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OUAQUKGF Ops 30th Apr 2021 06:09

Photo Credit Richard Burlingham.

Excellent Sycamore. Time to scout around for an airfield.........

chevvron 30th Apr 2021 06:32

East Wretham then?

OUAQUKGF Ops 30th Apr 2021 08:13

Chevvron I fear it is not East Wretham......

OUAQUKGF Ops 30th Apr 2021 09:42

Sopwith Dolphin Circa 1918. Photo Credit Simon Blackwell.

teusje 30th Apr 2021 09:57

Is it Old Buckenham?

OUAQUKGF Ops 30th Apr 2021 11:27

Good try teusje but not Old Buckenham.

OUAQUKGF Ops 30th Apr 2021 13:10

This is not the mystery aerodrome. However if you follow the extended centre line south-west from the point marked on the runway you will come across the site of the First War Aerodrome that we are looking for. Alternatively you could take the train. Sort of a bonus !


OUAQUKGF Ops 30th Apr 2021 16:26


Asturias56 30th Apr 2021 16:28

Bit bucolic....................

OUAQUKGF Ops 30th Apr 2021 16:45

Indeed but it's more than one a day..... surely you must be near our destination?

Self loading bear 30th Apr 2021 19:40

RFC Harling road SW of Old Buckenham.

OUAQUKGF Ops 30th Apr 2021 21:53

Well Done SLB ! Harling Road it is. (Two miles south-west of Snetterton Airfield as imaged). RFC/RAF 1916 - 1920. Flying then ceased. American Forces Supply Depot WW11. Rumours of C47 Operations post-D-Day.

Photo Credit: Roddy Kesterton.

Image taken 1946.

See Link below:


Self loading bear 1st May 2021 08:08

Again a very interesting challenge with a beautiful string of photos.

My challenges are usually somewhat easier:
This photo where the sun conveniently hides some details.


descol 1st May 2021 08:56

Could it be Nausori - Fiji ?

Max Tow 1st May 2021 10:53

Looks a bit chiily for tropics!

Asturias56 1st May 2021 16:03

Doesn't look quite right for Nausori - I think the terminal building runs in front of the tower

Self loading bear 1st May 2021 21:02

The Nausori terminal is also much bigger.
Sweden is the better bet.
( It also has more airports to choose from)


Asturias56 2nd May 2021 08:19

Ok - not a major airport but not a really small place either

Somewhere like Torsby?

teusje 2nd May 2021 08:32

I would say Hagfors.

Self loading bear 2nd May 2021 08:51

Asturias, you where only an inch away from victory, if I would have chosen the other picture from the same article of a Dutch website.

AIS Airlines resumes operation

But Teusje has it with Hagfors!



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