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eagleeye23 26th Apr 2013 11:31

Latest interview update
Hello everyone, any one there with the latest info about interview process specially the newly introduced aptitude test, tech exam and lastly which sim being used these days for the chk ride ? Thanks in advance and Happy landings.

Obbie 26th Apr 2013 12:09

Jeez Eagleeye......how many times are you going to try and get a job
in the ME. What is this......your fourth try now ?????? Good luck :ugh:

_L_ 26th Apr 2013 14:52

Line training in Qatar?
I have been hearing alot about line training oppurtunities given by qatar airways, however there is no information on their website regarding this. Can any one share some info about this?

Iver 26th Apr 2013 15:51

Questions about 787 fleet
Anyone know the likely 787 delivery (and re-delivery) rate at QR now that the 787 will be certified in the next month or two? QR had 3-4 787s in operation before the grounding - how many have been built in the interim that should be put into service once the final fixes have been made?

How many in operation total before year's end assuming a fix can be made quickly on the grounded and newly-built aircraft? Obviously hiring should move forward as more pilots are trained and sent out to the new aircraft, etc.

aka_makavel1 26th Apr 2013 16:46

Interviewed in Feb 2012
Received the email stating I passed the interview assessment in Mar 2012
Received the offer letter in May 2012
FlightDeck Talent Pool email in June 2012
Join Date on (Nov 2013)

supersonic75 27th Apr 2013 04:52

@aka_makavel1 - your join date : mar 2013 ?? i though you said in a previous post its : nov2013 ?? whenever it is , i wish you a good luck man :)
check pm please

Jmodel 28th Apr 2013 11:52

Hi swimmers,

anyone who passed the assessment last year got a contract lately? Not a DOJ just the contract.... it seems that all the guys getting a DOJ in 2013 got already a contact last may.... what about the ones who did not get the contract and got straight the pool in july?

aka_makavel1 29th Apr 2013 06:18

My bad, I meant Nov 2013

mmorel 29th Apr 2013 07:11

Pre Employment Medical Questionnaire
Hi ,

Does anyone know that if we have to fill out this form with a doctor or only by myself?
also If I mention that I smoke ,would it disqualify me from the employment?

migair54 29th Apr 2013 07:34

Interesting question Jmodel,

I did my interview in September and straight to the pool and no one with me have had any news since then, but at least now we can see they are moving and soon the B787īs will be in the air again, so I think they are going to expedite a bit, but i donīt expect anything for this year, maybe before march 2014.

speedhold 30th Apr 2013 19:17

banking in qatar
Hi guys can any recommend a bank for new joiners .. also preferably a bank that gives free international transfers..
ive looked into IBQ , HSBC ay recommendations.

also is western union available in doha to send money back to america.

casablanca 2nd May 2013 07:03

@ mmorel....
The medical questionnaire does not need to be filled out by a doctor.
Cabin crew are not allowed to smoke, however that does not apply to flight deck crew and actually quite a few of the pilots here smoke.

@ speedhold
There is western union.
Both of the mentioned banks offer at least 1 free transfer per month. There is also a fee to some middle man though, I believe it goes through Barclays in London.

cccc 2nd May 2013 12:12

QR update holding pool
I just received an update from QR.
Is it me... or do I have an impression it's almost a copy-paste of the previous one.
The difference now... it clearly says there is NO need of SO this year.
The next update is in September.

DaCosta 2nd May 2013 12:19

Pretty much the same. Until the NDIA is open and fully operational, the 787's problems are solved and the delivery rate is at the expected speed, we will recieve the same message.

cccc 2nd May 2013 12:24

2 guys from my group (did selection in FEB 2012) received a joining date in NOV 2013, as a FO 320. But they did sign a contract already in MAY 2012.
Me, as a FTSO... still no guarantee that they will send me a contract at all, as they only need a limited amount of FTSO. :(

Echo_Romeo 2nd May 2013 16:15

Hi brave swimmers,

just for my interest, how many FTSO are to be expected in the pool?


When did you do your interview and whats your background? If you want, PM me. THX.



cccc 2nd May 2013 17:07

It has been said before that about 400 people are in the pool. And about half of them are FTSO and the other half are FO.
I don't know how many exactly are in the pool. But it looks like the number is getting smaller.

mmorel 2nd May 2013 18:21

ID ticket Company's policies
Does anyone know if children over 25 years old entitle to discounted tickets on Qatar airways and ZED agreement with other airlines?

loc22550 2nd May 2013 19:50

Yes they are mmorel.
Child above 24 years fall into the category: eligible family members like father, mother,son in law....
In other word they can share a total of 12 tickets/ year.(ID90/50).
Up to 24 years old, unlimited id90/50 tickets.( for the child)

mmorel 2nd May 2013 22:21

How about Zed(Zonal Employee Discount ) ticket on other airlines,do they have any agreement with other airlines which children over 24 years old can use?
Also I'm trying to fill out the form self and family details ,do I have to list my mother in law and father in law(wife side )


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