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ITO 24th Nov 2011 13:49

Guys, do you think normal SO scheme are on low priority at the moment ? IMHO I think it can be a bit logic since DEC/FO/F.SO might be given priority especially if they are already type rated as they can get online quicker. But I believe that some of us here went recently to normal SO Interview isn`t it ? Are normal SO Interviews being conducted at the moment ?


CadetPilot 24th Nov 2011 14:26


They are hiring normal SO's, but at a much slower rate.
There are still people that have been short listed and haven't been given interview dates.

I am not sure, though I assume they have temporarily stopped short listing others since there is already a big number of short listed and others that are only waiting for a date of joining. (I could be wrong about them not short listing anymore).
I think you cannot apply as a normal SO online anymore.

Good Luck!

ITO 24th Nov 2011 16:06

Thanks Cadepilot.
We are in fact all waiting for something. In my case, waiting for Interview date. It has been now 5 weeks since the - Upload Doc email -. I have been informed that I was shortlisted for Interview and that they will get back to me in the future, but knowing that they are busy...etc It might take some time, hence my previous question.

Holding thumbs !

gdukkoq 24th Nov 2011 17:06

Nô news today... Next week maybe I'll be more lucky. Going on week 7 since the good news. I feel for those waiting for interview... Aaaarrrrgggggh stay strong people !

ITO 24th Nov 2011 20:07

In Qatar. When you land on RWY16, the SIM building is on your left hand side, by the beside Qatar Aeronautical college apron/Gulf Helicopter.

ITO 24th Nov 2011 20:09

In Qatar. When you land on RWY16, the SIM building is on your left hand side, beside Qatar Aeronautical college apron/Gulf Helicopter.

Gypsy 25th Nov 2011 01:01

Where does Qatar do its Type rating courses - are they in Qatar or elsewhere? Thanks

jibba_jabba 25th Nov 2011 02:54

They will do them where ever they can get if they cant do them in the sims they have.

Just to let people know, that if you plan to come to QR and then leave after 3 years and go to Emirates, there is an agreement that QR pilots will not be interviewed by Emirates for 12 months after leaving; Which will put you outside EK's currency requirement of last flight within 12 months.
A friend found this out at an EK road show recently. Just so you know.

av8tordude 25th Nov 2011 07:26

Jibba Jabba is correct. EK will not interview or hire anyone who worked at QR in the previous 12 months after leaving QR.

tdk90 25th Nov 2011 17:31

I have looked at past threads...

Can anyone offer an insight on rosters for a new hire 320FO? Can you bid for a block of days off?

Does QR have a view on commuting? EK specifically does not allow it.


Flyer1015 25th Nov 2011 17:41

Speaking of rosters, on the A320, since most (if not all) flights originate/terminate in Doha, are there mostly night and day turns? The ability to be at home every day/night? Or are there trips with layovers. If so, what's the typical trip? 2 day? 3 day? 4 day?

I ask for comparison purposes, places like flyDubai just has day or night turns, and home every night. (Except one city in India has a layover, but that's an exception).

BGG 26th Nov 2011 01:45

Jibba Jabba
Jibba Jabba, at the EK roadshow, did they only mention Qatar pilots wouldn't be interviewed for 12 months after leaving their company or did they mention any other ME airlines...Etihad, Saudi etc etc???

jibba_jabba 26th Nov 2011 02:19

It was a handfull of them. Flydubai, AirArabia, Etihad etc. They had varying times of exclusion.
If you are awefully desparate for Emirates then I guess you can do "contract work" inbetween, but that is still guesswork considering you may not get in.

330airbus 27th Nov 2011 13:06


Not a good idea to post that roster here at all.
I suggest you remove it..

gdukkoq 27th Nov 2011 19:30

For those who speak french very good article! Qatar Airways recevra 2 avions par mois jusqu
Basically they are receiving now one a/c every 15days with a need of 300 new pilots per year. And in 2013 it will accelerate to one new a/c every 12 days. :ok:

airbus.eagle 27th Nov 2011 21:34

Hi Guys, I have received an email from HR Recruitment 2 weeks ago saying that they have done an initial assessment on my resume and found it to be a good match for the second officer fast track position. We would request you to please provide the following information so we can take your candidature forward:

Please send copy of ATPL exam results.

And the second day they sent me the same email asking me for the MCC.

I have sent them both documents.

]My question is how long it will take them to get back to me....Does this mean that I have been shortlisted?

Am I going to be called out for the interview after a while, or they are still checking out my application?

Waiting to hear back from someone who have been through this before http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/smile.gif Thanks

jibba_jabba 27th Nov 2011 21:37

They wouldnt waste their time emailing you for details if they were not considering you for an interview shortly. No-one here really can answer your question, but if you read back through the thread, you will find it can take 1 - 2 months to be called for an interview. If I were you I would start reading this thread to find details to study.
Good luck!

airbus.eagle 27th Nov 2011 21:43

Thanks a lot jibba_jabba, I have actually read the whole thread here, but i just wanted to confirm that as it wasnt very clear...

ITO 28th Nov 2011 06:45

In the exact same situation as you Airbus. Been now almost 6 weeks waiting for an Interview date. Still nothing. Patience is the key element !

mtr 28th Nov 2011 14:22

5 weeks have passed from the interview and no news yet. What could this mean? Anyone has any idea?Thanks!

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