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buns 17th Feb 2011 13:52

I dont think its moving any quicker! Even with the sim slots in Bahrain....

Paper Lad 17th Feb 2011 14:05

Current story doing the rounds is that 25 pilots quit in Jan., of which 22 simply jumped ship.

If true it would be no suprise considering the working practices at QR.


noise of freedom 17th Feb 2011 15:45

unfortunately is all true,this is the only place in the entire world where the attrition rate of the crew is 10% a year....in a crisis time,imagine after,and what the management does?


This is the only place where nobody thinks about the fact that one day sooner or later it will cost the airline a crash.The airline reputation is compromised and will only attract desperate people doing 500 quick hrs on the 320 and then off we go...possibly jumping ship.

Is this a joke? No this is Qatar Airways.

But the good thing is that all the above is not important,the important things are: THE HAT and if you bang or not the cabin crew...

but you can always became gay...that is not a problem here...

Welcome to QTR!!!:ok::ok::ok::ok:

Brie 17th Feb 2011 19:03

:eek: What????? Are you not allowed to bang to cabin crew? Thats for me already a reason not to join qatar airways. :=

BGG 17th Feb 2011 19:17

Contract & Bond
Thanks for that Windshear...I suppose they still need to update their website if this is a new policy.

Are Qatar still using the previous method mentioned in this thread (with new joiners) of putting Boeing experienced guys on the 777's and Airbus guys on the A320's?

Iver 17th Feb 2011 23:08

As a follow-on to BGG, if one were to apply with decent 737NG time (double minimums), would a seat on the 777 be most likely given the Boeing experience?

What percentage of newbie A320 pilots only had Boeing experience?

buns 18th Feb 2011 09:44

Supposedly everybody are joining on the 320 regardless of previous experience.
But here you never know!!!!

Fubaliera 18th Feb 2011 10:01

Does anybody know wht the Tunisain Capt got fired from the 320 fleet.

BGG 18th Feb 2011 21:22

Travel Benefits
I've been researching staff travel with qatar and have figured that FO's are entitled to unlimited ID90's and one confirmed ticket a year (all upgradable to business class)....I cannot however find any info anywhere regarding family travel benefits.
Does anybody know who is entitled and how...eg, emirates give business for FO's and spouse but only economy for any child under 16 so you have no choice but to sit in economy with your child, and even if you have a confirmed ticket, you may still be offloaded.

I hear qatar are very generous in this regard but don't quite know the details....any info would be appreciated!

beezjet 19th Feb 2011 02:58

The latest info that I know, F/O, spouse and child are entitle for unlimited ID 90 and 50 (business and economy class) 1 confirmed annual leave tickets for family up to 3 kids, child under 12 are not entitle for business class

non0 19th Feb 2011 15:54

The latest info that I know, F/O, spouse and child are entitle for unlimited ID 90 and 50 (business and economy class) 1 confirmed annual leave tickets for family up to 3 kids, child under 12 are not entitle for business class
I don't know about the unlimited ID90-50, anybody out there experiencing can confirm, thanks!

Homo Ludens 19th Feb 2011 19:09

This is confirmed - absolutely unlinited.

non0 20th Feb 2011 07:02

Thanks Homo Ludens, you must be a 'gladiator' in your previous life! Kind of wondering if there are a lot of 'gladiator' over there flying out and back?

travelin12 20th Feb 2011 09:30

Qatar Widebody DEC's
Is Qatar Airways currently hiring DEC's for B777? Been reading that everyone is going to A320. Any info would be helpful.

loc22550 20th Feb 2011 15:54

4 new destinations coming soon on 320..:ALP,STR,SYZ,VCE..
while the rostering department is struggling on a daily basis to allocate all the 320 flights, the Coming year is gone be interesting...
So don't be surprised if you are put on the Q.R. slave fleet: A-320..:}

BlackWater01 20th Feb 2011 18:41

Hey ... what's going on in ME ... looking for gladiators on a 320, 'Ave Caesar, Morituri Te Salutant' ? :ok:

169west 21st Feb 2011 05:06

Hey ... what's going on in ME ... looking for gladiators ...
They are probably looking for 'mercenaries'!
Qatar is politically different from Bahrain but correct me if I'm wrong ... the two ruling families have some sort of connection! How is the picture looks like in QR?

FlyingHigh330 22nd Feb 2011 07:52

40 sectors, 9000 riyal basic 1000 riyal transport allowance!

TROPICAL-DEPRESSION 23rd Feb 2011 10:15

To all who are thinking about joining QR
Hi all, first time writting here, but I just think new joiners should think about a few things before they join.
Since I joined in beginning 08, I would say an estimate of how many have jumpshiped and resigned is around +200 people. Not to mention the huge amount of CC that leave every month.

I you want an idea about QR, read the first 5 pages of this thread, you will see that nothing has changed.

Salary - Same, but actually less. Block hrs are reduced, more delays less pay. Less days off - more standbys.
Benefits - Same.
Conditions - Worse for senior pilots.
Roster - Bidding system, but rosters are just as unfair, maybe more.
Night flying - Only increasing since we are increasing the flights to destinations that used to be only day flights.
Resignation/jumpship rate - Increasing due other parts of the world hiring again and as more people come, more people leave.
Hotel on layover - New hotels are lower quality, usually expensive slow internet and where the hotels have changed at older destinations, it's for cheaper deals and lower quality hotel.
Hotel allowance - Food in hotels seam to be cheaper every time they open a destination on A320. 72 QAR for Bangalore, the lunch buffet is 40 QAR after discount. So Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 72 QAR, maybe if you only eat the napkins.

Overall satifaction of working in QR, good untill you experience some unfairness, then you will be ready to go anyday.

Good luck to all.

Daft Wader 23rd Feb 2011 16:40

Most of the recruitment to QR is now on the A320 - You can still be selected for the B777 but will require at least B757 I believe before being considered for that Fleet. A300 / A330 recruitment is generally slow ,to fill gaps.

All new joiners to the B747 in the next couple of courses are B747 or B777 TR.

May the farce be with you

Daft Wader


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