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HighRider 3rd Dec 2011 16:58

LHR Roadshow 5th Dec.
Would anyone mind telling the time this roadshow starts?

clearedfortaxi 3rd Dec 2011 18:40

Thanks av8ordude :ok:

330airbus 4th Dec 2011 09:25

Just a quick questions, how does seniority work in QR?

1) If a Captain's Date of Joining is after a Second Officer's DOJ; the S/O is basically more senior in the airline?
Does rank matter?

2) If two S/Os join together(Or F/O), does it matter who becomes a F/O first(Or CPT), or are they of the same seniority?

Thanks !

gdukkoq 4th Dec 2011 13:50

Don't know about SO, but I think there is a seniority list for captains and a differant one for FO. For example once you upgrade to Captain you start in a new seniority list.

navigator4u 4th Dec 2011 16:24

Don't worry
Don't worry,

Took me alomst 2 months, and they are buzy..

gdukkoq 4th Dec 2011 18:26

2 months to get what?

malcy 4th Dec 2011 19:25

Qatar interview
Hello, do any of you good people know the deal with a first officers interview. Many thanks.

gdukkoq 4th Dec 2011 19:30

The deal is great !

malcy 4th Dec 2011 19:32

Qatar next roadshow
Hi guys. After 5th dec. Does anyone know when the next roadshow date is in London. Many Thanks.

jibba_jabba 4th Dec 2011 21:33

I though I would break up the incessant asking about roadshows and when QR will contact me business......

Does anyone have an idea about the Jeppesen FD (Flight Deck) Ipad electronic approachplates use in QR? Can it be used? Or is there is even a need?


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gdukkoq 5th Dec 2011 07:42

How much more time must I wait !!! It's been 8 weeks since the good news and 12 weeks since the interview, still no contract, no date of joining, no fleet allocation... Should I start looking for an other job...

jibba_jabba 5th Dec 2011 08:00

I dare say that given its christmass for most of the world, sims will be booked out or slow down due to sim instructors going on holidays. So they prob wont be setting dates over DEC/Jan as they will probably be full?? I am expecting Feb/March time.
I also imagine it will depend on your fleet assignment as well as accomodation and training slots.
Sounds like they are extremely busy.
However, If another carrier calls with a firm contract then it will be a tough choice!!..... come on QR!

gcc_ 5th Dec 2011 08:52


Let's face it, it's not like you didn't try applying to other places.
I can very much relate to your frustration myself, and by many others that were in the same place, but just take it easy.
I understand it's been a while, but QR WILL get back to you.

It's worse when you're waiting for the interview date, or for the "good news" email.
Just sit back, relax, and wait till they contact you.
I haven't personally heard or read of anyone that got the good news and didn't get contacted.
Remember that once you get the fleet allocation and official offer of employment, it will be a matter of days or weeks(about 2) till your date of joining (upon your request, unless you need longer).
I can understand the frustration, but relax for now, you will wish you were still waiting for the DOJ once you've started flying :E

gdukkoq 5th Dec 2011 10:08

The world's economy is going down very soon, I suspect and only a few airlines like QR et Etihad will be very safe. Not even Emirates because unlike the 2 others their economy is more fragile. Forget about Asia, Europe, or the US...

thomasd 5th Dec 2011 12:45

qatar executive
hi guys! i just got an invitation to the selection program for F/O Qatar Executive. does anybody have any details about rostering(as I understand your always on standbye except when on vacation), pay, career progresion(to captain), housing etc??
Im currently flying a regional in europe and making +- 3200e clean (without housing deduction obvious..), but the future of the airline seems uncertain so I would be very grateful for any information.

pilotcpb 5th Dec 2011 13:10


2 weeks, seriously? Won't we have a bunch of paperwork to fill out when we get the fleet and join date? I was counting on a 1-2 month wait from that time.

dash8pilotCanada 5th Dec 2011 14:09

Is QR actively looking for A320 DECs?

Daft Wader 5th Dec 2011 14:11

QR is looking for DEC on A320 , all the time

Daft Wader

gjln 5th Dec 2011 14:42

Who is going to Interview on the 18/12?
PM me!!

moje 6th Dec 2011 06:53

QR HR email
Hi everybody,
I am trying to upload documents but unable to do so most probably because they are more than 456Kb. Does anyone know the email of the HR department so I can ask them how can I upload my docs, thanking you all in advance

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