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av8tordude 14th Nov 2011 15:56

You should get an email indicating they have received your application. I believe I received mine the same day, if not, then definitely the next day.

stud7094 14th Nov 2011 16:01

its been 2 weeks since i submitted but have not received an email confirming. I just went back to the qatar website and logged in and the little paper next to first officer says completed app. should i resubmit or just wait and see what happens? After I submitted it went to the page that says your application has been submitted and one of our recruitment specialists will contact you if you meet the criteria or something like that.

av8tordude 14th Nov 2011 16:21

If you meet their requirements, they should be contacting you.

stud7094 14th Nov 2011 16:31

Thats what I thought as well. I definately meet them so hopefully we will see soon. My buddy told me they never gave him a confirmation email but 4 weeks later offered him an interview. Maybe its different for everyone?

21-Lancer 14th Nov 2011 17:36

"If you meet their requirements, they should be contacting you. "
Not necessary. I also applied, meeting the reqs. listed, I received that app. confirmation email, but they didnít contacted my by now, and there are more than 2 months. :confused:

ITO 14th Nov 2011 17:54

Sounds like everyone is having a different scenario/conditions.
I`m having a situation here, if anyone has encountered this :
*Filled up the online APP.
*2 Weeks later, I was asked to upload a document, with a mention that I was matching the requirements.
*Been 4 weeks since that letter, now I went to my account to just check a detail on my online APP, but it`s not there anymore ! All the details......etc from page 1 to summary are gone ! ? its like fresh, when you open an account for the first time and that you have to fill up everything for the first time.

Don`t understand...??? Anyone had the same before ??

fishbath21 14th Nov 2011 18:52

Qatar Interview
Hi All....

I did my interview 3 weeks ago. It was very nice a professional. I just got an answer yesterday from Qatar, saying I have passed with positive results. And that next they will send me the letter within the next 3-4 weeks to inform me of the package and the fleet I was chosen for.

But I have an issue. I still have a contract with my current company :ugh:. It seems I'm having difficulty getting the release letter from them.

Also in the interview they mentioned and stressed about the release letter from current company. Now I don't know what to do, I don't want to lose the Qatar offer and at the same time I don't know if I can tell Qatar if they can give me 6 months to join. By the time I can be clean with my current company and join them.

I need an help from a fellow pilot....Anyone that can give me idea.

blusky75 14th Nov 2011 19:07

But if u have all these problems why did u apply? Was better to wait few months more! By the way it depends what chance you have in your company

21-Lancer 14th Nov 2011 19:20

Just back off Lady G.
Is there any admin around?

blokker 14th Nov 2011 20:04

Dear all,

Who is going to Stockholm on the 20th nov for the AD . Pls contact me regarding hotel...thanks in advance...

av8tordude 14th Nov 2011 20:33

@ Fishbath12

When I had my interview, I was asked when i could start. After I told them my timeline, they emphasized that if Qatar were to call me for a class date in that timeline, would there be anything that would prevent me from accepting that class date. If so, it would be a lot easier on them to schedule a date that would fit both the my situation and Qatar. I told them, the only thing that would prevent me from attending was my son's graduation. As long as I was not in training during that time or I would be able to attend his graduation, there would be no other reason that I could not accept.

In my understanding of what was being asked is, if you have a situation that you can not attend a class date that is not suitable, contact them immediately so they do not place you in a class that you can not accept. It would be easier for them to place someone else in that class and move your class date to a different date.

av8tordude 14th Nov 2011 20:39

@ Ladygag,

I would suggest you contact a moderator if you want to know why a post was removed.

victor75 14th Nov 2011 23:19

I passed the interview the 3rd november and still got no news.

Anyone from the 3rd and did you get an answer?


skull 15th Nov 2011 05:42

Almost 6 weeks as well since interview and still no news. I guess I should take it as a negative answer!

Fogrunner 15th Nov 2011 11:18

people have different timelines. General consensus appears a rejection would come quickly. I interviewed in Oct and received positive news after 3 weeks.

3000+ hours heavy Jet
9000+ hours total


WELCO 15th Nov 2011 11:39

Not necessary. I also applied, meeting the reqs. listed, I received that app. confirmation email, but they didnít contacted my by now, and there are more than 2 months. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/confused.gif

No wonder!:ugh:

mcrit007 15th Nov 2011 12:09

guys...desparate to get to the sand pit???:=

mcrit007 15th Nov 2011 12:16

21-lancer.....2 months is too long a time!!
try these hr numbers:

all the best:ok::ok:

gdukkoq 15th Nov 2011 14:18

Just hope that all the pilots from kingfisher will fill up the recruitment needs in short notice... Still waiting on the contract and it's been more than 8 weeks since the interview...

mtr 15th Nov 2011 15:39

interview feedback
Hi guys,
Anyone has any idea why Qatar needs more than 2 weeks to send feedback with regards to interview results? Anyone can inform me with regards to the procedure followed after interview?
Many thanks in advance!

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