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MD83FO 8th Mar 2013 15:50

QR accepts ICAO licenses such as FAA. there are no expiries.

RK303 9th Mar 2013 05:03

What happened here is probably something terrible for some

My “cheaper” ICAO licence cost me a lot and been a complete loss but I remember many guys of my group did the mistake to get those expensive JAA licences. Some of them did renew their IR (due to a one year validity or something) while receiving all those fake updates to stay ready. I can’t imagine their terrible situation if they don’t find a decent flying job out there.

Wings23 9th Mar 2013 05:54

What would you guys reckon the number of FTSO's in the pool is?

iQatar 9th Mar 2013 07:05

What would you guys reckon the number of FTSO's in the pool is?
I think about half of everybody in the pool is FTSO's.And the biggest part of the other half is FO's with only a small number of Captains.

migair54 9th Mar 2013 18:04

I heard that the total number of people in the pool is around 250, but that is just another rumor more.... I don´t think we will ever know the exact number of people there.

The issue with the license can be because to get a Qatari licence they might need to issue from another one, and same with the IR endorsement, It´s not the only place they do this, when I did in the country I´m flying now they ask me for the same thing, fully valid licence and then they contact my country licence authority for a verification or validation or authentication on that licence and then after an air law exam I got the new licence.
I´m not sure but this could be the case here.

jeanpaul172 9th Mar 2013 18:24

Nrs in the pool are 500+.. At least 250 FTSO

ironbutt57 10th Mar 2013 05:06

QR accepts ICAO licenses such as FAA. there are no expiries.

Not entirely true, your instrument currency needs to be maintained by verifiable logged hours, or an instrument proficiency check every 6 months by a suitably qualified instructor..

WXCptFedUp 16th Mar 2013 21:43

Hi guys,

For info and to give you an idea on the timeframe, a frined of mine who passed the selection in January 2012 as NTFO (He was captain with +6000 Hr) got a starting date for december 2013... no kidding, it's an absolute joke, about two years to get flying again... He refuses as he got a job with Emirates with only 2 weeks of waiting time... One less on the holding pool list. Hope this help to see where you are standing in the queue if still there.


MD83FO 18th Mar 2013 06:46

I was hired after two years of not touching an airplane or simulator and my FAA license was intact as were my flying skills. this recency stuff doesn't make sense for non commercial flying.

ITO 21st Mar 2013 09:42

Resignation from current employer
Hi guys,
For those already with QR, how did you deal with your resignation from current employer while your QR work visa wasn`t ready yet ? It`s a bit of a tricky one...

Paper Lad 21st Mar 2013 12:48

A mate of mine at Qatar has mentioned that the PAT the company is putting guys through has lead to several terminations. So if you are already in the company and you don't achieve the desired level you can lose your job!!!!

Would you like to back the above statement with some proof. It's the first I've heard of any terminations as a result of PAT, indeed, the company have stated that they will offer support to anyone who conducts the test and is deemed unsuitable for upgrade/transfer etc.

All pilots have also been invited to volunteer for the test, if they so wish, but I doubt there will be many of those:8


Obbie 21st Mar 2013 12:56

The company's official position on PAT results:

"No matter what the results of the PAT the Company can be expected to provide the level of support for personal development that is required to ensure that all pilots currently employed with the Company would expect from a world class organization."

A company that needs pilots is not going to fire ones with a proven
track record with the company because of a fuzzy psyc test.

Now if you are a still in the recruitment phase, then this is another hill to
get over, and if it says you are not really that suited to the job..........

I hear Subway is hiring.

zawillif 21st Mar 2013 14:53

Does anyone know when they will be accepting FO applications? I keep checking the official careers website and all I see are CA applications.

Obbie 21st Mar 2013 15:44

Java the truth is in the story itself. If the Captain joined
3 months ago, and PAT is only applied to joiners after Mar 1.

Then why was he doing the test ?
Answer, he never did.

BS swirls around this place like a tornado crossing a manure field.

Don't get sucked in, you won't end up in Kansas.

disagreeable 22nd Mar 2013 01:44

Actually, psych testing is prob what he may be referring too, and this applies to cpt upgrades, instructors, new hires, fleet transfers and anyone else who is selected to do it.
Selected to do it is based on anyone seen under stress.

disagreeable 23rd Mar 2013 11:29

Beyblade, clearly your not in the know then. (Re: fo murders).
either way, if you don't know then don't try to say things to trump what is true. You do no justice to any victims by playing dumb or denying reality.

FarshidT 24th Mar 2013 04:53

Dear all,
Sorry for the off-topic, I found no better place to ask my question.

I wanted to know are Qatar Airways flight attendents able to choose or vote for their destinations? Maybe to see their relatives.

I appreciate your answer.

Gutter Airways 24th Mar 2013 22:05

Sorry to hear the above.

Psych tests finally at QR, good they have finally caught the train on this one.

salamalikum2 25th Mar 2013 08:52

Yes Farshid
C.C. Do have a bidding system as well for their flights.

hairyA320 25th Mar 2013 10:33

information about PAT
Please , some info about this new aptitude test for new entries.

i have an interview and no info until now.

any sites to help us prepare for it?

Many thanks


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