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Comm 20th Jun 2012 11:01

Also still waiting.....
I attended end of april for second officer.....

Still awaiting any news from them.....have emailed no reply back etc.

turboprop co pilot total hrs 3300.

Gt an email two weeks ago asking about references from recruitment dept.....which sounded promising......but also had the same email one month prior to that asking the same thing from an admin position.

I emailed back of course also asking for a confirmation that they received it....nothing.

Frustrating but hopefully worth the wait.

Boeing777ER 20th Jun 2012 15:31

FTSO Qatar recruitment.
Hi pruners.
I have some doubts I would appreciate somebody could solve.
I applied to the FTSO in the early April. Two weeks after my application i recieved an email telling me I should attach the Frozen ATPL certificate. I did it the next day in the attachment page in the application.
I have been waiting for news and today I entered in my application discovering that the proggram was requesting me to ask two questions I thought i had done. I have asked and submitted...
My question are:
1.could it mean that my application start again from today?( this is I have to wait as today were the beggining????)
2. How many time is people waiting from the application to the moment they are contacted for an assesment??
3.Does anybody know some email of the recruiters where i could ask the first question??
Many thanks;)

victor75 20th Jun 2012 17:36

Hi everyone!

good news yesterday I received my offer of employement NTSO on A330.
I send them back the offer signed and now still waiting for the starting date. (hopefully soon..)
When I came to do the interview in October my ME IR was still valid but a month ago it expired. Do you know if I have to renew it or because I will do the training it will not be necessary?
Thanks for your answers!

applied : 20th July
Interview : 3rd October
Positive answer : 23th March
Offer : 19th Jun
Starting date : (soon hopefully...)

160-4 20th Jun 2012 17:51


When your visa comes through you should get a list of documents that they want you to scan and send over. The list includes your licence, and medical. From what I remember your licence, IR and medical must be valid for 3-6 months from your date of joining. I'll check on the time frame but you definitely need them valid, probably for licence conversion.



speedhold 20th Jun 2012 21:32

can anyone tell me what areas in doha have a more western community . Im trying to search areas where i can rent a 2 bedroom apartment that has a foregin community .
And any ideas for long term car rental within the budget qatar gives for transportation allowance .

direct entry fo non type rated..

Global01 21st Jun 2012 01:53

You sound so Frenchy dude, I bet you're....Western community area ........ If you thinking like that then you better stay where you are ... It's Doha dude, You have to say bye to isolation and ******, open your heart to the Arabs man ;)

You can find everyone everywhere, 20 years in the region, never heard such a thing .....

Try westbay if you can afford it or Compounds in Al-Waad, Plenty of Foreigners like you sir...

You can rent (long term) a small budget car from 1600/Month such as Nissan sunny or Kia picanto... Find them behind the baby shop near Mannai Roundabout...

Good luck !

Iver 21st Jun 2012 03:04

***Two Good Websites with Qatar Information
First, good job Victor 75! Nice to hear there is some movement - and a good international fleet position on the A330. :D:cool:

Victor 75, if you are interested in A330-specific routes at Qatar, you can look at the following website link (click on Jettracker and select aircraft type of interest):

The Qatar Source - Qatar Airways Jet Tracker.

Click on the specific aircraft type and it will give the routes flown for that specific type (again, not sure how accurate or up-to-date). For A330, look at both the A330-200 and the A330-300. Same is true for other types including 777-200LR, 777-300, A320, A321, A319LR, A340-600, etc. This information (if accurate), should give you a good sense of potential layovers for your aircraft type.

The general website is called "The Qatar Source" and you can find similar websites for Emirates, the other large, growing UAE airline and others as well. These websites claim to be independent and impartial - not sure about how accurate they are but they do provide news/PR.

Another good website for salary and hiring information at Qatar and other airlines is the following:

Qatar Airways pilot jobs, payscales and entry requirements.

Looks like it was updated recently - again, not sure about accuracy. You can find other Middle East, European and Asian airlines listed with similar information on that website as well: www.ppjn.com

An interesting tidbit found on ppjn related to Qatar is a bit about rosters (sounds like someone's opinion):

A330: 6-8 Overnights a mth, 2-4 days off between flights. Good overnight pay. A320: You never see more than 2-3 days in a row. A300: Expect 4-8 flights max per month. A330 Roster has the best roster followed closely by B777.

captmav 21st Jun 2012 17:43

Received the offer of employment last month (yay).

Now the question, is it better/ easier to join the company already married or is it easy enough to sort out my future wifes resident permit, company travel etc in 6 months time?

Just to be clear she wouldn't be living in Doha unmarried (although i don't have a problem with that, I'm sure the relevant authorities might!)

Thanks to all in advance.

casablanca 21st Jun 2012 18:03

I talked to a recruiter who works with Qatar, and seems he has some insight.
They said that Qatar was probably going to stop or slow recruitment for awhile and concentrate on dealing with those already in the pipeline. Would probably start recruiting again by end of the year.
However; Looks like they are still recruiting and interviewing to me so not sure if and or when this may change.

I also went to the website posted by "Iver" which was PPJN.com
Was just wondering if anyone had insight on the desciption under current situation wich said " Excess of Captains on all widebody fleets"
Has anybody been hired as DEC lately?

speedhold 21st Jun 2012 20:30

Fleet change
Hi i have been assigned the 320 when i join in Oct , I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the fleet assign would change when arriving there,. I`m happy to be on the 320 but I just wanted to know what the chances are of a fleet change .

Global01 21st Jun 2012 22:31

i know a guy who was assigned for 320 ,couple of month later was changed for 330, its possible ..... Everything is possible :)


rain dance maggie 22nd Jun 2012 11:38

@ all
Is there any assigned A330 FO who has received a DOJ the last couple of weeks?
Any info welcome...

Thank you all :)

Global01 22nd Jun 2012 14:31

Congrats man !

Hamid_27 22nd Jun 2012 14:46

Got the contract :}

A330 SO :E

Happy Days :cool:

speedhold 22nd Jun 2012 15:47

just wandering how SO are getting hired into 330?

gcc_ 22nd Jun 2012 16:18

Well there have always been SOs on the 330, normal track ones, just now I have a feeling there will be more of them than before as the 320 has a backlog on training as it is.
Current 320 S/Os are on hold, CTC guys, etc.
I am ONLY assuming that the newer S/Os will be on the 330 though.

Congrats Hamid. Well deserved!

FL123 22nd Jun 2012 16:42

@hamid27 and victor75
Alf Mabrook..... congrats to both of you... :ok:

flywake 22nd Jun 2012 19:35


Finally after 6 months I received my offer letter!!

NTSO A330:ok:

Iver 22nd Jun 2012 22:52

Just curious - can someone describe what an A330 SO position at QR would entail? Is it more of a "cruise pilot" for long haul A330 flights or is it a mix of cruise pilot and actual FO flying on shorter flights? Any examples? An SO position for an Asian carrier can be completely different from one in Europe or one on the ME.

Cheers for any clarification.

330airbus 22nd Jun 2012 23:23


It's no different than an SO position in QR on the 320 or any other fleet.
The general ground courses everyone does. Type rating, and line training 86-120 sectors.
I could be a little off with the sectors but is within that range.
After that he/she is a cleared F/O.
Not to mention that he won't even have a cover pilot the whole 120 sectors.

Just him/her and a Captain. And he/she logs the hours.
Perfect opportunity, which exists all over the middle east, except QR allow non nationals to be part of the program(limited number).

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