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Skyhawk737 19th Oct 2011 08:53

Qatar Airways Application Reference Number???
Hi everybody,

I would appreciate a help regarding following issue:
I want to apply to Qatar Airways for Flight Deck Crew position, more exactly First Officer position. I visited Qatar Airways career web site, created profile, filled with data and submitted the application (pressing "Submit" button at the end of the filling application process). After completing the application and submitting it I received e-mail with subject: "Job submission for the position First Officer (Job Number: AIR000MB) at Qatar Airways" - with no any Application Reference Number. Talking to some friends and colleagues I have been told that I should have received Application Reference Number. I referred back to application, checked that all the required data were entered, properly formatted, files attached... and submitted application again. I received the same message as before but no Application Reference Number again??? I asked a friend of mine to pass through my application with me and check if everything was done in proper manner - everything seemed fine.
Is there anybody experiencing the same problem??? Some explanation for the reason why I was not provided with Application Reference Number??? I want to call somebody from Qatar Pilot Recruitment but don't have any name and phone number to do a follow up and check the status of my application.
Any help... explanation, phone number, suggestion how to solve this issue is welcomehttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/smile.gif

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

Regards to all!

ITO 19th Oct 2011 11:35

Another question : Lets say you already sent you online app, and that later you want to edit just some details : Do you have to re clic on -submit- (last page) once you`ve edited your stuff ?


Leger 19th Oct 2011 15:51

Thanks pilotcpb, great stuff! :ok:
Hopefully you will get the good news soon!

Route H-1 20th Oct 2011 04:12

Offer of employment
Hi guys,

I got congrats mail on SEP 13th and it said I would receive the offer of employment within 4 weeks.
I'm in 5th week but have't got it yet.

I sent mails to some people at HR asking where they are in the process but no answer:{
As some people said in this thread, maybe they are so busy that it takes some extra time.
I understand but getting very nervous.
Has anyone experienced this? Did you get it eventually?:confused:

DragOverLift 20th Oct 2011 09:19

Give them a call. Forget Email. They are submerged!

gdukkoq 20th Oct 2011 16:29

I suppose some here received the same email. But I have a small question, what does "The next step in the process is for us to gain approval for your Appointement" does it mean they will find out if they have availability for me or I need to give them my approval for the next step, in this case I need to email them back to get an offer ?

Below the full message.

We are delighted to inform you that you have successfully passed the Qatar Airways Flight Deck selection process.
The next step in the process is for us to gain approval for your appointment.* Following this we will issue a formal offer of employment which should take no more than 4 weeks.* This letter will be your formal offer of employment and will also contain your fleet allocation.* *
Once again, thank you for your interest in a career with Qatar Airways and we look forward to seeing you in Doha soon.

trackalpha 20th Oct 2011 16:56

Any DEC`s Out There
Just wondering if the sim ride is any different than what is described in the rest of the forum eg. do DEC`s get RTO, engine failure, GA with engine failure etc.


SkyMan2011 20th Oct 2011 23:16

Just reply the email accepting the job offer.

WrightFlyer 21st Oct 2011 09:06

Success!!! :)
I just wanted to say a huge thank you :ok: to all the positive contributors to this thread, all your posts have been extremely helpful from the interview preparation right through to living in Qatar.
We received positive news this week informing us that I was successful at the interview and it seems that we are on our way to Qatar.
All the best to prospective candidates, put in the hard work and good luck.:ok:

THE MIR 22nd Oct 2011 01:07

Hello Every1. I am new to this thread. I wanted to ask if QA considers second officers with basic experience of 220 hrs(single+multi engine) + Type rating on A320(MCC included). If yes, what is the right way to start.

All replys and advices would be highly appreciated.:ok:

Deep Regards

IMAGINE. 23rd Oct 2011 05:18

nov 21st
hello people

I do have my interview on nov 21st FO! and there are some thinks i'll like to have clear before i go,
In the test; the Performace questions are: ASDA, TODA, V speeds, Lemac/Temac MAC calculations? or just definitions:confused:, I got the latestpilots.com question bank and the ACE book, is that enough???? or do i have to go to NASA and get the POH of the Atlantis???
In the ride; is that safety pilot someone rated on the type (A330, B777) or another applicant just like me (that'll :mad:).

Imagine If!

winch launch 23rd Oct 2011 16:23


I am sorry if some of my questions have been covered already but the thread is so long now that I probably missed lots of info!

Could anyone tell me about the rosters on the 777 for FOs. How many hours per year? Are hours sleeping in the crew rest counting towards that total:O?
What's the typical money take home per month on that fleet?
And finally what's the time to command (to medium haul or even straight onto an other wide body) for a chap like me with 4500 TT including 1500 on wide body aircrafts?



Homo Ludens 23rd Oct 2011 17:46

- 899, or very close to;
- no, they do not count (but you'll get paid for them);
- approx $us 10 000
- as per today - 5 to 6 years, right to left.

Anything else?

ITO 23rd Oct 2011 21:54

QR Interview : Tech quiz
Hi pilots,
A question to the guys that went to QR Interview : Are you allowed to use calculator/CX2 during the ATPL quiz ?

Thanks for your answer.

maddog37 23rd Oct 2011 22:35

Yes, you are... but it is not necessary. Good luck

ITO 23rd Oct 2011 22:43

Hi Maddog,
Thank you very much for your answer. I presume that you`ve been already through the whole thing ?
I would like just to x-check with the process event : After completing the online APP, have you been sent a letter from the recruitement asking you to complete some more details ? If Yes, how long after this letter have you been contacted again with an Interview date ?


jibba_jabba 24th Oct 2011 02:34

Best to go to a road show if you can. its all done really quickly. Sorry, dont know about being contacted from HR. They are swamped, as you would expect. I am awaiting a go/no-go email this week. Its happens fast(3-4weeks) once you have gone through it all.

Mungo Man 24th Oct 2011 08:37

Originally Posted by pilotcpb
as for the panel interview, think hard and come up with as many TMAAT stories as you can.

What is 'TMAAT'?

Flightstats 24th Oct 2011 11:01

Tell me about a Time when....bla bla bla:8

Ozavatar 24th Oct 2011 11:15


I am looking to find from the ppruners here as when and where is the next road show for Qatar.I believe that I have missed the one in Australia that took place few weeks ago.
I would also like to find out from guys/girls who have previously been invited for the interview as to what are the right channels to obtain an Interview. i have filed online applications and there is still nothing i have heard from the HR from Qatar yet.

I have over 3000Hrs with turbine time and GA experience with full ATPL.Would i be able to get a look in by qatar at all ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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