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capinhand 21st Nov 2012 09:03

T7 exodus
Maybe guys are sitting around, and then QR recruiting DE type rated Captains, is because of a lack of trainers?

ironbutt57 21st Nov 2012 11:34

Any poolies get the "end of November" update???

flying apple 21st Nov 2012 12:13

it's not yet the end of November

and if they always have the same time frame i expect the end of November update somewhere between half of December and February :cool:

Ethiopia 21st Nov 2012 12:30


May I ask where or who did you hear this from?


mateos 21st Nov 2012 18:24


people with job offer unemployed, 6 months and counting....

flyforfood1 21st Nov 2012 18:45

Someone can have my seat, i'm out of here! :ok:

leeroy 21st Nov 2012 18:49


King on a Wing 21st Nov 2012 18:57

Can anyone help with the complete QR pay package for a DEC new joiner.
Kids education and free accommodation included....??
Thanks for the help.

Tritzo 21st Nov 2012 19:01


people without job offer unemployed, closer to 13 months now

Jmodel 21st Nov 2012 20:10

Guys my source is quite good.... The "months" I told you are starting from November.... Hope to give some infos to all my fellows swimmers...

disagreeable 22nd Nov 2012 06:39

read this thread:

Note that as a DEC you may get looked after alot better than F/O's, SO's etc
BUT you still will get worked hard!!
Chances are you will get accomodation provided, but at this stage there is a housing issue; however depending on your train of thought, co.housing or finding your own villa has its pro's and cons.

Good luck.

Ethiopia 22nd Nov 2012 06:59

@ jmodel

Thank you for answering my question.

I hope this long wait will bring something good for all us.

dash8pilotCanada 24th Nov 2012 09:59

Can anyone tell me which sim (aircraft type) is being used for the sim assessment? Still the 787..

FL123 24th Nov 2012 10:09

Now 320!! sometimes 787

luvly jubbly 24th Nov 2012 12:49

I guess their 787 sim is being used now that the aircraft have started arriving. :ok:


flying apple 24th Nov 2012 15:12

they just use whatever sim is available

i did it in the 787 some on 320

Jmodel 25th Nov 2012 08:39

End of november update
To all the pool guys,

Please post as soon as you start getting news for the end of November update, I'll do the same.

eagleeye23 25th Nov 2012 09:25

DEC Hiring
QR website shows vacancies for 777 DEC, anyone out there with info about DEC hiring on 320/330s........Thanks and happy landings to all.

istikbalgoklerdedir 25th Nov 2012 21:13

there is no FO position right now ? Do you know when will the FO openings take place in the website ?

speedhold 26th Nov 2012 02:39

update end of nov
hi guys is there going to be updates at the end of nov ?.. i have not seen any emails saying that there will be updates at the end of nov...
anybody eles care to share..

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