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High Energy 24th Feb 2013 18:44

I'm just conveying what I got told (not by HR) when I finished the assessment.

Boeing007 25th Feb 2013 04:05

@High Energy
What was this new 'assesment' like? Did you pass it, was it difficult?

sudani555 25th Feb 2013 06:09

Re .Apt test.
Dear Friend..

QR selection program consist of 3 steps /Written exam /Panel interview and Sim check..\there is No Apt.Test up there...

Best Luck.

Tritzo 25th Feb 2013 09:32

true, but obviouly they have added another stage, or are close to implement one.
(which makes the old assessment less worthy, not to say worthless)

speedhold 26th Feb 2013 12:32

date of joining a320
Hi this is the email i got today for the a320 non type direct entry f/o cheers

Dear xxx, We would like to confirm you, that we are currently not assigning Date of Joining to any First Officer A320, as we do not have training slots. The next available Date of joining is 11th August 2013, kindly confirm if this date is suitable for you.

bond737 26th Feb 2013 14:14


I think that's 'good' news. At least you have an idea as to when you will be able to join, finally. Let's just hope its not another mirage in the waiting time line.

How long ago did you receive offer of employment?/When was your interview?

Happy landings.

speedhold 26th Feb 2013 15:55

timeline for DOJ a320
Quick timeline
Interviewed feb 2012 non type direct entry f/o
Offer two weeks later for the a 320
Contract signed returned may 2012. I Requested oct 2012 join date
Holly miles talent pool july 2012
November 2012 update saying update in jan 2013
Jan 2013 email stating next joining date nov 2013
I emailed fdtalent asking to clarify joining date for a320 as jan 2013 email very vague
Recieved email today that no classes for a 320 for now and then also told to confirm aug 11 2013

I dont havr any email address directly to HR .
The email I used was fdtalentqatatairways or [email protected]

I sent a reply to confirm 11 aug 2013 today and will wait to hear from them closer to time
Hopr this helps as quite a few people have pm me .

migair54 26th Feb 2013 17:19

congratulations Speedhold.

itīs great to see that they are calling people from the pool, even for August, even if they told me that i will join in December it will be nice because i will have a date and we can start planning our life ahead, this waiting listening rumors and with nothing sure is not a comfortable situation.

thereīs something iīm not sure... they told you no classes for A320 now but confirm August 11th, however they told you November... so maybe this means you are going A330.... sound a bit messy...

speedhold 26th Feb 2013 17:42


I dont know what to think ...I just posted what has happened to me im just going with the flow

speedhold 27th Feb 2013 13:01

salary at Qatar
Hi. Can anyone tell me how much a new joiner at qatar is making when u first arrive in doha first officer a320 ?? I have thr pay scale just wanna know what kind of base pay one gets .

simmatch 27th Feb 2013 14:23


Thank you for your post. All the best to you!

salamalikum2 27th Feb 2013 19:24

The basic entry level salary for F/O is 21500QAR( 5900US dollars,4400 €)

speedhold 27th Feb 2013 20:19

Does any know if my wife can travel with me when I start with my joining date

disagreeable 27th Feb 2013 21:42

No, your wife wont be able too, you will have to give all the documents and prepare a visa for her when you are here., unless you are given it already (but I doubt that).

It is a royal pain in the arse, or used to be to get your wife here on a visa and she will have to go throught the same RP process as you..... good luck!

in saying that, I doubt that it is better than it was a couple years ago and will take time.

I highly recommend to leave here at home for the first month at least if you can; as you will have to get used to the place and get all your running around done as well.

re: the Aug start date.
That will be a minimum time to expect.... this is the dates given by the same people that hired all those waiting around now.... so maybe they learnt their lesson..... but somehow I think not! :ugh:
They will need to get through many many people sitting around here and I dont see that happening in 6 months.

Good luck though.

speedhold 28th Feb 2013 01:38

Hi guys thanks for the response a little confuse regarding with my wife situation so pilot of doha you are saying that my wife can come with me ? are you married and did your wife come with you? we dont have kids at the moment . ive emailed hr tomask themmthat as well but not got back anything yet.

If someone can give me a true answer to that would be great.


RK303 28th Feb 2013 03:24

Here is something that may help you.Your question regarding your wife is the one i've asked during the interview panel.A captain and an english first officer both advised me to wait the training to see how it goes for you first.Once you feel ok in Doha then bring your wife they said and the english 320 FO said this is what he did when he started thinking it wiser. But they insist that it was a personnal decision and you can bring your wife right away if you want. Good luck

disagreeable 28th Feb 2013 06:21

Aug 11 is a long way off.
I would not be worring about that too much right now.
Asking helps, but the proceedure may change by the time you get a solid offer or they may fudge the paper work.

My bad, I forgot that she can be under your sponsorship initially, but I strongly recommend to consider to leave here at home for the first month as you will be running around like a confused drunk trying to work out where anything is and how this place works, and so may increase stress levels unessasarily.

Also, you want to see what your roster entails for the second month, because if you are lucky, depending on your position, you may get a sim/type class very soon after(?) and then will have to leave her for 6 weeks.....

better she comes when you are slightly stable, know how to get some things done here and then the transition is smoother(if you can call it that).....

remember, happy wife, happy life....... apllies 10 times more especially here!!

casablanca 28th Feb 2013 06:41

I joined in January and was provided with ticket for all of my family and a cargo allowance. You have up to 1 year to use the joining ticket for your family should you chose to wait. Finding a school is a problem as well as it doesn't help to have all of the distractions during training. At the same time training often takes a long time here and it may not be an option to leave family on other side of world.
Currently Qr is giving permanent housing again. (Subject to change of course).
There are 33 countries that can get visa on arrival and it may be extended for 1 more month for 100 qr. Hopefully that is time enough to get resident permit and sponsor your family.

ITO 28th Feb 2013 06:41

@ Speedhild ~

When you received your offer letter, did they send with it a JOINING PROECDURE FAQ ? Most of the immigration/visas are in there. I had a look for you regarding the wife issue, here is what I found :

If your spouse and children are eligible for visa on arrival, then they may travel to Qatar at any time that you have accommodation for them. This will be dependent upon your housing entitlement.
 If they will be able to join you on your initial flight to Qatar, your coordinator will assist you in arranging their Joining Tickets. If they will be joining you at a later date, you will be able to arrange their joining tickets at the QR Staff Travel Villa.

Does your joining coordinator answers your e-mail from time to time ?


ITO 28th Feb 2013 07:24

No, I'm not...yet !

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