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intake 16th Jun 2012 10:49

Hi Pruners, can you help with the uploading of doc's for the application. Had an email from HR to upload these doc's but even after they have been zipped, still too big. Any suggestions ???? :rolleyes:

ironbutt57 16th Jun 2012 10:54

scan them greyscale, 100dpi settings on your scanner.....:ok:

luvly jubbly 16th Jun 2012 11:24

Scan them into acrobat .pdf not photo .jpg

dash8pilotCanada 17th Jun 2012 05:20

Slowing down
As this is the rumor mill..

I heard that QR will be be slowing their rate of Interviews in the coming future.. Is there any truth to this or are people confusing this with the slow application/interview process.

I do understand that QR has a huge back log of applicants and it takes time to clear them. But they do seem to need crews, lot of talk about them grounding aircraft due to shortage of crew. Will they be looking for A320 crews in the foreseeable future?

Paper Lad 17th Jun 2012 08:08

Recruitment and selection interviews have been reduced significantly in recent weeks. Management suggest that crewing levels are about right for the current aircraft numbers especially when all the ex Spanair guys come on line.

Also the hold pool is pretty full at the mo.

However, the company still has lots of new aircraft arriving in the coming months/years and there will always be a steady stream of leavers who have had enough of the M.E. Therefore, in my opinion, QR will continue with selections but at a much lower rate.

dash8pilotCanada 17th Jun 2012 08:13

Lets all keep are fingers crossed.. I have 3 fingers crossed that will continue to hire Non-rated A320 capts ;)

Even with the Spainair/Kingfisher guys it still seems they will need pilots..

intake 17th Jun 2012 10:49

Thanks guys

Iver 17th Jun 2012 17:30

Will Qatar continue to need pilots? Sounds like it. Just look at the projected 787 fleet ramp up. Although plans could always change, Qatar is supposed to receive its first 5 787 through the end of this year - I believe the first will enter commercial service in September. As of 2013, Qatar is scheduled to receive one new 787 ever 3.5 weeks for the next 4 years... Not too bad in terms of growth opportunities for pilots. :ok:

So, for the PIA pilot with 747-200/300 experience, your widebody experience could lead to offers on the 777 or 787 fleets down the road if you secure an interview and get hired. I would think joining the 787 fleet early in its growth cycle could help with potential upgrade if you have the hours/experience. Timing is always important - your mate with 737 experience probably got hired at a good time. Sounds like having Boeing experience helps with a Boeing fleet selection vs. Airbus (not always but seems to be a trend from conversations I have had with some recent successful applicants). Widebody experience also helps with fleet selection choices.

Obviously the interview, hiring and eventual training backlogs (and the frustrating apparent lack of communication with applicants :ugh::mad:) do not help in your evaluation. Qatar does not seem to be a good communicator - the HR department could use some fresh customer service training and better organisational skills... :}

DutchDutch 17th Jun 2012 18:15

I need some advice for the following situation any information is appreciated.


JAA medical: Class 2 (class 1 expired several months ago)
FAA medical: Class 1

JAA frozen ATPL, but ME and IR are expired. (last prof check 2010)

FAA CPL ME IR (current)

Is it possible to apply for a FTSO (with frozen ATPL) like this or do you need a JAA medical class 1 before you can apply? I mean they do not specify what type of medical you need but I was informed that FAA medicals are not preferred, is that true?

Also do you need to be current with your JAA ME IR before applying?

Does somebody know when you receive the typerating, on what license they put it? (this question has been asked before but I was unable to find the answer)

I appreciate the help! :ok:

SAR59 18th Jun 2012 04:03

Evening fellas,

Just filling in the application now and got to the end bit and have a quick question regarding the references required on the application form. Basically, the only people who for me would fit the criteria they ask for this (i.e knows you professionally, in checking/training etc etc) for me would be the training managers at my current outfit. However, they are, in general, a complete bunch of pricks and if they got wind I was planning on leaving and for whatever reason I ended up staying they would no doubt make my life hell. In fact, I wouldn't even put it past them not to sabotage the application altogether (as they have done to other guys historically). Has anybody else been in this situation? If so, what did you do? Do they only contact these people in the event you actually accept an eventual offer? Any suggestions at all? Bit confused right now to be honest!!

