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Royal Enfield 27th Jun 2013 09:42

Any idea when the applicants for the current opening of type rated fo gonna be called.Thanks

Paper Lad 27th Jun 2013 09:55

Most definitely not gone! PAT is still being actively used. Some earlier posts give an insight to its format but there is little prior preparation available.

Before you ask, yes, I have done it and my experience indicates that it is a mostly interesting and positive day.

Sorry but I won't be listing the questions I was asked during the interview.

The format is: online psychometric test before attending, a personal interview followed by the computer based excersises and finally a debrief. Total time 4hours 30 mins. Each candidate will receive an email, prior to attending indicating the type of computer excersises and an actual flying incident that you will be asked to research and then answer question about during the interview part.

Hope that helps, best not to worry too much about it, if you're invited, just go and do it.

B-U-S-S 27th Jun 2013 10:49

When did you do the PAT?

hawk99 27th Jun 2013 11:06

Hi guys. I was told I will be invited for PAT on 6 June, then shifted to 16, but I kept on waiting for THE e-mail which I never got. I hope its gone. If not, no worries, just go ahead and do it.

Paper Lad 27th Jun 2013 12:47

End of May 2013. Been with the company a number of years, so not a new joiner.

speedhold 27th Jun 2013 15:10

QR Eticket Issuance?? date
Can anyone tell when QR issues one a eticket with a start date

BDD 27th Jun 2013 15:41

You will need to take a flight out of Tampa on the 16 th. You will leave JFK on the night of the 16, and arrive Doha the evening of the 17 th.

Hope that clears it up for you.

speedhold 27th Jun 2013 15:48

Okay that's what I though cheers.....

B-U-S-S 27th Jun 2013 23:50

Paper Lad: I heard it a week ago from someone also in the company, but maybe it is just a rumour.

hawk99 28th Jun 2013 09:21

QR pilots dont like it, and i also came across few QR pilots who said it might be postponed for a while.

Simba1978 28th Jun 2013 14:34

Dear Obbie, my level of english is 5 , if u wanna have copy of the certificate just ask.
By the way, I'm able to speak 5 languages, can you?
You didn't have any good answer for me , so you just have preferred to say something else very stupid.
Be polite with the other people writing in here, DEAR MR CAPTAIN.
Keep respect for all the others are starting their career.
The position as a Captain is the most important, that's obvious, "unfortunately" , on board, we need F/O and S/O too.

For all the others; the time will change and the opportunities will come.

Best Regards

richard III 29th Jun 2013 04:10

Wow! Good one! That's three laguages more than me.....not to worry simba, obbie's attitude will not get him far in a multicultural carrier like QR, maybe in Goering's Luftwaffe but not in the ME.....
Cheers Mate and don't give up..

gatbusdriver 29th Jun 2013 07:22

QR accommodation
Hi all.

Any news on company villas, I believe there is a shortage at the moment and that waiting times are up around the year mark for a 4 bed at the AKG. Does anyone know if QR are looking at building/procuring more villas? What compounds do they use for villas? I know they have AKG and Pink villas, any others?

At the moment I am assuming that I will have to accept whatever accommodation is offered and then move out using the company accommodation allowance supplemented by around 6000QR a month.


GBD (awaiting start date)

Airb 29th Jun 2013 16:07

hi mates,
is there any medical exams during QR interview? How is that?

Capt Jack Rosen 29th Jun 2013 19:38

Originally Posted by Airb (Post 7915205)
hi mates,
is there any medical exams during QR interview? How is that?

No medical during interview...

Capt Jack Rosen 29th Jun 2013 19:42

Are captains with families being put in 3 bedroom apartments or only villas? If no villa available can they opt out and take the cash?

Airb 29th Jun 2013 23:02

Thanks Capt Jack Rosen,
what if a candidate has any health issue? They will just find out after hiring him/her. :rolleyes::confused:

Capt Jack Rosen 30th Jun 2013 10:47

I asked that exact question and they said the candidate would be terminated... Sadly no recourse...

Chiao 2nd Jul 2013 04:35

hi guys,anybody knows the A330 FO salary rate and how they provide
the ticket benefits?

soso appreciate..

loc22550 3rd Jul 2013 09:20

The new rule only allows you to have a max of 10 days off/ month.so I guess anything above if they don't need you they have to put you on (a useless)stby.Thats why sometime they have tons of pilots on stby.
Non sense rule.

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