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Shackman 11th Apr 2021 15:53

Lasham perhaps?

OUAQUKGF Ops 11th Apr 2021 16:02

Shackman - I follow your logic but I fear that it is not Lasham....

descol 11th Apr 2021 16:33

Luton Airport ?

OUAQUKGF Ops 11th Apr 2021 21:27

Sorry Descol. Not Luton. Again I follow your logic too. I suppose the CL44 might be a bit of a diversion at the moment - perhaps it will become clearer in time ?

OUAQUKGF Ops 11th Apr 2021 21:32


Private Air Strip Pre-War. Active Airfield, though never very busy, circa 1947-1967. What is thought to be surviving Pre-war hangar highlighted.

OUAQUKGF Ops 11th Apr 2021 21:34


Photo credit: Imperial War Museum.

Flap40 11th Apr 2021 22:24

Are you absolutely certain that it’s not Lasham? There are pictures of a Redcoat CL-44 elsewhere on the internet that claim to be at Lasham in summer 1980 and visible in the background of your photo are a Dan-Air Ambassador and what looks to be an Avro York, both of which were at Lasham until they moved to Duxford in 1986. The 727 is also in an early 80’s colour scheme.

Max Tow 11th Apr 2021 22:46

Flap40: I agree re Lasham but I suspect it's there just for a clue from the CL44 photo hence comment re being too big for the OP's airfield...

chevvron 12th Apr 2021 04:44

Closed 1967; Ramsgate?

Asturias56 12th Apr 2021 07:23

Doubt it - its now a great big distribution complex - Dates fit Harpswell or Fambridge but neither look right

Just to check - we are in the UK?

OUAQUKGF Ops 12th Apr 2021 07:54


British Isles.

chevvron 12th Apr 2021 08:07

Butlins Pwllheli?

OUAQUKGF Ops 12th Apr 2021 08:19

Chevvron - Name of the Airfield Please....

chevvron 12th Apr 2021 08:34

Originally Posted by OUAQUKGF Ops (Post 11026681)
Chevvron - Name of the Airfield Please....

Broom Hall?

OUAQUKGF Ops 12th Apr 2021 08:47

Chevvron has it. The airfield is Broom Hall, Pwllheli. Billy Butlin bought the Broom Hall Estate after the war and reopened the airfield in 1947. I would think it was quite seasonal mostly with pleasure flying. Butlin used Fairchild Argus, Austers and Rapides. Early pleasure flying operators were Cambrian Airways and Dragon Airways - the latter became Starways of Liverpool who wrote off their Petrel P6 G-AFIX at Pwllheli without loss of life in 1949. A later pleasure flying operator was Chrisair with their Dragon.

Billy Butlin with his Airspeed Consul at Pwllheli in 1949

Butlin's Redcoats laughing about that silly old swingtail.

Pwllheli War Memorial.


Congrats Chevvron. Over to you.

Asturias56 12th Apr 2021 09:49

great challenge!!

chevvron 12th Apr 2021 19:47

Sorry Open House.

chevvron 13th Apr 2021 09:43

Originally Posted by chevvron (Post 11026693)
Broom Hall?

But fer chrissake don't look at the rest of the forum 'cos if you like airfields, it's 'habit forming' and you WILL get hooked on it.

Max Tow 13th Apr 2021 11:15

Apologies, withdrew my challenge as away for a few days!

Self loading bear 15th Apr 2021 20:44

Lets try this:

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