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Chiao 31st May 2013 04:26

Hey guys,I'm a A330 FO and considering to move to QR,
can anybody provide me more informations about the "working enviroment" and the the "pay scale"?

I appreciate

free capt 31st May 2013 14:31

thank you casablanca
thank you javadreaming

at list some options are available...maybe one way but better than nothing


King on a Wing 1st Jun 2013 05:53

Al Markhiya?
Is QR offering the Al Markhiya villas at present for DEC?
Would you happen to know.

The Ticketor 3rd Jun 2013 20:40

Stick35 wrote:

It is all nice that they are expanding and i hope that the swimmers get a job soon. But there is 1 thing i do not understand: is there really a need of the customers from worldwide to fly to qatar? I mean, is there really a marketing investigation done to see if there was really a demand? I have the impression that the goal,of emirates and qatar is just to be the biggest and profitnumbers are not an issue.
I think you miss the point. DOH, as a destination, is not that big for QR. Basically, DOH is really just a transfer point. I can't tell for sure, but I'd guess that at least 90% of the pax are going through DOH, not to DOH. DOH is very nicely placed to be a hub, and that is also the focus of QR.

freddi16 5th Jun 2013 06:03

Hi does anyone know if qr Will resume interview for non type rated Fo?

freddi16 5th Jun 2013 13:40

Yes i know , i hope that all the guys in the talent pool get
The job soon
Anyway 170 airplane on order? They will need a lot Of pilots

freddi16 5th Jun 2013 14:15

Yes , the new airport is supposed to be already finisch,
It doesn't take too long i think

loc22550 5th Jun 2013 17:41

"The new airport is ""supposed"" to be already finished..it doesn't take too long I think...":E:E
It was supposed to be completed by 2009 or 2010..( initial schedule)!
The opening has been postponed every 6 months for the last couple of years...:rolleyes:

iggy 6th Jun 2013 08:15

Naught boy... :}

disagreeable 6th Jun 2013 10:35

Hey guys,I'm a A330 FO and considering to move to QR,
can anybody provide me more informations about the "working enviroment" and the the "pay scale"?
Plenty of information that has been posted ad-nausem about basically the same questions on this thread. Search the thread will reveal all!

Good luck.

ManFlex56 8th Jun 2013 08:08

Can I know what your experience levels are?
I was thinking o apply as well

SIDS N STARS 10th Jun 2013 11:08

What difference does it make what level of experience other applicants have?

They're only accepting type rated applicants at the moment, so if you meet the requirements outlined in the advertisement, put in an application. I can guarantee, you won't be considered for an interview unless you put an application in.

Has anyone else received an email from recruitment asking for an application update due to being in the talent pool for a rather long time?? Does this mean anything, or is it just a general update?

I wouldn't imagine there would be too many type rated F/O's in the world willing to move to the middle east to do the same job they're currently doing, with less seniority and a longer wait for a command !!

Hopefully the guys in the pool will hear something soon

cccc 10th Jun 2013 14:33

Recruiting type-rated FO's
When you look at their website, career site...
QR is hiring type-rated FO's on all their fleet.
Does anybody know what this mean for all the people in the pool who are not type-rated? Will they jump in front of the queue as it happened in the past with Spanair and Tunisair guys/girls? Or will they be placed in the pool and wait till their time comes up AFTER the current pool has been emptied?
Cheers to all us swimmers.

Inno 10th Jun 2013 20:09

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
I think they will jump in front like Bahrain pilots.. That's happened few months ago... I don't know if they will need NTR FO anymore... There are a lot type pilots on the market..

Non Zero 11th Jun 2013 10:53

QR and CTC
might be interesting ...

Qatar Airways to train pilots in Hamilton | Stuff.co.nz

Inno 11th Jun 2013 11:29

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Also in Spain there are cadet ready for next year...

disagreeable 12th Jun 2013 01:14

Simply put, why would they be setting up a cadet program with apparently sooooooo many awesome people in the talent pool?

They realise that they cant keep pilots, especially when the worlds economy's start to produce confidence.
Cadets can be locked in for long periods, are naive enough/or desperate enough to pay big money to be trained without guarantee of a job. And this helps QR keep the perceived competition high, the perceived illusion of 5 star airline equals five star treatment of staff etc. wrong.

If you have been waiting for more than 18months then chances are your not being considered. The way i see it, is bet on the rest of your life, not on waiting for QR to give you some kind of freedom/career! Wasting your life waiting.

Good luck to ya

A year after the Villaggio fire, critical voices have fallen silent (e-book) | Doha News

Black Pudding 12th Jun 2013 07:28

Not good referring to the loss of life

Germanflyer 14th Jun 2013 23:31

DEC--July 2013 DOJ
Hello gents,
Wondering if anybody here starting in July 2013.
DEC 777.
My nephew starts.
Any and all help welcome. Please PM me.

aka_makavel1 17th Jun 2013 02:18

Hey disagreeable,
What's your story? Why so down and "disagreeable" on Qatar Airways? I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just curious.

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