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boko 8th Nov 2011 03:30

hi everyone,
how long does it take from application to interview?
received email to be shortlisted 2 weeks ago

Gregling 8th Nov 2011 15:25

It can take a lot more than that. I've been shortlisted too, as second officer, and i've been waiting for 11 weeks for the interview.

flycircus 9th Nov 2011 17:01

As far as I remember, I received the same email 4 months ago after my first draft, and no, my application had not been submitted at that time. I received an invitation 4 weeks later and participated to the assessment process 2 weeks ago.
Best of luck


stud7094 10th Nov 2011 02:54

Does anyone know the current wait time for an interview for first officer? I hear mixed stories from 3 weeks to 3 months. Any idea would be great.


gdukkoq 10th Nov 2011 07:09

For those waiting. They just got back from a week vacation, so things should move again soon.

whinelist 10th Nov 2011 13:20

Is commuting to another ME country possible, or must totally relocate to Doha?

jibba_jabba 11th Nov 2011 00:30

For those waiting. They just got back from a week vacation, so things should move again soon.
Thanks gdukkoq,
that would explain alot :-) fingers crossed for next week.

VintageRed 11th Nov 2011 01:12

Can anyone explain the process for the initial issue of the QR class 1 medical?

Has anyone had an irregular heartbeat and still been issued an class 1?



av8tordude 11th Nov 2011 03:34

Flight Experience : 8K+
Position Applied: First Officer
No mainline experience...

Timeline from application to interview:

Application sent: August 25
Interview invitation: September 27
Interview Date: November 08
Success notice: December 06
Contract/Aircraft Assignment: February 29 (A320)
Joining Date: April 29

During the Interview....

Company Introduction:

Started at 8:00am on the 1st floor conference room of the hotel we stayed (Oryx-Rotana Hotel). We were presented with a 15-min PowerPoint presentation about the company. At the end of the presentation, we each gave a brief introduction of ourselves by answering the following questions:

1. State name.
2. Where you from.
3. Marital & Family Status.
4. Brief airline career history.
5. Why you want to work for Qatar.

After the introductions, they requested the following…

· Original Flying Licenses - Valid
· Original Medical Certificate - Valid
· All Original Logbook(s) – Please add up the hours (both PIC and SIC)
· Copy of last Simulator Check
· Valid original passport.
· Letters of Reference/Recommendation
· Human performance and limitation certificate (if available)
· English Proficiency Certificate (if applicable)
· Flight Crew Recruitment Checklist

Note: Make copies of your Pilot & Medical Certificate and Passport. My company does not keep separate records of simulator checks, but provided me my training record. (Make sure its signed by the company or they will not be accepted it.) Your logbooks also need to be sign as well, but in the US, no airline or FAA will sign your logbook. Only option available is to have your company provide a statement of how many hours you have flown during your employment at the company or go to a Notary Public.

Phase I:

We had 1-hour to complete a 50-question multiple-choice exam. After everyone completed their exam, we were told to wait outside so they can grade our exams. We were informed that all of us could proceed to the next phase.

(Note: There were two versions of the exams. P
assing score is 70%, (off the record, it may be lower due to the airline losing qualified candidates.) Studying only the questions in the gouges will not help you if you are not familiar with the subject areas. The questions below are similar to the question I had on my exam.

The actual Take-Off Mass is:
2. If a pitot source is blocked in an ASI, and the drain hole is blocked, but the static source is open, what will happen?
3. The temperature at FL 110 is -5' C. What will the temperature be at FL 50 if the ICAO standard lapse rate is applied?
4. Relative humidity depends on:
5. Which of the following statements is correct?
6. What are the minimum and maximum values of V1?
7. Which of the following is true with regard to VMCA (air minimum control speed)?
8. A DME is located at MSL. An aircraft passing vertically above the station at flight level FL 360 will obtain a DME range of approximately:
9. What is the definition of virga?
10. Inbound course for holding is 053 with STD turn. So your app heading is 233, so what s the procedure?
11. Rapid decompression, first action.
12. High pressure altitude affects what?
13. Vmca assures what after engine failure?
14. You land with 1013 set in your altimeter and the airfield elevation is 1240 ft with an actual QNH of 1008. What will your true alt read? (Formula: 5 X 27 ft + Airport Elevation)
15. Mach number is dependent on?

