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Self loading bear 2nd May 2021 11:00

Strange that my last reply is not indicated in the H&n home page but is visible (for me?) in the thread

teusje 2nd May 2021 14:00

Thank you SLB.
Now let's try this one.

Asturias56 2nd May 2021 16:59

Well Bear that wasn't easy - a lot of Swedish airports have very similar towers and the sun angle made any ID on the other buildings bloody hard - I thought I had it 4 times before trying Torsby!!

The challenge looks like our office! However that's a lot of lighting for a track like that- even in it's glory days. And relatively modern at that - note the light sensors on top of each lamp - so probably post 1980...... And the lights were put in before it fell upon hard times

I'd guess we are in Europe? I have a feeling this is a now abandoned part of a Cold War airfield

teusje 2nd May 2021 19:01

Not in Europe. And no connection to the Cold War.

India Four Two 2nd May 2021 23:04

The lights look North American and the festoons of overhead wiring point to the same area. Judging by the vegetation I’m going to say southeastern US.

chevvron 3rd May 2021 06:43

Originally Posted by India Four Two (Post 11037673)
The lights look North American and the festoons of overhead wiring point to the same area. Judging by the vegetation Iím going to say southeastern US.

But the log across the road to deter 'traveller' incursion says UK.:\

teusje 3rd May 2021 09:59

It is Eastcoast USA, but not the south.


Self loading bear 4th May 2021 07:00

That is a massive building in the background.
But does not look like a hangar/aircraft factory?

Asturias56 4th May 2021 08:28

Public Housing to me.......

descol 4th May 2021 09:06

I'd say public housing New York area

teusje 4th May 2021 14:53

I'd say you're getting close descol.


Asturias56 4th May 2021 15:37

Is the airfield still in use as an airfield?

Asturias56 4th May 2021 15:42

It could be Flushing in Queens?

Asturias56 4th May 2021 15:43

Actually it IS Flushing Airport in Queens.......... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flushing_Airport

I think I'll go out and buy a lottery ticket.......

teusje 4th May 2021 17:34

Actually it is Flushing Airport in Queens, New York City.
Asturias got it.

Self loading bear 4th May 2021 18:57

We are now past 2,5 million views on this thread

Asturias56 5th May 2021 07:35

Thanks Teusje it looked like a real challenge - I'd settled in for a long haul through every current and old airport in NE USA , fired up Google Earth and Zoomed in on one of the more "historic "parts of NY (I actually mean to start in New Jersey) and saw the name "Flushing" - which fired off an old memory of the airport closing. Street View and then Google took me home in style.

I know the Thread Gods will exact get vengeance in due time.

Here's one a long way away


Asturias56 6th May 2021 07:07

lets try a sunnier day...............

Asturias56 7th May 2021 07:55


OUAQUKGF Ops 7th May 2021 08:37

Is it Chivenor? No it's not Chivenor. I now think it is Predannack.

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