Tibor090 19th Jun 2012 00:37

Has anyone received a DOJ email in the last 2 weeks? If so how long away is the start date?


LADY PISCES 19th Jun 2012 02:23

ATR in Himalayas
hi immran, abt your last post, I have also been through the interview and waiting for reply my flying experience is on 737. You mentioned about your friend who got the 777 having past experience on 737, can u please let me know when was this bcoz i have heard they are not offering 777 anymore to the new joiners may be that was some time ago, when did he go for his assessment. I did mine on 18 april, have you also applied?

Iver 19th Jun 2012 03:17


Maybe they are waiting to offer you this instead:

JetPhotos.Net Photo N787BX (CN: 40692) Boeing Company Boeing 787-881 Dreamliner by Lee Gatland

Who knows? With hiring and training so backed up - you never know. Certainly would be a nice first aircraft assignment at the "Goat" airline... :ok::}:cool: With 60 airframes coming (if options are exercised), would be a good fleet to get on early. Although, I am sure QR management will find a way to work everyone on that fleet as hard as they do on the Airbus and 777 fleets. :{:}

Good luck!

jibba_jabba 19th Jun 2012 07:54

I'll burst your bubbles now;

the 787, if your extremely luck, or extremely PIC Heavy jet experienced; WILL NOT be assigned to you newjoiners;

The 787 is a carrot for the guys that have been here and busted there arse on the fleets. It wont go to anybody just walking in I highly doubt. If it does, then I assume in no great numbers..... and again, I assume there will be a blowback from guys fed-up waiting for fleet transfers.

Runbamaca 19th Jun 2012 09:37

May interview

Have you received any reply for your may interview?

Zakary 19th Jun 2012 11:31

Any B777 allocated FOs received a DOJ these last days ?

Iver 19th Jun 2012 11:46

Jibba Jabba,

Thank you for the update. That makes sense, although I have heard (no firsthand knowledge) that several 777 pilots have turned down the fleet transfer (unlike many Air India pilots who cannot wait to dump their 777s). Not sure if that is due to training bond issues, pay or they really love the 777 and it's route system. For example, I have heard some 777 pilots from South America want to remain on that fleet because it serves their home countries of Brasil and Argentina. So, I could imagine a scenario with an experienced widebody Boeing newhire could slip by I suppose. Who knows?

60 potential airframes is a lot of growth and a lot of new destinations or city pairs if the 777s stick to many of their current routes. With a new 787 arriving at QR every 3.5 weeks starting in 2013 (if Boeing can increase from current production levels as it claims) I would think it would be a highly desirable fleet for Qatari pilots so long as they can stomach the training bond. Not that the work level would improve much as all of the fleets work hard - but the 787 fleet should offer great growth potential.

I have also heard rumours that the 787 will be staffed by many current A320 pilots - is this still likely? Can anyone at QR who has "seniority" and fulfilled their training bond commitment bid/request the 787 or any other desired fleet? How does that process work in terms of allocating tenured pilots to different fleets? For example, if a tenured A320 FO wishes to move to the 787 or A330, can he just bid that fleet (assuming no training bond obligation remaining on the A320) and wait for an opening like they do at Western airlines or do pilots get assigned specific fleets based on need?


upwhereIbelong 19th Jun 2012 21:40

just encourage you waiting Guys ,heard about min 2 SO which had a offer of employment recieved last few days ....
things move now again I would say

Keep your Mind stron and Head up

Selection Doha:Jan2012
Good News May 2012
Offer of E.:end of May 2012
DOJ :open
FO 320 unrated

cccc 20th Jun 2012 08:28

I hope it is true... that things are starting to move again...

Selection: Feb 2012
Good news: March 2012
Offer: TBA
Joining date: TBA
Fleet: TBA
Position: FTSO

I guess I need to be patient huh?
Cheers and c u all in DOH!


160-4 20th Jun 2012 08:29


Can anyone who has already joined let me know what they did about a blood type certificate and passport photo's. I'm due to join from the UK at the beginning of August and on my paperwork it requests that I have both of these things. Did you wait until you arrived? The passport photo's (all 24 I think!) need to be on a blue background which isn't that easy to organise here in the UK. The blood type cert....Mmm no idea!


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