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BritishGuy 21st Sep 2009 21:05

Has anyone heard from them recently? I sent in my stuff (by email and snail mail) on September 1st. A 'yay or nay' would be fine - but not knowing a bit of a bummer. Anyone else in a similar situation? I have more than 3250 TT and more than 1800 Jet. I'm sure there are many out there with more time and experience than me, but was wondering if anyone with similar experience as this been given a call as of late?


JOB HUNTER 21st Sep 2009 21:58

first quarter of 2010.

clrblu22 22nd Sep 2009 05:33

Download the Foxit reader to fill in the blanks on pdf forms.

skya320 22nd Sep 2009 12:41

"Why ...does the cost of the medical increase above 40...??http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/confused.gifhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/wibble.gif"

More test being done to renew your license (Lipid Profile check)
Lipid Profile require at initial then at age 40

pippobaudo 25th Sep 2009 14:59

Hi guys!
"Overflying" some less important questions (less for me, of course....) like housing, life in Doha and something like that.....i would like back to the basic........does anyone have any updated report from the interview?
I mean i read about many topics in the interview, passing from "long-haul" orientated questions (NAT, ETOPS......) to some old-fashioned questions ATPL style (sweep wing, ias...tas...mach.....relationship in climb and descent, Mcrit, VMCG, VMCA, TORA........."barrette" lights....etc etc):ugh:!
Have a more "operational" questions (about stuff normally used in the LH flights) instead of "ATPL basic" style questions is just "luck" or depends about how many FO they need in the specific moment? :ok:
Thank's all for the info and good luck to everybody!

bluefalcon 26th Sep 2009 10:40

Anybody joining QR on the class of 15th November?
PM me, thanks!

hans37pilot 27th Sep 2009 16:57

yes its true im tied bonded right now on the 777 for 3 years , if I quit I must pay depending on how much time I had been in the airline

vaschandi 28th Sep 2009 08:19

bonded hansi
And Hansi...any problems with that?? Be happy that you didnīt have to pay for it!
Congratulation and welcome to the B777 fleet!
You will like it,--even beyond the bonded 3 years!:O

loc22550 29th Sep 2009 06:44

LOL in provided By QIC (Qatar insurance company) up to 200.000U$.
Nothing is taken away from your salary.But he..don't dream about it..;
Seems that there are a lot of exclusions,..so basicaly unless you are smashed by an idiot landcruiser driver and you survive...,you might never see the color of this insurance if something happens to you ..IMHO.
It's like The ERP (exchange rate "protection":})....that doesn't really protect you against the qatari riyal crash.
Just there for the show...

vaschandi 29th Sep 2009 11:01

Where does the "2" come from in front of your 00.000 sum?
Mine shows a "1".

loc22550 29th Sep 2009 11:59

oops sorry my mistake..to be precise and according the last ACN ;
LOL has been increased to 150.000U$.

QR UNITED 2009 29th Sep 2009 19:45

CEO s eyes ( reporters)
Be aware of CSD Linda ( Sri Lankan ) dark girl . She has a nice naive smile but she is eyes and ears of CEO .
I was reported by her for walking from flight deck to business class on A330 in uniform without a hat .
She briefs her R1 : tell me if a Capt sleeping or if a Capt asking anything out of standard coz i need to report it .
Rumor is that she was almost terminated over a pax problem and she beg CEO to keep her in the airline as she need a job . She was spared of termination with 1 condition : to be CEOs eye and ears in the airline .

Another one to add on QR blacklist

Abcde1 30th Sep 2009 15:41

Hi United,
I heard the same about Linda (from Sri Lanka).
Guys, be careful when you fly with her!!!
She reports pilots almost on every flight of her, and she forces R1 to do the same.
She is the most unprincipled CSD with QR.

vaschandi 1st Oct 2009 06:03

United Abc
Poor guys, united abc!
You try to set the dogs on her?--You are somewhat lacking in maturity!

loc22550 1st Oct 2009 08:24

Vaschandi:what a non sense:
I'm just wondering on wich side is the lack of maturity ( the pilots who have been reported or the one who reported them;even kids in kindergarten don't act like that...)

vaschandi 1st Oct 2009 16:39

if you would have had a slight chance to look deeper in this stupid
"united no-hat-in-business-class-report", you would agree with me!
It is a united phantasmagoria!:cool:

Telling half the truth and chaising colleagues by name is immature!

I bet my hat!

PUPY 199 1st Oct 2009 18:19

Yup UNITED is 100 % right . Flown with a b..... she come and told us if we bring F2 in cockpit she will report us . She also didnt want to give us Evian as she say CEO didnt approve it .
She has an attitude problem and R1 come to us and say : i am sorry this CSD is really to much asking to report anything about cockpit crew.
For me and my friends she is blacklisted .
Well in Qatar Airways blacklist is a normal and accepted fact .

Vaschadi this is not a place to rub your tongue visit 9 floor for that plz .

Abcde1 2nd Oct 2009 11:33

Dear Vaschandi,

Would u tell me the other half of the story?
May be u know more about CSD reports...
I just wondering if you are realy from Brasil how u have this mentality?

shneidertrophy 3rd Oct 2009 08:15

In this airline I am totally PRO blacklisting these people.

And what is good about it is that they themselves now are aware that a blacklist exists and it actually does make an impression on them.

Does that website with that list still exists? Adress please...

Regarding the water thing:

There is NO memo pilots can not drink EVIAN. There only is a memo stating that CREW do not have acces to passenger ammeneties. It does not differentiate between CCM and flight deck.
Some resourcefull and frustrated CS/CSDs created their own rules with regards to this.

So now they think they can use a bottle of EVIAN to drop their tea bags in, and we drink RAYYAN. Well, not on my flights guys!

Know the rules and know your rights, and when you see this is happening on your flight make a STRONG remark! Had to do it three times so far and untill now with succes!

STAND ON YOUR STRIPES BOYS! Dont let this airline take away your dignity!

PERFORMANCE OFFICER 3rd Oct 2009 10:55

True is CEO hates pilots to the max . If he can fire them all he would do it .
Most of pilots have C.C girlfriends and thats what piss him off . If any pilot get married for a CC its an issue while male cabin crew in same time if he get married get apartment in building for mix couples.

Be smart when come to water,dates,laban,blanket . You can get it all on flight if you are smart .
I flown with a Capt on A320 every flight he do crew briefing and he ask 1 -2 safety questions and at the point when crew dont know the answer he aske CS to answer when CS dont know he just end the briefing with " when you learn safety manual you are free to remind me what i am allowed to have and what not ". He got all forbiden items on aircraft . As no CS will try to report a guy who just proven her in front of other crew that she do not know SEP .

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