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descol 16th Apr 2021 07:11

Aeroporto Nicellie Lido de Venezia

Self loading bear 16th Apr 2021 21:05

Originally Posted by descol (Post 11028984)
Aeroporto Nicellie Lido de Venezia

indeed Venice Lido.

a grass strip with beautiful terminal building in Art Deco style.
The photo was a screen schot from a Pilatus P24 promo video.
Promoting the short unpaved landing and take capabilities.

I hope you have something in store for us Descol?

descol 17th Apr 2021 08:58

Thanks SLB - have a go at this one

Asturias56 17th Apr 2021 11:20


descol 17th Apr 2021 13:38

Ast - Not Oz

Self loading bear 17th Apr 2021 14:27

Originally Posted by descol (Post 11029730)
Ast - Not Oz

But surely Commonwealth isnít it?


nvubu 17th Apr 2021 14:52

My first though was southern Africa.

descol 17th Apr 2021 15:10

Commonwealth yes - SLB how does the exploded image relate ?
nvubu - not SA

Self loading bear 17th Apr 2021 15:35

Originally Posted by descol (Post 11029764)
Commonwealth yes - SLB how does the exploded image relate ?
nvubu - not SA

For me (being overly generalistic)
men in shorts with white socks up over the calves
is definitely British/former commonwealth.
Could have been a visitor of course.

nvubu 17th Apr 2021 16:43

I think SLBs definition is a good one.

"southern Africa" is not just SA,

descol 17th Apr 2021 19:21

Commonwealth with men in with socks is true - not Southern Africa

Self loading bear 17th Apr 2021 20:31

Originally Posted by descol (Post 11029856)
Commonwealth with men in with socks is true - not Southern Africa

I hope I have not offended any Brits?
Because then I will put on my wooden shoes at start weeding the grass between my tulips.

siftydog 18th Apr 2021 06:47

Pacific Islands?

descol 18th Apr 2021 09:03

Yes SD - Pacific Islands and a commonwealth county - where BrIts / Ozzies and others where white socks over the calves

Asturias56 18th Apr 2021 09:30

Does it still look the same or has it been modernised?

descol 18th Apr 2021 09:37

Ast - I took the photo in the mid 80s - have not been there since - I suspect it has changed

JENKINS 18th Apr 2021 09:37

Just a guess, GA Terminal, should one exist, at Raratonga. So long since I passed through; I was wearing Desert Boots at the time, otherwise just about as shown. Rugby was the topic of discussion while refueling, being Welsh helps in those parts.

descol 18th Apr 2021 10:34

Whilst I can see why -Jenkins - it's not Raratonga
I still have my desert boots - can't beat them

descol 19th Apr 2021 08:11

perhaps a clue is in order - the airfield played a significant role in the Guadalcanal campaign in WW2

teusje 19th Apr 2021 14:54

Honiara International Airport (formerly Henderson Field), Solomon Islands?

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