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Leemankin 11th Sep 2015 11:37

Re: license & IR validity
To foswillrule....and Cuillins....
Thanks so much for the info, gents.
Kind regards,

casablanca 11th Sep 2015 15:12

Take what I say with a grain of salt.....as I am not current on the joining requirements and am currently drinking a glass of wine on my patio.
If you are coming from the USA with an FAA certificate some things seem to be different....1) it's hard to come with 8 months validity on medical as it is only good for 6 months 2) normally if ATP rated there is not a separate instrument rating as it is part of the ATP 3)the FAA has same currency/recency issues but your aircraft type ratings don't expire, where as some countries it appears if you do not have a valid medical or PC your rating lapses?4) the FAA will not stamp your logbook( maybe employer will but FAA won't......however the CAA will send them a request and get all your records sent to them directly.you can have logbook notarized etc, bring training records, tax records etc, or any alternate means of showing your years in the business.
Qatar seems to understand this, or at least used to! However if possible coming with a current PC is good idea but maybe not as important as some of certificate holder

Cuillin Hills 11th Sep 2015 18:31

Sorry for the confusion but in Europe (EASA) airlines are switching to ATQP (Alternative Training & Qualification Program).

Before ATQP, over a 12-month period, you would carry out the following on the sim:


(IR signed every 6 months for 12 month period)

Under full ATQP the 12-month period will be more like this:


(IR signed every 12 months for 12 month period)

In other words, the Instrument Rating will only get signed every 12 months - making it much more difficult to meet the Qatari requirement of 6 months plus on the IR at joining date.

A cost will be involved in getting the IR signed (away from current employer) to meet Qatar requirements in the event of the start date offer being poorly timed.

Leemankin 12th Sep 2015 02:01

That's what I was thinkin so maybe it's not necessary after all to get the PC renewed as the License and IR are both valid at least 6mos before joining, since the last PC revalidates IR for 12 mos.

Thanks for the JAR FCL requisites as I think QCAR is generally based on JAR, well maybe I will have to clarify with HR, if they would accept my license validity as it is before joining.

Great posts gents, really helpful :ok:

light and variable 15th Sep 2015 17:02

No problem. But you've gotta LOVE your pooch to keep him or her happy.
On a lead around a compound, find a bit of wasteland, or trek to a beach for exercise.

casablanca 16th Sep 2015 02:52

Having a pet seems to be quite easy but it will limit your accommodation choices as not all places accept pets. Holiday Villa didn't allow but AKG does.

PayJay 16th Sep 2015 22:36

does anybody knows what the " unforeseen circumstances" are??? Why they don't hire DEC pilots at the moment...


Southpole 17th Sep 2015 09:54


This is a standard email saying that due to some "unforeseen circumstances" you are in the holding pool instead to be hired directly after passing the selection process. But Qatar Airways is calling DEC from the holding pool at the moment.

Good luck

Ps waiting time vary between 8 to 11 months

PayJay 17th Sep 2015 11:23

Thanks for the prompt answer. All we can do is sit and wait..



Scott_T 17th Sep 2015 13:26

Hi guys,

I applied two months ago today! still waiting patiently and do not mind doing so. I was wondering if people could share their experience of how long they have waited for before getting a call.

DarthSidious 22nd Sep 2015 08:41

Good Morning,
Can someone please tell me what is the waiting time AFTER the security screening has taken place that one will receive a start date?
Thank you.

Southpole 22nd Sep 2015 21:03


I have no idea about it, but I thought they were giving a start date DURING the security screening, because it just take a lot of time to do it. And how do you know when it is finished?


jacksonfive 22nd Sep 2015 21:30

Talent pool
Anybody know when people will be taken from talent pool for rated airbus FOs?

How long have bus rated FOs had to wait previously?

J5 :cool:

DarthSidious 23rd Sep 2015 17:16


Thank you for your reply SouthPole.
I will keep on holding. Still have some fuel available for another hold.


iconflyer 26th Sep 2015 13:43

DOJ and docs

Did anyone get DOJ in December for either 777/787?
Any info about the documents required before going to DOH would be much appreciated.

PS:It looks like QR is a better deal compared to EK right now...

320goat 28th Sep 2015 06:44

Who knows which is better.

I would say it is horses for courses. You need to speak in person to genuine pilots from both communities to try and figure it out. Any time anyone writes anything remotely positive about EK they are shot down in flames, that doesn't necessarily mean it's not for you. Likewise some people last only 3 months here whilst others I know are very happy.

Try and speak to someone in a similar situation. Same nationality same aged kids etc to try and find a balanced view from all companies you are interested in.

Just to say, 16 days off next month, no leave, 70 hrs logged and 2 days in the sim. Young family and quite happy at the moment. Will it always be like this.....don't count on it, but life has been quite pleasant the last 6 months or so.


freddi16 28th Sep 2015 18:14

Hi i've done the assesment for the position of non rated fo( at the beginning was for fast tack cpt), one month ago.
Didn't get any answer yet about the outcome of my interview.
I've seen on the qr website that they've removed all the position for non rated
Now what happen?

Ldggrup 29th Sep 2015 08:36

Mate I think u should not worry about it as u have already given the assessment.. Its just that people who hvnt given assessment might have to wait till they clear the holding pool.

Mili86 29th Sep 2015 09:46

Today I got an email stating The vacancy you applied for is currently placed on hold
Thats not fair .... I filed my application about 2.5 months ago for non-rated FO ... and now when I looked at the jobs portal, the non-rated position is removed .... however my application status on my portal is still new ...
What doest it mean ?? does it mean it's canceled ? or it mean I have to wait much longer and swim in the pool ???!!!

Ldggrup 29th Sep 2015 10:53

Did you do your assessment?? Or you still need to go Doha for assessment

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