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zerotohero 18th Sep 2011 19:49

Just looking at filling in the application,

where it says Advance Notice,,, and Date of Availability,,, what exactly is that for???? notice to interview or notice to give to current employer,,, and date of availability,,, if thats to interview in Doha then I cant really give a date as such as it depends on lots of factors.

anyone a bit more of a clue about it?

blusky75 18th Sep 2011 20:14

i put as advanced notice the notice period of my present employer, and as date of avaibility when i could join the comapny..dunno if it was correct but they called me :)

zerotohero 18th Sep 2011 20:17

Sounds good enough advice, thanks for that

gdukkoq 19th Sep 2011 08:55

Anyone knows how many sectors a fast track SO must do before becoming a FO?

Capt Aviator 19th Sep 2011 10:09

Fast Track SOs to FO
I believe it's 46 sectors....approx 2 months in a A320 and 3 months in a A330, so I was told.

gdukkoq 19th Sep 2011 13:22

Thanks Capt Aviator

gb777 20th Sep 2011 04:51

Educational assistance
Quick question : is it true that the educational assistance is only applicable
to schools within qatar? (Coudn't find this info with a search...)
Thanks in advance.

jamieboy 20th Sep 2011 08:58

I was sent this with the joining information pack:

Do I get any assistance with registering my children and school fees?

You will be provided with a list of schools. However you will be responsible for admissions. Assistance with children’s school fees is a benefit applicable to certain grades and would reflect in your offer of employment. This assistance is provided whether the children are schooling overseas or in Doha and reimbursement requires submission of original invoices. Please note that the subsidy covers only school registration and tuition fees and does not cover costs of books, sports fees, transport, extra tuition, boarding fees, etc.

Has the policy changed? Would also appreciate any feedback?

spanner the cat 20th Sep 2011 21:05

Jamieboy - Don't think the policy has changed.

Don't know how EK factor their hours. If you mean what gets logged and credited towards annual hours then as A Crew (operating flight) you log 100% of flight. B Crew (relief crew) log 50% of flight. You get flight pay for 100% both ways.


drfaust 20th Sep 2011 22:54

GB777, at the roadshow in LHR the recruitment gentlemen informed everyone that this allowance is usable all over the world and not just in Qatar.

NGFellow 21st Sep 2011 10:56

Are all the F/O positions for the A320 as the website announcement or will they hire F/O's on the WB

flyforfood1 21st Sep 2011 15:02

Depends on your experience generally, if your Airbus rated don't be surprised if thats where you end up, again, generally if you have over about 3000 hours total you may find your way onto one of the WB fleets.

This of course could be all subject to change at the last minute though, you may have flown Boeing all your life and end up on an Airbus....but then at least you'll have both on your licence for when you get fed up. :ok:

F14 21st Sep 2011 15:10

Guys, did anybody get an invitation to Doha after filling in the form at the Roadshows?

How about the QF and TCX crews, they were mentioned as being "in talks" with Qatar ?

29486d28f808a6c37bc0 21st Sep 2011 18:33

Does anyone know if Qatar allows class D sim time to be included in the 1,000 hours requirement? In my case it would be of the multiengine jet aircraft category, the sim of the same aircraft type.

gdukkoq 21st Sep 2011 21:20

Really WB ? coz I have over 3000 hrs, just got back from Doha, and i'm now waiting for the sim result. Applied as a SO fast track coz I'm missing a few jet hrs for the FO.
But does anyone here has been hired as a fast track, coz it's still a little blurry, even during the panel interview they didn't know how many sectors etc...

TwoTone-7 21st Sep 2011 23:48

46 Sectors as Fast Track SO. Could be done in as little as 3 - 4 months of flying.

TwoTone-7 21st Sep 2011 23:49

Can get on WB with as little as 2000 hours.

jonbj 22nd Sep 2011 01:50

Hi there
Anyone knows how many sectors a new fo on b777 has to expect before final line check?
Thanks a lot

aviationboy 22nd Sep 2011 03:54

blusky and skyman....

Surely not many people would be called for interview 3 DAYS after submitting an application..... I heard back after 2 weeks, then nothing for 6 weeks now. Fast track though so it could be different. :ugh:

blusky75 22nd Sep 2011 06:57

aviation boy
i know...i was not especting to be called in 3 days but they did...and after the interview...when i got the mail i thought was a negative response cz i had heard they usually take longer to give u a positive feedback but when i opened it i was surprised to see it was the answer i was waiting for....now they said within 4 weeks i ll know the fleet and joining date...at today 1 week has passed..

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