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descol 20th Apr 2021 06:48

teusje not Honiara / Henderson - go further South

descol 21st Apr 2021 07:32

Green Star - Symbol associated with location

Asturias56 21st Apr 2021 17:37

Not much south of Honaria

Could be Bauerfield International in Port Vila

Checklist Charlie 21st Apr 2021 22:58

Or it could be Santo-Pekoa International Airport onEspiritu Santo in Vanuatu (IATA: SON, ICAO: NVSS)

As is the Flag of the short-lived Republic of Vemarana

OH as I will be incommunicado for a couple of days


descol 22nd Apr 2021 05:24

yes CC - Santo - Pekoa it is - old terminal - google shows a much bigger facility
The flag of Vemerana - correct
The Espirito Santo Rebellion led by Jimmy Stevens - assisted by the Phoenix Corporation from Colloredo
As you say open house

India Four Two 22nd Apr 2021 06:23

Airport on a cliff top. Been here twice - once in a 737-200 and once in an RV-6A.


Asturias56 22nd Apr 2021 07:20

Billings Montana - been there in a 727 and 737..................................

India Four Two 22nd Apr 2021 16:05


You might think that but I couldn’t possibly comment, at least for another 12 hours or so! :E

Self loading bear 22nd Apr 2021 16:47

When searching 1980s airport Vanuatu I found these two pictures:


descol 22nd Apr 2021 19:03

SLB - that's how it was
If you fancy a read - try
The Santo rebellion by
John Beasant

Self loading bear 22nd Apr 2021 19:49

Added to the vacation list

chevvron 23rd Apr 2021 06:45

Originally Posted by Asturias56 (Post 11032136)
Billings Montana - been there in a 727 and 737..................................

Closest airport to Little Bighorn Battlefield?

Asturias56 23rd Apr 2021 07:29

Originally Posted by chevvron (Post 11032660)
Closest airport to Little Bighorn Battlefield?

certainly with a scheduled service tho I was heading to Bozeman and and Yellowstone - at one time NW A/L had a stopper service from Minneapolis that toured a load of small airports between there and Seattle...

Whilst we await the decision of I42 I'd observe that the approach from the SE to 28R at Billings in a commercial aircraft is a bit of a shock - you're sailing along several hundred feet above the countryside and then cross the cliff and are suddenly 30ft above GL - most disconcerting

India Four Two 23rd Apr 2021 17:18

Asturias is correct - Billings Logan International Airport (KBIL) in Montana. An unforgettable airport once you've seen it. The cliffs are known in Billings as The Rims, which overlook the city in the north and east. They are formed by the Cretaceous Eagle Sandstone.

There is an ongoing issue with rock falls, causing damage to houses that have foolishly been built close to the foot of the cliffs. I hope none of those houses were bought by civil engineers or geologists!

Asturias has control

Asturias56 24th Apr 2021 07:06

I know of geologists who've bought houses on the top of cliffs "for the view" and then watched their gardens suddenly wave goodbye on day - or in the absolute dead centre of a narrow valley bottom in an area known for sudden, violent downpours......................

back on subject:- This place has changed hands so many times its a blur...................


chevvron 24th Apr 2021 07:43

Ercan, Cypris?

Asturias56 24th Apr 2021 14:55

no but not that far away - well... within 1000 km........


Asturias56 25th Apr 2021 11:02

It's been invaded by just about everyone

Venetians, Saracens, Romans, Greeks, Turks, Byzantines, Russians, Genoa, the Pope, Britain, Germany for a start. The Spanish may also have been involved at one point....... not the USA as far as I can tell.


Self loading bear 25th Apr 2021 18:55

As you have left out the Egyptians, that is probably the country.
I could not find matching terminal but perhaps Alexandria?

Asturias56 26th Apr 2021 07:08

Actually the Egyptians aren't mentioned - perhaps they couldn't book a suitable slot?

It's not Egypt tho' - not quite as warm

It has several intra-country flights and seasonal charters from a number of destinations and there is a geographical feature of which there are only two in the same, very large, geographic region.


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