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Inno 8th May 2013 12:18

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Both... No ideaa I'm in the same your condition, FO no type test passed in may 2012... And now swim... But from what I understand there isn't a fix rules... Sure for the 2013 they are ok, they arrived to call people (FO) with the test performed in Feb 2012... And the starting date for them will be Dec 2013.....

leeroy 10th May 2013 20:33

Swimmers be patient they will call you...they did it for me after a year and...2 months to start a year and 8 months after the selection process....:ok:

chrislikesblue 11th May 2013 06:05

Inno when did you receive the last update? I have not received anything yet. What does it say? And how you know we are only 200 swimmers now remaining in the pool?

Ethiopia 11th May 2013 07:37

I did my assessment back in Jan 2012. Standard stuff for me.. good news, followed by all updates... Out of hope by now. Non-rated fo, with no offer letter.

Good luck to all of you.

Inno 12th May 2013 18:18

I received the last update in the first part of May... Next update in September... They reported the same think of the other time.... I know a lot people where they refuse the job position... And is no so clear how many we are really... Sure less than 250... Now we must wait same new delivery....

speedhold 13th May 2013 18:16

update for joining class
hi got my visa today took about a week and half .....
non type f/o 320 assigned...
interviewed feb 2012
contract signed / returned may 2012
class date email feb 2013 for start 11 aug 2013....

Neovolt 14th May 2013 13:53

Hi Gatbusdriver,
Heard the latest pattern of selection procedure for DEC is over 2 days. How was it for you, I am heading for one shortly...any info most welcome - Thanks:rolleyes:

Cavok216 15th May 2013 09:52

I got an email this morning to make the pilot aptitude test next week.Any feedback about this test ??thanks

speedhold 15th May 2013 12:26


Are you waiting for the contract or waiting for start date .
Are you direct capt or fo or so. Please specify

free capt 15th May 2013 12:53

pat test
at the moment, for what i know,qatar is inteviewing only DEC or SFI.

PAT test is a 3.5 hours including interview,test,debrief.

you are required to perform an online test before you arrive in Doha and to read the book they send you few days before .

it is not a pass /fail test ..they want to know you and your behaviour and ,if i can suggest, try to be as much honest as you can to have the best result

i found the whole process very accurate ...it is not the usual chat with some psyco or group test..
you cannot prepare yourself for that but readind the book they send you.


Oceansailer 15th May 2013 19:22

Pat test feedback (for what its worth)
3.5 hours long as per free capt.
Don't know how accurate as no feedback given.
Basically fly a computer game A10 tankbuster at lowish level around a route displayed on RHS screen- press on tops on this screen when visually on top features.
Bombarded with psych questions on LHS screen and verbally - do not expect to be able to do all the tasks ( or maybe thats just me:})
Extra tasks added such as fuel calcs, typing a PIN into a keypad and spotting a silly message change in your peripheral vision.
Beware terrain clearance looks a bit suspect to me on some legs ( although what is adequate terrain clearance for an airline pilot in an A10?:ugh:) also look out for other aircraft to avoid.
All the while keep talking to the most useless co pilot in the world :D.
You will be pre briefed that this is not a SIM and to equally divide tasks ( ie do not prioritise flying :ugh:). Exact words were ' leave your pilot hat behind for this test' - funny I though I was applying for a pilot job:cool:
Overall it was was unlike anything I have done in all my years of flying and I could not see its relevance to an experienced airline pilot.
I applaud the ADAPT sales team for convincing QR to push some of their considerable wealth in ADApTs direction:D.
It seems that this aptitude testing industry has blossomed over the past decade. Aptitude is no longer demonstrated by gaining a licence and passing 6 monthly Proficiency check, showing those reports to employers and being assessed by new company in SIm.
Aptitude is obviously better judged by somebody with a degree in Psychology and some ex RAF navigators.
Is it pass/ fail? I am not sure, but I do know passing all events in day 2 does not guarantee an offer so best assume it is pass / fail.
What can you do to prepare? Read the 50 page book they send. Maintain a sense of humour, pretend you are having the most enjoyable and informative day of your life:O
I haven't a clue whether I passed or failed as I am still waiting results but in my view it really was a waste of 3.5 hours of my life:).
Thats only my opinion of course. If I get an offer I might decide that they are the best test of piloting ability yet known to man :ok:

chrislikesblue 15th May 2013 21:38

Free Capt how do you know it is not a pass/fail test? Is this mentioned officially from Qatar? Or is it just your guess?

Oceansailer 16th May 2013 07:55

Personality test is only a very small part of the test - completed on line in your own time in the week prior to going to Doha. That alone actually takes about 2 hours.
The main part of ADApT selection is "Aptitude testing'. I have no issue with the personality testing as long as the employer uses the results responsibly.
Aptitude testing pilots who have demonstrated there aptitude on a daily basis over years and also been tested many many times by relevant authorities with a proven standard is a different matter.
Who are ADApT? Why is their test a better indicator than your last LPC? Or all those difficult flying tests and IR we all worked hard for years ago.
We have enough hoops to jump through during a career in aviation without providing jobs for psychologists and ex military aircrew who want to create a business at our expense.
Again just my opinion :)

free capt 16th May 2013 10:23

i asked one the RAF guy after the sim a10 test which performance was considered acceptable ...:confused:

he told me there wasn't minimum level ...they want just trace your profile.

in this sense i told it isn't a fail /pass test.

but of course like the rest of the screening is a fail/pass day and is qatar decision to find your profile acceptable or not.

Cavok216 16th May 2013 10:29

Pat test
Thanks for the info...what about the panel interview?what kind of questions we can expect?

cyrilroy21 16th May 2013 10:34

Can someone who gave this PAT test look at the following video and confirm if its the same used by QR ?

The description sounds very similar to the CAE Air Crew Selection System a.k.a CASS

(I think you need to be logged into facebook in order to see it )

free capt 16th May 2013 12:47

yes it is.
exactly the same process

symbiotics team is 5 people, 4 of these will ceck you .

general question about your career ,life,motivation ....

at the moment this test is applied to any direct entry from ouside and also to any upgrade inside the airline (capt/tri/tre)

good luck!

climbairbus 16th May 2013 13:38

Hello all, may i ask query out of subject, was trying to fill the online form for Qatar but afraid did not found any ways to complete on line application......Is I am missing out something or we can submit resume only when job vacancy available on web.....was looking for A320 FO. Thanks all

vinouche33 16th May 2013 23:48

Hello guys !

I was just wondering...I did my interview the 10th of Sept 2012, got the good news the 10th of November 2012 to swim :cool:

I received an update end of Feb, and 2nd of May 2013, next one in Sept 2013.

I am S/O fast track A320, with 1000h on A320.

Do you have any idea when I can expect to join QR ?

Thanks for your help guys !

Take care

happy landing ( or swimming :E )

Flyingmachine01 17th May 2013 06:34

Wow... Completed My Qatar FO Interview September 2012... :D

Thought It went ok.

I haven't heard a word since interview and now received an e mail, asking for LPC.

So I sent them Last Sim Check from Cyclic and now waiting for a response.

Does anyone know what this means? I have't received a congrat's e mail or an update...

Are they still assessing me? Can anyone help out... Surely not???

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