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leeroy 1st Mar 2013 18:44

Take the job. After a year waiting like this it is just silly to reject any other opportunity.

airwjo 2nd Mar 2013 08:11

"For you there is not a big difference between 320 and 330 only mass and balance and few other things"

are u ok pilotofdoha, or do u need an aptitude test?

of course there is a huge difference for him, especially later, when he is checked out

so don't talk non sense here, please


ITO 2nd Mar 2013 12:12

Recentering a bit the topic, what do we know about current Interview rates ? Are some of them still being conducted ? I hope not...
While the 787 nightmare liner issue is not helping at all, and I really wish and hope that Boing will find a final solution in the very near future, rumors had it that there will be no Second officer (NT) for this year. Meantime, we know that some of us did receive offer letter last NOV for the very same position. I know that the NTSO batch that joined the company couple of months ago been countiniousely busy with training and are currently undergoing their type rating.

I hope that each and everyone will get to something.

ironbutt57 2nd Mar 2013 13:56

PilotofDoha....do some homework on systems, recall items, and energy management before you post...:ugh:

Boeing007 2nd Mar 2013 14:03

I can 'confirm the rumours', No NTSO in 2013. That's what I was being told by Recruitement. I have a feeling that tomorrow will be one of those typical 'Qatari Talent Pool update' sundays.

ITO 2nd Mar 2013 14:30

Well, that is the main problem. There are so many contradictory rumours being told by each and everyone that no one knows what to believe anymore ! Same period of time while the rumour was being spread, we were receiving the letters...go figure !

When you look at the letter, with your name on, signatures of HR people...etc its for real ! But as we all know, that is in no way a contract, and the aviation game can be fuuuuuull of surprises...

Boeing007 2nd Mar 2013 17:21

Hey man,

Yes I know you're story.
You 100% deserved that offer letter and I guess they finally figured that out in Qatari HR. Your story confirms that anything is indeed possible at QR.
Im sure you're ok and will receive a DOJ in due time.. You'll be the first NTSO to go there when the situation picks up.
I hope for a genuine update that focusses on each and every ones specific situation and tells us what we can expect.

ITO 2nd Mar 2013 18:45

Thanks. Yes, been a long way !
Only time will tell now...

Lets hope things will get better.


Wings23 4th Mar 2013 07:18

Anybody received the elusive February update?

Furlough guy 4th Mar 2013 09:27


Just after a bit of info please, apologies if it has been asked recently I can't seem to find any info in this thread.

Am in the talent pool and still hopeful of a start date sometime this year (FO)

Assuming all goes well can anybody give me a rough idea of time to upgrade from FO to CPT?

Will be joining with about 7000 hrs, 2500 PIC jet (crj 200) but not rated on any QR type (other experience is Q400 FO and PIC ).

Also, if lucky enough to join direct A330 is upgrade on type or do you have to move to A320?

I realise this is a bit out of context with all the talent pool issues etc but should I get an offer I will have to make a tough decision to leave my current job (Crj CPT)

Thanks in advance


salamalikum2 4th Mar 2013 13:21

Barca(FC Barcelona) is going to sport the Qatar Airways logo on their jerseys starting from this summer and for the next 5 years: amount of the contract : 230 million $!! (45m$/ year)
Well at least if we don't get any bonus or increase this year and the coming years ,we known where the money is going!:ouch::hmm:

King on a Wing 4th Mar 2013 15:51

Hey y'all.
Just a thought here. Any answers would be welcome. Are QR still in the process of recruiting DEC 330/777 skippers.
Wonder if the 787 isues have had any effect on the screening/recruitment drive.
Any thoughts welcome.

Super Fly 4th Mar 2013 19:20

Reply to Furlough Guy
Hi FG,

Just read your post, I can recall from my interview way back in April last year the interviewers stated that I could be promoted to Skipper A320 in approx 3-4 years, if I'd be joining as a Non Type Rated FO A320.

I'm currently a SFO in the pool with approx 3800 hrs, 1900 E-Jet, 1650 Q400. So with your prior Command time I guess your move to the left seat could be sooner. This is only my opinion though, I don't have any hard facts to back it up with, just what I was told in the interview.

I do know of an ex-colleague who went straight from Q400 onto the A330 1-2 years ago with Qatar. Read a post recently that the A320 has been primarily filled with all the ex-Spanair guys so some new chaps may be going onto the A330 or 777. Also another post that said the new training schedule is allegedly coming out soon so folks should start to be getting called out of the pool in the near future.

Before you take the leap I suggest reading 'Disagreeable's posts, so you get a better idea of what you're leaping into.

While I'm here, many thanks to Disagreeable on his enlightening posts and to everybody else on this thread. See y'all soon, inshallah.

Good luck everybody.

free capt 5th Mar 2013 09:28

dec assessment
" Any answers would be welcome. Are QR still in the process of recruiting DEC 330/777 skippers?"

yes they are ....at list in february...as i know...

no aptitude (ADAPT) test for the time

gcc_ 5th Mar 2013 18:18

Possibly(just an assumption).
Not to forget Bahrain Air.

bond737 5th Mar 2013 18:33

QR went to Bahrain last month to recruit Bahrain Air pilots.

ITO 6th Mar 2013 05:21

Well apparently it can take anything from 2 months to 6, maybe even more. I'm already over 3 months, and all in all well over a year as almost everyone else. Sometime, It just feel like it will never happen...

God speed !

Norvak 6th Mar 2013 07:07

In my case from letter to communication of DOJ 9 months. And I still need to wait 6 months for the actual DOJ. Non type rated F/O.


chrislikesblue 6th Mar 2013 09:19

Hello Norvak nice to hear your good news. Did you just get the DOJ,they sent it to you end of February? I still have not got the promised update yet. Anyone else received any news from Qatar?

DaCosta 6th Mar 2013 09:26

Hello everyone,
Just got the update. Pretty much the same as the last one. According to this one, no NTSO this year.

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