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FL123 24th Apr 2012 17:31

6-8 months for Fast Track... 8-10 for a NTSO (from the current scenario)

Also, the pay is 10000QR with housing and 16000QR without housing.
Current situation -- no housing given to SOs. Hence takeaway 16000QR.

Non Zero 24th Apr 2012 19:39

IN FOCUS: Qatar Airways looks for pilots as deliveries ramp up

cyrilroy21 24th Apr 2012 19:47

The carrier runs a scholarship programme for young Qataris, sponsoring ambitious youngsters to train as second officers, and plans to open this to foreign citizens
Interesting.... :cool:

Iver 24th Apr 2012 23:56

Just curious, what does annual pilot attrition look like at QR? How many pilots resign or are fired annually (on average)? 100-200 pilots departing annually? Obviously new hiring will need to cover departing pilots as well...

VintageRed 25th Apr 2012 02:14

QR housing
Regarding the housing situation....

I knocked back an offer in Jan of this year because of various family issues, but am looking at applying again.

I understand that co housing is gone (due to numbers of new hires) but I wanted to know how easy/difficult it is to find your own accom.

I will have a wife and 2 small kids (3yrs and 6 months) coming with me so I'd need a 3br place.

Does the 10,000 cover a place?

Also, what about furniture and appliances etc, are they expensive?



cccc 25th Apr 2012 07:00

Formal Offer of Employment
Hi All,
Just a quick question.
I received the positive e-mail a month ago, for the position Fast Track Second Officer. In the mail said it is seeking for approval to employ me and it should not take mroe than 6 weeks to receive the contract with fleet allocation.
Did it ever happen that someone who received a positive mail, NOT received the formal offer of emplyoment?
C U in Doha.

ADY 26th Apr 2012 08:36

When did you apply for the job gourm?

cccc 26th Apr 2012 10:58

I applied online the beggining of December 2011, went for the interview mid February. Received mid March a mail that I successfully passed the selection.
Waiting since then...

4holer 26th Apr 2012 13:43

Anyone ever been asked to fill out the hours summary again and submit it back AFTER the interview? They asked about 10 days after the interview, I submitted it to them again and haven't heard from them for over 2 weeks now.

Ripley72 26th Apr 2012 17:03

Same to me!!

sandson 26th Apr 2012 23:48

how long...
How long after applying online have you guys received any news from HR recruitment?
Trying DEC for the A320...

Amigo do Ze Pretinho 26th Apr 2012 23:58

Very interested to know the same! How much long for initial contact for DEC A320? Thanks!

fleria 27th Apr 2012 10:58

Goodmorning http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/smile.gif

i wanted to ask if someone knows what is the recruitment policy of Qatar Airways refering to non visible scars in the body(from surgery incision). I recently attended the cabin crew recruitment process and although i passed the first day of the process , during the second day, when we were taking the english test, they were asking each one of us privately if he/she had any scars, even no visible. I told them that i had two from appendix removal incision-very old one, and from breast augmentation surgery. I was not chosen after all but since i wanted to reattend an open dayin the future, maybe in Emirates, i wanted to know if someone knows sth about this matter (scars, breast augmentation). Thank you in advance http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/smile.gif

MacManiac 27th Apr 2012 13:49

Hi fleria,

Try the following forums, they might be more helpful than this thread(this thread is targeted for Pilots).

Cabin Crew Or Cabin Crew Wannabes

Cliff Richard 27th Apr 2012 14:59

I understand on arrival in Doha, and after you open a bank account with QR's preferred bank, you can then get a salary advance for the first month, and take subsequent reductions in pay over the next 2 months to cover the initial advance?

Can anyone tell me when the usual 'payday' falls in the month.


Cat3BNoDH 27th Apr 2012 15:41

usualy the 28th!

Deep and fast 27th Apr 2012 18:22

Fleria, post a picture of your scars and we will let you know :suspect:

D and F :8

ironbutt57 28th Apr 2012 04:26

@sandson....Seems to be 6-8 weeks...

WELCO 28th Apr 2012 12:56


So I suppose you are going there too mate!:E
Will be looking forward to seeing you there!

Good luck.

Cliff Richard 28th Apr 2012 20:45

Thanks CAT3' :ok:

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