Phase II:

We were divided into group times for a 1-1 interview session. In the interview, there were 2-Captains & H.R. person. The type questions asked seem to be centered on my background experience (TMAAT) and assessing whether I would be able to adapt to a diverse international culture. If you are successful, you will be given an envelope that will indicate the time & location your simulator assessment will occur.

Phase III:

They arranged a bus that will took the group from the hotel to the simulator building. When we arrived at the simulator building, we were taken to a briefing room where the instructor does an excellent job providing a detailed briefing of how to fly the airplane (A320, A330, or B777). He will give you a sheet that will be a guideline of what he will be assessing during the simulator ride.

My simulator ride consisted of two circuit pattern:

– Takeoff to 3000ft, stayed in the pattern, vectors to intercept the localizer, and land to a full stop.
– Takeoff to 3000ft (received an APU fire), stayed in the pattern, vectors to intercept the localizer, and land to a full stop.

Note: The instructor will only act on whatever you command. Provide a thorough take-off brief. During your approach, if you are not stabled by 1000ft, you MUST execute a go-around.

When the ride is over, the instructor will not provide any details of your performance.

Additional Notes:
All figures are quoted in Qatar Riyals. 3.64(QAR) - 1(USD)

Contract: 3yrs – open ended


· Salary: 21500/Month with a 3% pay raise up to 5yrs
· Flight Pay: 90/Hr
· Utilities: 300
· Transportation: 1500
· Per Diem: base on the number of overnights and location
· Company provided housing (fully furnished)

Company provided Insurance:
· Medical only

Note: Dental, Optical, & Pregnancy is not provided. You may purchase these through private companies.

Schooling Reimbursement:

· 1 child – 50K
· 2 child – 70K
· 3 child – 105K

Note: You must pay first and the company will reimburse the amount up to the stated figure for the number of children you have.

Gratuity Pay:
21 days of basic pay/Yr after the 3rd year
28 days of basic pay/Yr after the 4th year

jibba_jabba 11th Nov 2011 04:01

Ecellent info, very accurate;

however one correction is
· Flight Pay: 90 Riyal/Hr. which equals approx $25usd

av8tordude 11th Nov 2011 04:34

Thanks jibba_jabba...I'll correct it:ok:

perritopiloto 11th Nov 2011 05:51


Thanks for the info.
What is the Flight Crew Recruitment Checklist?

Good info!!!
Take care

blusky75 11th Nov 2011 10:20

@ perritopiloto

It s a form they ll send you in e-mail when invite you to the assessment

perritopiloto 11th Nov 2011 10:32

I have received interview date, but did not received that form. Only sim package.

Shoul I write them?


Prospin 11th Nov 2011 10:39


I take it that's the profile for a SO position? Just wondering because I've not been asked to supply copies of any sim checks or references.

Good luck!

blusky75 11th Nov 2011 12:06

@ perritopiloto
They will sen u the form. I got that mail too and after few days anoter mail. Don t worry it s just a form with ur datas,.... If they don t send to u it s not ur problem, they will give it to i when u are there. Wait few days more then write to them but i m sure u ll get it

av8tordude 11th Nov 2011 13:22

@ Prospin & perritopiloto

I applied for the FO position. You will get an email confirming your interview date with instructions on what you must bring with you to the interview (the items I mentioned above). Also in the email, it will have 4-attachments (Visa, Flight Crew Checklist, Airline Confirmation, and Sim Profile).

Also, you are confirmed in Coach Class, but you are on standby for Business Class both ways. I receive my business class ticket at the departure gate.

perritopiloto 11th Nov 2011 14:54

Thanks for the replies.

Waiting for the assessm.

wembadios 11th Nov 2011 15:52

4 kids in Qatar
I Wanted to apply at Qatar Airways, but I have 4 kids.
I was wondering if it is still worthy to try applying or is it a waiste of time since Qatar Airways only sponsor 3kids.
Are there people over there at Qatar Airways with more than 3 kids?


Non Zero 11th Nov 2011 15:57

4 kids in Qatar
Next time use condom ...:)

Jokes apart ... really depends on your life stile ... don't see any problems with more than 3 kids ...

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