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gdukkoq 31st Oct 2011 13:23

You must try 50 times before getting someone.

koenig 218 31st Oct 2011 14:39

Yea its a really frustrating,thanx anyway!:mad:

Capt Aviator 31st Oct 2011 16:37

Contacting HR
Call before 11am. Thats when I have been most successful.

perritopiloto 31st Oct 2011 17:23

Dear all,
Just wondering if moving to Doha with 2 dogs might be a problem (golden retriever and boxer)


reivilo 31st Oct 2011 17:25

How is life in Qatar when you're not married?

catch 31st Oct 2011 20:22

Hr Number
Can someone please pm me with Qatar Airways HR Phone number.

I have looked everywhere and can't seem to find it, they have a lot of numbers on the website but none are for HR.


Catch :ok:

av8tordude 31st Oct 2011 23:05

I'm completing the Flight Crew Recruitment Checklist and would like to know what does LST mean in the question below?

Latest Date for LST

DragOverLift 1st Nov 2011 07:53

License Skill Test!

pilotcpb 2nd Nov 2011 02:48

i spent the last 10 days reading this entire thread. i have now read all 171 pages. i managed to come up with a few questions:

1. when joining, will HR be a bit flexible with the date i actually fly to doha? i ask this because one chap seems to have arrived at his lodging at 7am and was expected back to be back at HQ at 9am for a full day of fun..... i would like a day to get used to the place a bit before the game starts.

2. it has been a month now since i completed the interview but i have received no word on the outcome. i am anxious because i have another offer but qatar is my top choice and i really want to know soon:ugh: it seems the vast majority of applicants who wait were successful. LATELY, are there many exceptions to this that i have missed?

3. is it a bad idea to contact HR by phone? i KNOW they are busy, but will it create a bad impression? reference above

4. anyone care to expand on the story about a captain who was fired for drinking a bottle of evian? the story from over 2 years ago was very vague.

5. i enjoy cycling and mountain biking. after visiting doha i concluded that only a mad nutter would take to the streets on a bike, but there is a cycling club called qatar chain reaction. anybody familiar with this group?

6. any rosters on the a320/777? just kidding:}

TwoTone-7 2nd Nov 2011 12:55

1. First day usually starts on a Sunday. You can arrive in Doha on Friday/Sat.

2. Max wait is normally 6 weeks.

3. Try calling, good luck getting through. I don't see it being a problem.

4. No idea.

5. Friend of mine goes cycling 100 km each weekend. Go early morning, avoid the heat and go on the outskirts near Lusail where the traffic is less.

6. 777 working harder than ever with new bunk time rules. A320 working hard as always.


imnotwhoyouthinkiam 2nd Nov 2011 13:48

Best way to cycle is to drive out to a more remote place and bike around the desert it can be fun an challenging especially with the variations in the hardness of the sand.

an737 2nd Nov 2011 15:04

Tech Quiz
Hello Everyone,

is the Qatar Tech Quiz a multiple choice type or written?

Many thanks! :rolleyes:

gdukkoq 2nd Nov 2011 15:54

JAA ATPL type multiple quizz.

gjln 2nd Nov 2011 16:09

Hi everyone,
Anyone going on the 18th of December to Doha?

gdukkoq 2nd Nov 2011 20:33

Worst pick up line ever :E try I pay good money for the question bank :E
And guys stop the "anyone is going for the interview the... ?" QR gets more than 50 candidates everyweek, they don't stop! And they won't stop (...P Diddy :})

av8tordude 2nd Nov 2011 23:08

For those who are interested. The two sites I have been using to prepare myself for the interview are listed below. This is NOT an endorsement! Just helping my fellow pilots prepare for the JAA Exams

JAA ATPL Question Bank | AviationTire.com

This site is free with a caveat. You will only have access to about 30% of the question bank and the practice exam will randomly select questions from that 30%. If you want access to the entire question bank, it cost 49.99 EUR.


This site is absolutely free! The only requirement is that you must register. You have access to all the JAA question bank. It also allows you to take randomly generated exam base on the subject chosen.

The two sites vary in regards to user interface.

patrickr82 3rd Nov 2011 03:55

Thank you! I couldn't have said it any better myself.

Deconneur 3rd Nov 2011 16:43

Banks in Qatar
I would love to know where Pilots in Qatar do the Banking.
It seems like there are locals and foreign based Banks. Which ones would you recommend?
I will most likely transfer money back and forth fom Qatar and USA as I still have some buisness to run (real estates,..) until I sell most of my properties in the USA.

The Deconneur.

blusky75 3rd Nov 2011 19:26

not sure but i understood u must have the account in their Bank, which is located also in the building

av8tordude 3rd Nov 2011 19:34


It would seem the question you are asking has been answered already in a thread that you started. You should check for your answer there.

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