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Royal Enfield 3rd Jul 2013 10:59

Any one with any info of when the screenings will start for the present openings of Fos.Much appreciated

davidsata 3rd Jul 2013 12:49

Hey gents, i'm about to show up for the PAT, can anybody brief me for it?

I will appreciate

Airb 3rd Jul 2013 13:34

Are there still guys in the pool or everyone has got the DOJ? I'm asking because six months ago lots of pilots were complaining about waiting too long for the DOJ and now everybody disappeared. I hope everyone were called.

hawk99 3rd Jul 2013 18:35

me too, first they were abt to call in june, anyway at least things have starting to move ahead

Inno 3rd Jul 2013 18:55

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Hi Airb are you NTR FO? I waiting from 1y and some months and next update sept...

00028EC 3rd Jul 2013 20:27

Me too, still swimming. NTR FO.

Chiao 4th Jul 2013 02:57

lots of abbreviations in this thread,hard to catch it.

BTW,I'll have my interview on Aug for the A330 FO position,anyone knows what the technical questions and the what subjects we will do in the SIM?

Maybe somebody has asked already,but I still like to have some renewed info..

I appreciate

enthusiast 4th Jul 2013 07:03

Is there any possibility for a320 type rated FO to be assigned to another fleet after successful interview? I have heard a320 roster of QR is extremely heinous.

Captain Partzee 5th Jul 2013 10:50

A friend told me, there was a goat lost in JFK yesterday (July 4th). Probably a training flight.:}

FMSPEED 6th Jul 2013 07:14

Does anybody know when they're gonna be hiring NTR Fo's again ? :)

broompusher 6th Jul 2013 13:23

General Info
For those of you wondering about NTR FO. I went into Flightdeck Recruitment last week asking about a friend of mine who is trying to get an interview (He is NTR for QR fleet). They told me that they do not expect to open up NTR FO interviews until next year, but that was only an estimate.

As for those applying for A320. Rosters have been getting better. There is hope on the horizon. This month average is around 70-75hrs and 120-140 duty hours (STBY/Reserve Days inclusive) and 10days off.

I don't know anything about the plans for SO's.

Good luck to all those applying and interviewing.

sand storm 6th Jul 2013 14:45

Hi! Do you have any info about NTR FO in the holding pool?

hawk99 6th Jul 2013 15:55

NTR FOs are being called up.i guess few are joinng on 18 aug I suppose

Inno 6th Jul 2013 18:08

Hi, do you know how many hrs had this NTR FO?

hawk99 6th Jul 2013 19:47

if u check out this thread, u will find him within 5-6 pages.i don't rem his hours.gud luck

alex storm 7th Jul 2013 23:19

Ciao, did you have the ADAPT test? 2 weeks ago Qatar managment did a meeting with crews member, they reported that in the next 5 year they will need 2000 pilots and they are changing the rules to upgrade FO to Cpt position, they will set 2 years from First Line Ck in Qatar fleets...no bed! Do you know in wich plane this pilot will start in August and wich is the caming plane?

Non Zero 8th Jul 2013 07:19

they will set 2 years from First Line Ck in Qatar fleets...no bed
Living the dream ...one nightmare at the time!
But bit of a bold conclusion considering QR is constantly hiring DEC!

salamalikum2 8th Jul 2013 07:48

Managment knowns how to agitate the carrot in front of the donkey's nose in order to keep him happy.:E

hawk99 8th Jul 2013 11:24

ciao alex, PMing you buddy

Inno 8th Jul 2013 15:26

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Hi any NTR FO in the pool had raceived an Update Requirements request from FD in this days?

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