in the same situation? How long are you waiting? I applied to Boeing, FO position. My type: B737. Total hours: 3300.

Che Xindamail 30th Aug 2016 17:34

Day 1 you will get a Company presentation of QR and Doha, followed by a technical knowledge quiz, etc. This will take the whole morning and be followed by an interview with three company pilots which will last about 90 mins. If you are successful, you will be invited to do the simulator check the following day.

Day 2 Simulator. Quite straight forward and will require basic flying skills like pitch and power.

The whole process is very pleasant, friendly and courteous. Don't even think of not wearing a suit, regardless of OAT.

On your trip back home (in Business Class) you will realize that applying to Qatar Airways is the best decision you've made, career wise.

jon777 30th Aug 2016 22:38

talent pool
hello!! I am new here, I read a little and some of you were put in qatar talent pool, how long are you in? Anyone know how many first officers are in this list? talent pool means something went wrong in my application? Why only a part of approved pilots go to the pool?

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